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By Betty Freauf

September 10, 2009

Freedom Works in Oregon is circulating initiatives (referendums) to stop the $733 million tax hike passed by the 2009 Democrat-controlled House and Senate and Democrat Governor Ted Kulonski. Russ Walker of the organization is receiving a great deal of support from local conservative KYKN talk show host, Bill Post and Walker said the process is going well. By September 9 the 55,000+ signatures required by law have been gathered but now they are gathering extras as a buffer because they are well aware that the Democrat Secretary of State will be quick to disqualify thousands of them on mere technicalities and they have every right to be concerned. The deadline is September 25 to put the tax measures up to a statewide vote in January. Any Oregonian who wants an initiative can call 503-Stop-Tax or go to Americans for Prosperity are also involved so anyone who wants initiatives from them can call 503-508-5948. Republican Jeff Kroft, former legislator, grass seed farmer and another talk show host in Portland, Oregon heads the Americans for Prosperity. It should be noted that Oregon is 3rd in business bankruptcies. The governor held up signing the bills for as long as possible so the process didn’t begin until the end of July. The Democrats are great when it comes to dirty tricks.

The liberal left must be worried because the recently elected Secretary of State, Democrat Kate Brown is using a team of private observers/investigators for the first time to monitor and do random spot checks of petition campaigns. The $135,000 to pay for the 10 investigators was conveniently tucked into a final catchall budget measure that passed in the closing hours of the 2009 Oregon legislative session. Please recognize that Oregon could not have balanced its budget without help from the federal stimulus to the tune of $3.9 billion according to an 8/3/2009 Statesman Journal article. Every “T” must be crossed and every “I” dotted but when the liberals are gathering signatures on initiatives they may be running, such stringent measures are tossed to the wind. Compare how former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was treated by the media when she was selected as John McCain’s running mate to that of President Obama’s “green czar”, Van Jones, a professing communist, who slipped into his position without any vetting. These double standards make freedom-loving Americans even more upset. These nefarious acts are in the process of destroying the Democrat Party and the black community who have made so many positive strides since the civil rights movement.

A letter to the editor by former Salem, Oregon former Mayor Mike Swaim, told of his arrest outside the Oregon State Fair early in September for explaining to a voter why she shouldn’t sign a petition to reverse the tough but fair choices the elected representatives made during the legislature that will protect the children, seniors, unemployed and working-class families during the recession. Did he go to jail? He says, “No, it was a ‘citizen’s arrest’ shouted into my face by a paid-for signature gatherer to intimidate me” claiming he had the same right to free speech as the paid petition gatherer and he wanted people to hear the truth, not the scripted fear-mongering that he claims the paid petition gatherers were passing for truth.

Larry Priano in the February 1999 Oregon Observer (currently U.S.A. Observer) reported the United Nations flag flying over the city hall and library court yard of our state’s capital city was hoisted at the behest of UNAUSA – a United Nations Association of the U.S.A. after the Salem City Council approved Swaim’s request on behalf of a deceased UNAUSA member. The goal of UNAUSA is to “achieve world peace through world cooperation.” Swaim later became Salem mayor.


Bill Post at radio KYKN who has been actively supporting these initiatives wonders why the Elections Division is so adamant about watching for corruption in the signature gathering.


Perhaps the March 2009 Citizen Magazine of Focus on the Family has the answer. It tells about the “Secretary of State Project (SOS). Believing that who counts the votes is more important then who votes, a leftist front started the effort, which is tied to “Democracy Alliance – the network of about 100 very wealthy liberal donors, including George Soros, the man behind America’s leftist “Obamanation.” In the fall of 2008 SOS poured a half million dollars into four secretary-of-state races in battleground states: Missouri, Montana, OREGON, West Virginia and won them all. The Capital Research Center describes the candidates supported by SOS as secretary of state candidates who take the position that voter fraud is largely a myth; that vote suppression is widely solely used by Republicans; that it’s a waste of time to remove obviously fraudulent names from voter rolls; and the legal requirements that voters show identification discriminates against racial minorities. The Soros money helped the candidates who support this SOS position to win the Secretary of State Office, and then they help the “Democrats in thwarting pre-election efforts to crack down on voter-registration fraud.”

Thanks to a researcher friend who submitted the above information to me several months ago along with the following excerpts from the book The Shadow Party written in 2006 by former leftist David Horowitz and Richard Poe, I'm now attempting to warn people of what is heading our way. Glenn Beck had Horowitz on his TV show recently and on Bill O’Reilly’s show on September 8th he had Glenn as his weekly guest. Always playing the Devil’s advocate, O’Reilly said he wasn’t concerned about communism. Go figure!


The Shadow Party can be said to have had an official launch date of July 17, 2003. Political strategists, wealthy donors, left-wing labor leaders and Democrat activists gathered at George Soros’ Southampton estate called El Mirador on Long Island. It was at this meeting that Soros laid out his plan to defeat George Bush in the coming election. The guests included: John Podesta, Clinton’s former chief of staff, Jeremy Rosner, advisor to Clinton’s Secretary of state Madeline Albright, Robert Boorstin, former advisor of Clinton’s Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, Steven Rosenthal, left-wing union leader, advisor to Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club, Ellen Malcolm, founder and president of Emily’s List, Peter Lewis, “auto insurance mogul”, Rob Glaser, founder and CEO of RealNetworks, Rob McKay, Taco Bell heir, Lewis/Dorothy Cullman, Benson & Hedges tobacco heirs, Tom Novick, a lobbyist for the Western States Center—“a group of radical environmentalists in Oregon, Mark Steitz, Democrat media strategist, president of TSD Communications in Washington D.C. Soros pledged $10 million to get America Coming Together (ACT) started which would coordinate the Shadow Party’s get-out-the-vote drive combining the manpower of left-wing unions, environmentalists, abortion-rights activists and minority race warriors from civil rights organizations. (Pp. 177-179)

