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By Betty Freauf

September 16, 2009

I was reading an article from the Portland, Oregonian newspaper dated March 8, 2009 about the Coalition for a Working Oregon explaining how Oregon businesses, unions and faith leaders were uniting to push for federal comprehensive immigration reform. They explained why all three of these groups seemed to be unlikely bedfellows but they were teaming up to lobby legislators, to raise awareness and to add economic arguments to an often emotional debate. These three diversified groups were asking Oregon lawmakers to halt all immigration-related legislation on the state level and asking them to declare support for swift federal action. Along with their counterparts in other states, they were to push Congress for a September vote on immigration and they wanted local legislators to pass a non-binding resolution supporting President Barack Obama’s reform agenda.

This agenda included securing borders, creating a system to regulate the flow of workers and allowing undocumented immigrants in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line to become citizens. However, not trusting President Obama to keep his word, I soon learned from the article that the coalition, which represents more than 300,000 workers in nurseries, construction, dairy farms and other top industries, has held a series of immigration debates in Chambers of Commerce around the state in addition to lobbying state lawmakers, and building a base of supporters to blanket legislators with calls when the time was right. Suddenly it began to sound like Barack Obama’s “community organizing.” And there is this immigrant-rights group called CAUSA who wants a more “holistic” (New Age) approach to immigration reform. “Our goal is to find common ground,” said Francisco Lopez, coordinator of CAUSA. You might want to read about a CAUSA conference that some one attended and said, “Good grief, they’re presenting the entire New Age agenda as a positive alternative to Marxism.”

The Oregonian article indicated PCUN (Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United) and CAUSA were holding leadership training and house meetings to mobilize supporters, especially Latinos who are U.S. citizens. They were also lobbying state lawmakers and had planned to march to bring several thousand Oregonians to Salem, the capital, on May 1 – the day Communist devotees rally around the world. The liberal ecumenical churches support these May 1 events and many may be receiving money under former President George W. Bush’s Faith Based initiative. Remember, “poverty” has always been where the money is- not for the poor but for those managing the programs that receive big salaries and like ACORN that encourages the “poor” to attend rallies and when attending “conservative rallies” to deliberately cause chaos. In other words, certain ringleader hired thugs!

Suddenly it began to sound like Barack Obama’s “community organizing” and then I read that the unions involved in this coalition want unauthorized immigrant workers legalized so leaders could better advocate for employee rights in the workplace and that the union include PCUN, with more than 5,000 registered members and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union), which represents 45,000 workers in Oregon want to make sure workers have a voice on the job. “It’s very difficult for workers to have a voice when some are forced to work in the shadow,” said Arthur Towers, political director for SEIU Local 503, an accomplice with ACORN with something like 361 affiliations. [1] Oregon has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation and yet they claim laid off workers don’t want the jobs that immigrants held. “Americans don’t choose to do those kinds of jobs any more,” Jeff Stone from the Coalition for a Working Oregon said.

On this very day (Sept. 14) a man from Salem had a letter to the local Statesman Journal saying he’d been a concrete contractor for over 30 years and business is the slowest he’d ever seen and he complained that the city is increasing their work by doing sidewalk construction while in the past sidewalk construction was put out on bid. The stimulus money has come to all the states making it convenient to keep government workers (who usually vote Democrat) on the job during this recession. In fact, governments seem to be the only ones hiring. See my Job Patronage.


I do not know for certain how the Oregon legislators reacted to this coalition during the six months or so they were in session from January to July 2009, but the Oregonian article said that Rep. Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) agreed “Yes, the immigration system needs to be fixed but I don’t see that happening any time soon. And I don’t picture some of these issues being addressed by Congress.” My own Representative Kevin Cameron (R-Salem) was co-sponsor on HJM 7 that urged Congress to refrain from imposing mandates upon Oregon. It called for the State of Oregon to freely exercise sovereignty granted to it under the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. The Democrat speaker of the House assigned it to the Rules Committee in March and the date quietly had passed where all bills needing to have a public hearing and a work session and the session adjourned without any action on the legislation. My disgruntled representative admitted under a Democrat-controlled legislature and a Democrat governor it wouldn’t be going anywhere but he tried. Generally, when a bill is assigned to the Rules Committee, it means it is DOA.

