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By Betty Freauf

June 18, 2010

The Russian newspaper Pravda on May 30, 2009 had a news story entitled “ American Capitalism Gone With a Whimper.” If this is true, why does the rest of the world know what is happening to our beloved country while a huge percentage of Americans still don’t have a clue?

Why do people who have emigrated from communist countries recognize the danger America is facing? We hear them call into radio talk shows. They write letters to the local newspaper editor. We have women and men like Paul Walter, (born in a communist country) Webmaster of who tirelessly continue calling out the warning that America is in trouble.

A February 1989 Reader’s Digest article by David Reed asks,” Do South African Sanctions Make Sense?” He was addressing the apartheid issue that was in the headlines in the 80s. Prominent blacks, notably Archbishop Desmond Tutu, head of the South Africa’s Anglican Church and whose children attended school in America, favored sanctions as the only nonviolent way to end apartheid but the overwhelming majority of blacks were opposed to such measures if that meant losing their jobs; however, they feared speaking out because of a reign of terror imposed by the communist-led African National Congress (ANC), a revolutionary organization that was seeking to overthrow the government. David Ridenour in the December 17, 1988 Human Events newspaper had estimated black South Africans would lose two million jobs by 1990.


The ANC favored sanctions, hoping in the process to destroy the capitalist system and replace it with Soviet-type communism. Kenneth R. Timmerman in his 2002 book SHAKEDOWN, EXPOSING THE REAL JESSE JACKSON told of America’s own Jesse Jackson in July 1979 making a dramatic ten-day journey through South Africa, where he addressed crowds in black townships encouraging them to launch massive nonviolent protests to topple the white apartheid regime. The New York Times crooned in support: “Not since the late New York Sen. Robert F. Kennedy visited South Africa in 1966 has a visiting American caused such a stir among blacks and whites.” As a result, corporations left South Africa and the “nonviolence” Tutu and Jackson spoke about above turned into attacks on farm families. The T.V. show Sixty Minutes reported in December 1998 there had been 600 murdered farmers since apartheid ended a few years earlier.

While the NAACP was asking American companies to divest, those same American companies were buying convention space at the NAACP convention in 1986 and legislatures across the United States during that time period suddenly were introducing bills instructing the state treasurers to begin divesting money in South Africa. State treasurers who invest the Public Employees Retirement pensions (PERS) began pulling funds to comply with the legislation. In 1987 the governor’s office and the Oregon legislature was controlled by Democrats and it was black legislators encouraging the passage of apartheid legislation requiring trust funds, primarily PERS, to divest its holdings in U.S. companies that did business in South Africa or Namibia by February 15, 1992. At the time, Tony Meeker, Oregon’s Republican state treasurer was accused by Democrats of dragging his feet on its $383 million portfolio. In June 1989 five hundred Oregon public employees marched to the Capitol demanding salary increases and the protection of their health benefits.

Reed writes those who were especially hard hit by the 1986 sanctions were agricultural workers who were just beginning to climb the middle class ladder with good jobs and money in savings accounts. When sanctions closed the American market to South African products, industries simply relocated and laid off thousands of black workers and those families fell back into poverty.

Prior to the sanctions intended to break the back of those “white capitalists,” Reed said American firms operating in South Africa had a good and generally unacknowledged record in promoting black advancement in the prior eight years and U.S. corporations in South Africa spent more than $210 million on education, training, and housing of their black employees and their families, on health facilities and on legal aid.

As I was reading this Reader’s Digest article, the light bulbs turned on. I recognize President Barack Obama can’t plug the hole or suck up the oil in the Gulf with a straw like he said, but why has he moved so slowly in consulting with oil industry experts from other countries willing to help? Is he purposely doing what the ANC did in South Africa hoping in the process to destroy the capitalist system and replace it with Soviet-style communism?


He met with BP officials on June 16th and some Republicans are now saying he unconstitutionally extorted $20 billion to go towards “legitimate” losses incurred in the Gulf plus an additional $100 million for the unemployed due to Obama himself putting a six-month moratorium on oil drilling. Glenn Beck on T.V. on 6/17 correctly pointed out these oil rigs can’t remain idle for six months. And where will they go? Glenn says to Brazil where one of Obama’s advisors, billionaire George Soros, stands to reap billions for his oil company while leaving the Gulf coast in disarray for years to come, Americans unemployed and without the oil industry revenue.

