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By Betty Freauf

August 9, 2008

In my last article, WILL PRIDE DESTROY AMERICA? I closed with a comment on Noah's Ark. Genesis 38 may not read as though it would be the most interesting chapter in the Book, but what is amazing is that our Lord Jesus came through this sinful line of Judah – a line where all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and yet He was without sin. Of course, he was God manifested in the flesh and God cannot sin.

I endeavored to show in the article how sin began and its consequences. Our entire world today seems to be on a similar collision course due to unrepentant sin. In Noah’s day when the entire world was in liquidation, he floated his whole stock and started over but right after the water subsided and Noah came out of the Ark for a breath of fresh air, he failed miserably. He got drunk. He must have packed a little wine onto that Ark for medicinal purposes. And God promised never to destroy civilization with water again and placed the rainbow in the sky to remind us of His promise. The next time would be with fire.

A dear old saint, preacher and someone who had a far-reaching radio ministry in many languages, Dr. J. Vernon McGee used to be a smoker. He developed metastatic cancer in the lungs and finally quit. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit as described in I Cor. 1:9. But smoking had consequences. He died in 1988. My mother was a smoker. She died of cancer. Days after her funeral I was going through some letters left on her desk. I found one she’d written two weeks earlier but never mailed to her sister-in-law. It said, “I finally quit smoking.” With tears in my eyes, I said, “Yes, Mom, you finally quit.”

McGee said Chapter 36 is there for learning purposes or a teaching moment. They are examples for us. Today we hear that if we are going to witness to this generation and if we are going to communicate with them, we’ve got to get down to their level. Renowned preacher of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren, is of that mindset and believes Christians must be able to meet the unsaved on their own turf and speak to them in ways they understand. God has never used that method to witness. God has always, under all circumstances, asked His people to live on a high and lofty plane. Why? He wants the best for us. [Read]

On August 16, Rick Warren’s church will be hosting an unprecedented forum on PEACE, featuring McCain and Obama. A flip of the coin determined Barack Obama would be interviewed first. Expecting throngs of media that couldn’t possibly be accommodated in his church, he plans to purchase video equipment that will allow media outlets access to this event.

McGee asks, “Can you imagine one of our present-day theologians going up to Noah and saying, ‘Brother Noah, you’re spending all your time working on this boat, and it is silly for you to be doing that. We’re having a big party over in Babylon tonight. They just got in a new shipment of marijuana and we are really going to blow our minds. We’re going to pass around the grass and we’re going to have a high time and take a little trip. You don’t need to build that boat for a trip; we’ll give you a trip. Come on over.’ Noah, of course, would refuse, so the theologian would ask Noah, ‘How do you expect to reach all the hippies of Babylon? How are you going to reach the Babylonian beboppers unless you are willing to come down and communicate with them?’” “The fact of the matter is,” says McGee, “God never asked Noah to come down to ‘communicate.’ God simply asked him to give His message.” And this Noah did, until the rains started and God Himself closed the door because He knew that Noah would be too weak to say “no” to those scoffers who banged on the door desiring to get into the Ark.

McGee was firmly convinced that if God’s people today would give out His Word and live lives that would commend the gospel, He would make their witness effective. There are many pastors in our day who are so afraid they will lose the crowd that they do anything to attract people to their church. They’ll send spies into other churches that seem to attract crowds to emulate them. But God has never asked us to compromise.

McGee began his Open Bible radio program in 1941 and launched “Thru the Bible” in 1967. He had been pastor of a huge church in Pasadena called “The Open Door” and when he died in 1988 his Thru the Bible radio ministry was being heard in forty different languages. And all he did was preach the word. And because he went “through the Bible,” it would have been difficult to skip certain passages. Many new Bibles today avoid the Cross entirely and without the Cross, we don’t have Christianity. McGee tackled them all -- welfare, rich, poor, cowards, socialism, capitalism, pagan worship, tree huggers, divorce, morality, transsexuals, equal rights, monasteries, baptized pagans, crime, public floggings, pollution. McGee was an “equal opportunity critic"!

Our Lord had only twelve men to help Him spread the gospel so why should pastors be so determined to entertain big crowds in such outrageous ways today? Check out Marsha West's article on this topic. I saw tattooed Todd Bentley on TV recently with his Lakeland, Florida Healing Revival and I was appalled. Berit Kjos writes about angels or demons in her article and refers to Bentley. Retired Sheriff, Jim Schwiesow recently wrote about our prognosis being terminal. He says people without God have no spiritual discernment and therefore have no wisdom. When you view the Marsha West video clips above, you’ll understand Schwiesow’s position and see how the people in the auditorium laugh at Bentley’s showmanship antics to keep the offering plates full.