And, of course, the first thing that jumped off the page at me in this Oregonian article was the fact they wanted Oregon legislators, who take the same oath of office as other elected officials, to bypass the state level and give the authority to the feds in Washington, D.C., to violate their Tenth Amendment. Now this article had been unread on my desk since March and today I finally got around to reading it. A few minutes later I received information from the Tenth Amendment Center reminding me that America’s Forgotten holiday - September 17th is Constitution Day and recommending I write an article. A September 14, 2009 Los Angeles article stated seven states passed Sovereignty Resolutions under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

And then there is yet another “coincidence.” I recently ran into a children’s photographed pictorial illustration of our Constitutional rights that are easy to understand so I photocopied them again and gave a set to our grandchildren along with this letter: “Dear grandchildren: Your grandparents and your parents aren’t always going to be around to defend you so when the ‘bully’ knocks on your door, you had better be ready to defend your Constitutional rights and you cannot defend them if you don’t know them. You must learn them and be able to give an answer at all times.” I wish I knew who printed the original illustration so I could them credit. I haven’t the foggiest idea how I obtained it and you’ll recognize some of the illustrations are a bit outdated but still relevant.

The illustration’s introduction explains when you see a Big Bully on the playground pick on someone and you don’t like it, you know deep down in your heart that our Father in Heaven does not like you standing there watching the Bully and doing nothing about it. That is how our great grandparents felt, also. They sat down and wrote the United States Constitution. They stopped King George from telling people how to live their lives. The Constitution was written so that every little boy and girl in America could grow up to be free.

King George thought he was smarter, stronger and tougher than anyone else. He lived in England in a big castle. He made the people work for him without pay. He forced them to tell things on themselves. Then he punished them for it. King George was like the Big Bully on the playground. The Bully makes the kids give him their hot lunch money. If they do not, then he beats them up. The Bully beats up someone smaller than himself to make them tell him secrets. Then the Bully goes around the school ground laughing and telling everyone the secret he found out from the smaller boy.

It is important you grow up to be free. You do not have to watch the Bully grow up to be a person who thinks he is bigger and smarter, so he can get into government thinking he is so smart that that he knows what is best for you. Then we would have another King George who would take away our freedoms. (Visualize Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Barney Frank. et al)

Well, in 1776 our great, great, great, great grandparents decided here in America that King George was not going to get away with being a bully any more. Our great grandmothers and grandfathers knew that our Father, way up in Heaven, did not like King George treating people like he did.

If you learn the Constitution and how to use it, you will always be a free person. Your mom and dad use their rights protected by the Constitution so you can be free when you grow up. It is you who are going to have to learn the Constitution. You will be able to tell people like the Bully on the school ground that they are wrong for acting like they do.


You must remember not everyone in government is wrong. The men and women who think they can tell you what to do with your own life are the ones that are wrong. Let’s look at some of the things the Constitution says they can and cannot do:

(I wish I were talented enough to print the graphics)

The First Amendment says they cannot tell you not to talk or write about the things that are important to you. They cannot tell you what church you must attend or that you cannot go to church. They cannot stop you from meeting with your friends or writing the government to change things you do not like. The First Amendment stops them from doing all these things to you.

The Second Amendment is the freedom to own guns. They might tell you that you do not have a right to own a gun. In school they sometimes tell kids we need to give up our guns so no one will ever get hurt again. Let’s stop and think for a minute. Let’s pretend that you are a real bad person who breaks into people’s houses to steal. You know two people in houses who have a lot of money. You know one of the people has a gun. You know the other person does not own a gun. What house would you break into?