Soros struck a $$ deal with Wes Boyd, founder of the website Move (p. 180) Soros told Laura Blumenfeld of the Washington Post that “America under Bush is a danger to the world” and toppling Bush was the central focus of Soros’ life and he was willing to put his money where his mouth is. Soros is good for $7 billion (P. 181)

In 1946 Hungarian born Soros told his father: “I’d like to go to Moscow to find out about Communism. I mean that’s where the power is. I’d like to know more about it.” His father persuaded him to go to England instead. After living there for 9 years, Soros came to New York in 1956 to make money on Wall Street. He became a citizen in 1961. His writings suggest, “…that he never shed his initial disdain (for America). On the contrary, he seemed to invent new and even more imaginative reasons for despising his adopted country…” (p. 72-3)


Soros moved to Greenwich Village in 1959 where he met leftists radical and pusher of drug legalization Allen Ginsberg; they became life-long friends (p. 86) Soros hired Ethan Nadelmann from Princeton University in 1994 to “run his nationwide drug legislation campaign, which today functions mainly through The Drug Policy Alliance “ founded by Soros who sits on the board and supplies one-third of its funds (p. 46)

Soros expanded his fortune under Bill and Hillary Clinton but he also fit in with their counter cultural Zeitgeist. With Bush in power, Soros no longer had that kind of influence. That’s a big part of what’s driving him crazy. (Anne Williamson, journalist, p. 90)


Between 1994-2004 Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation poured $200 million in the Project on Death in America. (p. 135) In a speech to physicians at Columbia University School of Medicine in 1994, Soros told them of his Death Project. “Its overt purpose was to help the elderly and the terminally ill go to their deaths more comfortable, by providing hospices, pain reduction and other sorts of ‘palliative’ care, designed not to cure them but simply to help them relax, feel better and accept the inevitable. The real purpose was to save money…the fear is that the dying of the elderly will drain the national treasury…” (P. 134-5) The Oregonian reported on October 31, 1997 that “Oregon Right to Die” collected $250,000 from Wall Street investor, George Soros. Oregon and Washington now have euthanasia (death with dignity) laws on the books. [Read]


Soros stole the Democrat party by pushing McCain-Feingold through Congress cutting off the Democrats’ soft-money supply. By forming the Shadow Party, Soros offered the Democrats an alternate source – one that he personally controlled. He has nothing to fear from them. They faithfully echo his line and play by his rules. Every new law they promulgate leaves a multitude of loopholes, which the Shadow Party is well equipped to exploit. (p. 208) The unions now give the money to his Shadow Party conduits instead. (p.176) December 9, 2004 Eli Pariser, head of MoveOnPac boasted: “Now its our party. We bought it, we own it.” Soros claims to dislike politics and denies his involvement even as he writes a half-million dollar check to America Votes (p.212) If Americans understood the intentions of the Shadow Party organizers, they would recoil in revulsion and reject its overtures. For these reasons, the Shadow Party network must proceed by stealth. It must (and does) use secretive, deceptive, and extra-constitutional means to achieve its objectives. It must infiltrate government bureaucracies, corrupt public officials and manipulate the press. And it must conceal who and what it is. (p.xii)

Saul Alinsky, former mentor of Hillary Clinton and other Shadow Party operatives, in RULES FOR RADICALS presents this idea: “The requirements for a radical power grab were a small core of disciplined activists pushing their agenda – and a citizenry sufficiently in the dark about its purpose. In these circumstances, a radical minority could impose its will even on a great democracy such as the United States. (p.xiii) In Soros’ vision, America is a threat to world peace and survival. In order to curb the threat, he told an audience at the London School of Economcis on 29 January 2004, it is necessary to “puncture the bubble of American supremacy.”

The book is full of great information listing for example seven supposedly “independent” non-profit groups that form the core of the Shadow Party, in addition to Soros’ Open Society Institute and the 33 groups under the umbrella of America Votes. With a Soros’ Democrat clone in the office of Secretary of State, which handles elections, Oregonians had better prepare for a big battle and this applies to other states as well. I said in an earlier article that I felt we had a coup in November 2008.

In the past, it has been difficult to get people elected to high office who weren’t Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission (Rockefeller fronts) one-world socialist sycophants but this Shadow Party book points out why it is going to be difficult to break the strong hold Soros has on our country in the Democrat party with all his carefully orchestrated affiliations. People in a recession (caused by Soros' manipulating the dollar and controlling Obama) will cherish their government, union and tax-funded “community organizing jobs” but they are being deceived. They are becoming slaves in a one-world government. Socialism moved slowly. Marxist gets there more quickly and it “ain’t” gonna be pretty, folks.

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Soros’ America Coming Together has purposely caused Marxist class warfare and we are now as divided as I’ve seen it in my lifetime even during the Civil Rights movement. Will Americans who are finally waking up and will turn out by the millions on September 12th at their state capitals and in Washington, D.C. continue to fight this Soros and friends stealth takeover or will the U.S.A. have committed suicide on November 4, 2008?

� 2009 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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Soros’ America Coming Together has purposely caused Marxist class warfare and we are now as divided as I’ve seen it in my lifetime even during the Civil Rights movement.