Returning to Genesis 36, we find that Isaac’s other son, Jacob's family was loaded with sin too. Our '60s generation supposedly brought about a sexual, in-your-face revolution! In the midst of moral collapse, our U.S. Supreme Court decided to make abortions legal in 1973 and then our society decided to pass out condoms to students. Larry W. Poland, Ph.D, tells a story in his book, “How to Prepare for the Coming Persecution” about a drunk who calls the Salvation Army and slurs, “Do you save bad girls?” When the answer comes back in the affirmative, the drunk mutters, “Good. Save me one for Saturday night.” Then he writes about the bumper sticker, “Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere.” The tragicomic end to all of this is that at the end of the age – in this generation – there is more demand for really bad girls than for truly good men.

Why do we have so many sexual predators today? Could it be because in 1955 the American Law Institute concocted the Model Penal Code which is based on the “sex science” of Alfred C. Kinsey (a since unmasked fraud and a homosexual masochist) and over the years legal activists have used that code to reduce penalties against sex offenders, thus putting more women and children at risk. In 1961, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy noted that Illinois was the first state to strike down a sodomy law.

A June 25, 2003, U.S. Newswire article noted the U.S. birth rate fell to the lowest level since national data had been available and continuing a decline that began in 1991. Dr. D.F. Joseph said this should bring about anxiety attacks to those who were planning to retire in 10-15 years. With 30% of all children killed in their mother’s womb, naturally, the workforce is down 30%, he wrote.

Social Security being nothing less than a Ponzi scheme, the doctor suggested those who promoted the abortion industry should have to work longer for reduced social security benefits than the right-to-life people who fought so gallantly against these abortions. Many were jailed. One Oregon protester said they were given a list of 30 words they couldn’t use in their defense, such as babies, abortion, etc. Using them meant contempt of court as well as talking about Constitutional rights. The doctor also went on to explain why so many low birth weight babies are being born and why many women cannot maintain a subsequent pregnancy to term because of the incompetent cervix and scarring in the womb made by their abortionist. And why are so many couples flocking to third world countries to adopt babies? Could it be because the women are sterile due to an earlier abortion? Yes, there are consequences to our sins.

The 1960s weren't a NEW REVOLUTION, it was simply a continuance that had been going on for centuries by the heathen -- and heathenism was the reason that God judged and removed them during the 40-day flood. No one is good, save one, and that is God. (Luke 18:19)

Examples: Seven million American children suddenly disappeared at midnight April 15, 1987 when the I.R.S. made tax filers list each dependent child with a social security number. Captains of industry cheat on government contracts. Bankers knowingly violate security laws. Politicians accept contributions that are just short of bribes. The Internet is buckling under the weight of what is estimated to be nearly one billion users and waiting in the wings are the hackers, viruses, worms, spam, spyware and phishing sites.

Vultures and looters gathered after the World Trade Center attack. Men have been charged with stealing cadaver parts. We have meth and whore houses in our neighborhoods. On ABC Primetime on 7/16/08, two girls (cousins) ages 14 and 15, told how they were snatched off the street on their way to get an ice cream cone. A black male pimp and two white female prostitutes forced them into prostitution. After being in this slave sex ring for a few weeks, an astute truck driver at a truck stop saved them by calling 911. One girl said she was sickened to see one customer of hers wearing a wedding ring and who may have had a daughter at home about her age. Even if caught, they were taught to give false names, ages and if they talked, their families would be in danger. It was estimated that 100,000 girls are currently in the sex slave business. The pimp got seven years and the women will spend five years in prison. Not long enough – we need to pray they accept Jesus as Savior and Lord while in prison, or they'll be back in business as soon as they get out and probably even have the same customers!

There are those in the medical industry who would sacrifice the lives of others for the advancement of their own careers. We have crooked attorneys, corrupt judges, rogue cops and prosecuting attorneys who will lie in order to get a conviction and to advance to some judgeship. Finally, on July 10, 2008, it was announced that DNA finally absolved Jon Benet Ramsey’s parents and brother of her 1996 murder but the real killer is free. Patsy died in June 1996 of ovarian cancer. Stress is often the cause of cancer. How can America ever apologize to that family for the public agony they suffered – an apology from the media should be of the utmost priority. As our heads hang in shame for their media circus and years of false accusations, we can pray for healing for them and for our nation.

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Then we have some patients and doctors ripping off Medicare by falsifying records. We have women killing their children, husbands killing their wives and children killing their parents. And how do the drugs get into prisons? And, what about the hypocrites? One week before his crucifixion, the citizens welcomed Jesus into the city with palm branches and loud Hosannas (John 18, 19) and a week later they were yelling, “Crucify him.” (Mark 15:13) Let’s face it, folks, the world is wicked and continues to get worse and yet few have entered into the experience of Romans 7 – the humbling realization that we are not good and in need of a Savior.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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Is our once Godly country reaping the consequences of our refusal to follow Godly principles? Gay men and lesbians until the 1970s were told by mental health professionals that they were diseased and depraved but in May 2008, The California Supreme Court allowed the homosexual community to marry.