The Third Amendment says no soldiers are allowed in our homes without our permission. When King George was in control, he would let soldiers live in people’s homes. They would not have the people’s permission. They ate their food, bothered them, and caused all kinds of problems. In America, the Third Amendment stopped that.

The Fourth Amendment is a very important amendment. You know in your family how important it is for everybody to have a place of their own to put their toys, their own toy box, and a drawer of their own for their clothes. The Fourth Amendment says that you can have private things and nobody can get into them or take them away from you without a real good reason. (Visualize one child with “Keep Out” on the door and sad siblings)

The Fifth Amendment says we have a right to be silent. (Visualize a piece of tape over the child’s mouth). How many times have you seen the Bully on the school ground tease a smaller kid? When the kid talks back, the Bully takes what the little kid says and uses it to tease. The Bully says, “Well, do you know what he told me?” The little kid would have been better off not to say anything. Anything he says, right or wrong, the Bully will use against him. That is what King George used to do to the people of England. That is why our Forefathers put the Fifth Amendment into the Constitution, so you do not have to talk. If a government official or a Bully starts picking on you and you know that no matter what you say he is going to use it against you or tease you with it, the best thing to do is to be quiet.

When King George was around, he used to accuse someone of a crime. He would then say they were guilty and throw them in jail. Our Forefathers wrote the Sixth Amendment to stop that. Under the Sixth Amendment, if someone accuses you of a crime, you have a right to go before 12 people and tell them what happened. They will decide who is telling the truth, whether it is the Bully, the government, or YOU. The Sixth Amendment stopped government from putting people in jail without having a jury trial first, if they are accused of doing something bad.

King George used to say, “You owe me this much money, so I am going to take your house.” Well, our Forefathers put in the Seventh Amendment to stop government officials or the Bully from taking things that belong to you. Under the Seventh Amendment, if somebody says he owns something and you say you own it, you can go before a jury of 12 people. You tell your side who owns it or who it belongs to. The other person tells their side. The jury will decide whether you own it or if the other person owns it. It gives you a chance to argue your case before 12 people instead of going before a government official like King George or the type of person like the Bully on the school ground.

The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution was written so people like the Bully on the school ground and King George could not inflict cruel, unusual or harsh punishment on you. (Visualize stocks) If you rode your bicycle down the street too fast and got a ticket from the police officer for that, they couldn’t put you in jail for a hundred years. That would be cruel and unusual punishment. The Constitution and the eighth Amendment stops government from being too mean to you.


There are certain things in the Constitution that are not talked about or discussed. It is like when your mom or dad say it is alright for you to jump rope. They don’t mean that you can’t play with any other toys. The Ninth Amendment says that just because some of our rights are listed, it does not mean those are all of the rights we have.

The Tenth Amendment says that the States and the people have rights. If the Constitution doesn’t talk about it, then Congress cannot make a law about it. For example, in the State of Montana, people farm and raise cattle. Out on the East Coast of Connecticut, they fish and have factories. They do different things. It is like the family that lives next door to you. They live differently, so they have different rules. That is why the Tenth Amendment is in the United States Constitution. States cannot make laws that take away any right that was guaranteed to you in the United States Constitution. The Ten Amendments we have just talked about are called the “Bill of Rights.” (The end)

Beware of the Metrocrats, explains how the United Nations regional government has usurped our Bill of Rights and as a result of this malfeasance, people have gradually become frustrated to the point that they gathered by the millions at state capitals and in Washington, D.C. on September 12th and they are mad as Hell and they say they just aren’t going to take it any more. We saw many very good signs but the one that I remember is Ephesians 6:12-13 – STAND!!

Daniel Webster said: I shall exert every faculty I possess in aiding to prevent the Constitution from being nullified, destroyed, or impaired; and even though I should see it fall, I will still, with a voice feeble, perhaps, but earnest as ever issued from human lips, and with fidelity and zeal which nothing shall extinguish, call on the PEOPLE to come to its rescue.

