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Betty Freauf
March 27, 2003

The politicians do it. The lawyers and judges do it. The media does it. So should we be surprised when we find the medical and pharmaceutical industry doing it too? Yes, they all tell lies or bend the truth. What a sad commentary when thousands are dying from cancer and other diseases..

In June 1999 we came face to face with that reality in our family so I was doing lots of research. So, when the television news on October 13, 1999 announced a cancer cure had been found, my ears perked up while all the time recognizing they've said that before. It keeps the grant money flowing into research laboratories for who would want to pull the funding when a "breakthrough" was on the horizon?

The newspaper article on October 14, 1999 reaffirmed the TV report from the night before. It stated, "one of the researchers, Robert Benezra, a cell biologist at New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, said the finding could lead to drugs that target tumors by inactivating the genes. Tests on mice showed promise for eventual human treatment.

The last paragraph of the article said scientists stressed that further research was needed before any human applications were developed. But only a short time later, on the CBS news on November 22, 1999, they indicated they were starting to experiment on human beings desperate for a cancer cure. But here we are in the year 2003 and I haven't heard any more about this "miracle."

But according to Mary Starrett in her article "Depriving You Of The Right To Fight For Your Life" she writes that the giant HMO Kaiser Permanente has the ultimate solution -- physician assisted suicide, and asking doctors that are willing to help patients end it all, to keep in touch. You see, Oregonians started us down the slippery slope on November 8, 1994 when they foolishly approved by a fairly narrow margin (627,90 to 596,018) an initiative that allows terminally ill adults to obtain a prescription for lethal drugs. We call it euthanasia.

Are all these diseases that are mysteriously hitting us with a vengeance and with no known cures part of the United Nations population reduction? Nations may take different paths but the outcome is the same whether it be by war, starvation, AIDS, cancer, abortion, the pill, and now RU 486 or any other method that may come to your mind.

In 1952 John D. Rockefeller III founded his Population Council. At the end of 1968 the Zero Population growth movement was launched at Yale University by Dr. Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University and Dr. Thomas Eisner of Cornell University. Dr. Ehrlich published his hysterical book The Population Bomb in 1968 which is now compulsory reading in most North American High schools and colleges. In 1970, President Nixon appointed this same Rockefeller as Chairman of the U.S. Commission on Population Growth and the American Future.

The spring 1994 Colorado Forum publication asked, "Is the world overpopulated?" The answer: All of the world's five-and-a-half billion people (it's about 6 billion today) could fit in Texas with each person having 1352 square feet of space, which would have been less than a third as crowded as Manhattan was at that time. So this whole over population feeding frenzy is just another scare tactic. People are dying in Third World Countries from starvation because their governments have planned it that way.

It was also in that same time frame (early 1970s) that homosexuals who cannot procreate gradually began to come out of the closets, and now in 2003 it's an accepted lifestyle in many circles including the educational establishment and main stream churches.

At the vary same time the TV news was telling us about this "miracle" that had been found, I was reading a chapter in a book World Without Cancer (c) 1974. It said on page 462 that on November 1, 1973, at an international cancer conference held in Baden-Baden, Germany representatives of Sloan-Kettering formally announced the results of their first series of tests with Laetrile (Vitamin B17). Although those tests had been made only on laboratory mice, the results were so encouraging that plans already had been formulated for testing on humans.

The experiments on mice were conducted by Dr. Kanematsu Sigiura over a nine month period beginning in September 1972. The summary of his findings was issued on June 13, 1973 and stated, among other things, that Amydalin significantly inhibited the appearance of lung metastasis in mice bearing spontaneous mammary tumors and increased significantly the inhibition of the growth of the primary tumors... Laetrile also seemed to prevent slightly the appearance of new tumors...

A few months later a spokesmen for Sloan- Kettering flatly denied there was any evidence whatsoever that Laetrile had any value. Why? The author of World Without Cancer was informed by a reliable source close to Sloan-Kettering that pressures "from above" urged Sloan-Kettering to drop the entire Laetrile investigation.

If true, the author writes, this was an incredible admission. Here was a group of professional researchers charged with the grave responsibility of finding a means to stop the annual cancer slaughter. The lives of millions literally hung on the outcome of their work (financed by grants and government subsidies), yet, they were saying that bad public relations or the loss of prestige in the public mind could well force them to abandon or bury a research project which, by their own admission, was extremely promising!

Researchers, even those on the staffs of such prestigious institutions as Sloan-Kettering - must eat. Once they break the discipline of the Establishment there are few places that will hire them so they follow orders and keep quiet.

But why was pressure "from above" applied in the first place? The Laetrile controversy was substantially different from most of the other medical controversies centered around cancer therapy because the formula had not been kept a secret. Its chemical composition and its action had been openly described and willingly shared with all who expressed an interest. There were no enforceable patents on its manufacture, and consequently, NO PROFITS to its discoverer. The nutritional concept upon which Laetrile rested was anathema to the multi-billion dollar drug industry. The fact that it was a product of free-enterprise was an affront to the bureaucracy of big government.

The final solution to the cancer problem surely would have terminated the gigantic cancer research industry, most of the radio-therapy industry, and much of the surgery now being performed. Loss of revenue in these fields would have been catastrophic to thousands of professional fund-raisers, researchers and technicians. But so many new diseases have surfaced recently that fear of losing a job was diminished should a cancer cure be found. So perhaps the time was right for a cure.

The author speculated that most of those in science and medicine who were dependent on government directly or indirectly for support - and that included Sloan-Kettering - would struggle to find ways to (1) get on board the Laetrile train (2) prevent those who have pioneered Laetrile from receiving the primary credit and (3) do so in such a way as to save face in spite of their incredible past error.

He went on to predict that when a "cure" was found, the final product would be combined with another substance which, supposedly, would increase the beneficial effect of the Amgdalin and that the final substance would not be Laetrile. He said in order to vindicate the scientific expense, the final product must appear to be a man-made substance.

The author of World Without Cancer said Amygdalin (Laetrile/B17) can be found in the seeds of all fruits, except citrus fruits, and in large concentrations in apricot, peach, plums and cherry seeds. It is also found in many grasses and several cereals.

Amygdalin generally is said to have been first discovered in 1830 by the German chemist Leibig. In one form or another, it has been used and studied almost constantly since that time and doctors have been persecuted, harassed and forced into bankruptcy by the FDA for using it to cure their cancer patients all the while the American Medical Association sat in the wings applauding the efforts of the FDA.

Dr. Lorraine Day claims to have cured herself of cancer the nutritional route and says that even AIDS and a plethora of other diseases and medical problems are curable using her methods.

Which brings us back to the "cure" announced by the medical industry in October 1999. Where is it? In the absence of such a cure, I'm convinced it's all about money and population reduction. These researchers will allow their own family members to die a terrible death rather than jeopardize their careers and reveal a medical cure.

2003 - Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved 

Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case. They supported her opponent. E-Mail: [email protected]