By a stroke of a pen, Republican President Richard Nixon signed Executive Order 11647 which recast the geographical structure of the U.S. into internationally managed “regions” following FDR’s dream of abolishing our states. The United Nations administrative regional government has taken the control from our elected officials and put decision- making in the hands of unelected and therefore unaccountable government workers appointed by the governors or the president (e.g. Obama’s czars) who align with their political philosophy. Today, our governments have many unconstitutional Alpha Agencies to harass us and that should never have been created, the IRS for example. In addition, regionalism also divided our states into ten regions that help to usurp our Bill of Rights to the point that we can hardly recognize them any more. We no longer have a Republic, we have the best democracy money can buy! Even our finest ‘conservative’ writers and speakers have not recognized the forest for the trees! Regionalism is communism and our world is being gradually merged into One World Government and yet as Devvy Kidd described in her article, our talk show hosts who have been given a “golden mic” by the Lord himself are scared to wander into these truths. Instead their devoted followers attack the messenger. Like so many of the Patriotic researchers that have been calling out the warnings for 20, 30, 40 years or more, we might have the tendency to develop the Elija Complex – woe is me – no one is listening but God has some who plant, some who water and others who reap the harvest and we should rejoice in the fact people are waking up.

Freedom to speak is now a hate crime if it is not politically correct. There is a continued attack on the gun rights going so far as to talk about trying to shut down ammunition factories or regulate them so heavily they’ll be forced to close the doors. At one time there was something on the Internet that said Senator Ted Kennedy introduced legislation allowing soldiers in our homes but I was told it was a hoax. Surveillance cameras, listening to our phone conversations and snooping on the Internet have taken away our right to privacy. Although all criminals must be Merandized, the right to be silent is often invalidated by police using threatening interrogation techniques.

Jury criminal trials are often plea-bargained. Ownership of property can be taken through eminent domain not always for “public use” but to seize private property for private developers after they’ve bribed some corrupt politician under the table and because it will bring more tax revenue into the coffers. The posted on February 26, 2009 that the feds have granted eminent domain as collateral to China for U.S. debts. And NWV contributor, Cliff Kincaid says Obama sells U.S. to China, Inc.

Although the ACLU would consider stocks on main street with their crimes above their heads “cruel or unusual punishment”, we are seeing younger and younger people committing crimes simply unimaginable a few years ago and putting them in stocks would be better than throwing them in prison where they learn more tricks and many come out even worse than before they were imprisoned. Woodsheds used to reduce juvenile delinquency.

The Ninth Amendment is being circumvented in the public school systems when innocent children must write journals that are read by a teacher. Books are being replaced with computers (the attitude changing machine) so someone can learn what the child is reading and writing just like pedophiles, pornographers and others can be entrapped. The cashless society is next. The usefulness of computers to forge a bond between teachers and children is also seen in a most revealing statement by Dustin Heuston, chairman of the World Institute for Computer Assisted Learning (WICAT), in a publication titled Schooling and Technology Vol. 3, Planning for the Future: A collaborative model.

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He said, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful when the child in the smallest county in the most distant area or in the most confused urban setting can have the equivalent of the finest school in the world on that terminal, and no one can get between that child and that curriculum?” [2] There are good reasons why the Lord wrote down the Ten Commandments on stone tablets and not on a computer chip. He didn’t want Moses choosing just his favorite six. [3]“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased (Dan. 12:4)


1 - Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) Fox News 9/14/2009
2 - The Great American Con Game © 1986 P. 11 by Barbara M. Morris with an updated sequel by Charlortte T. Iserbyt
3 - Armed Madhouse © 2006 by Greg Palast P. 228

� 2009 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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The Ninth Amendment is being circumvented in the public school systems when innocent children must write journals that are read by a teacher. Books are being replaced with computers (the attitude changing machine) so someone can learn what the child is reading and writing just like pedophiles, pornographers and others can be entrapped. The cashless society is next.