The amounts from BP are to go into an escrow account, a “slush” fund managed by Obama’s own unconstitutional “pay czar,” Kenneth Feinberg. Our own environmental regulators were derelict in their duties as watchdogs and ultimately BP should be held responsible; however, the Constitution seems to mean nothing to Obama as he completely circumvented the legislative and the judicial process. Upon hearing this, I recollected the caller to the Michael Savage show in February 2009 who said the Barack Obama administration planned to tuck billions of dollars away from the Stimulus bill preparing for the upcoming 2011-2012 presidential election cycle. This was to be their smoking gun. And then this new “crisis” arose which can only sweeten the Democrat campaign funds! Remember, Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel has said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”


My mind flashed back to the PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) losses incurred from the South African apartheid debacle in the 80s and then it flashed forward to all the PERS accounts that are in trouble today. Many municipalities have been using stimulus funds to keep the union PERS accounts afloat.

On 4/1/2010 Judge Andrew Napolino was the guest host on the Glenn Beck T.V. show. In his monologue he asked, “Are unions leading municipalities and states to the poor house? PEW Center says some state and local governments will be footing the bill for the short fall that works out to be more than $8800 for every American household and now cities like Memphis, Toledo and even Los Angeles are trying to pinch pennies by leaning on unions to pay toward their own benefits. Have unions priced themselves out of a job?” His guests, journalist Charles Payne, a FOX Business Network contributor and Mark Mix, President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, agreed the unions made promises they can’t keep.

The judge asks if the union don’t cave and if the government and courts don’t interfere, will non-union workers be working for less money so that union workers can continue to receive these higher hourly wages and three Cadillac health plans that were negotiated by the governments when they thought the money would never run out?

Mark replied: Well, we are already past the Rubicon on that, Judge. Government employee’s benefits and pay packages are much higher than the private sector – the taxpayers who are paying those wages. The problem started back in 1937 with FDR who said, “The model of collective bargaining that we understand in the private sector cannot be applied to the public sector.” The National Right to Work in 1975 published a book called the Municipal Dooms Day Machine and here we are when these bargaining agreements are coming to a head.”

Mark said in 1962 President Kennedy signed an Executive Order allowing unions bargaining for federal employees. Today union officials help elect politicians that sit on the other side of that table during negotiations.

Payne said that nine out of the top ten blue states with the most union workers voted for Barack Obama. Of the bottom 10 none-union states, nine were red states. If you can get those 10 states that can control the Electoral Votes that elect a president and then include the people on welfare and a few others, you’ve won the White House again even though you may be destroying the entire country.

And now we are hearing that Obama will be forcing these non-union states to unionize. A number of us since Obama’s election have suggested we had a coup in November 2008. I described such a possibility in my Smoking Gun article above.


What a bonanza BP’s $20 billion plus $100 million for unemployment benefits this will be for the Democrats and what if all clean up workers will be included as new employees and forced to unionize? Although our hero, Bill O’Reilly on FOX has offered to be a “watchdog” over all that money, when you put the unscrupulous fox in charge of the chicken house, I predict in a short while we’ll be hearing complaints from Gulf governments and businesses about not getting the promised funds. Look at how long the Gulf governors have been waiting for answers from Obama or how long Arizona has been waiting for reinforcement at the border. A few “success” stories will be reported in the mainline media to make people believe the money is being spent wisely but in the meantime all sorts of excuses will be used to delay the process – paper work incomplete, phone calls not returned, e-mails and snail mail letters not acknowledged until frustrated people will simply give up and we’ll have been reduced to a Third World nation with our “capitalist” wealth equally distributed to other Third World nations with wicked dictators in power also, This will have fulfilled yet another of Obama’s promises on the campaign trail to Joe the Plumber – redistribution of wealth.

In Obama’s speech on June 15 about the Gulf oil spill, he once again pushed for Cap and Trade that will provide reparations to the poorer nations and suggesting we affluent Americans use too much energy. He’s on record saying our electric bills, for example will rise and while he and his Marxists from all countries fly to the deceptive Climate Change conferences in their jet airplanes and then have limousines waiting to pick them up to take them to the meeting, the rest of us are to think about bicycles for transportation. In order to save the “green space,” will we eventually be forced to move from our rural homes into high-rise condominiums and row houses along the mass transit lines? People crowded together like cattle (which is how they see us) are more easily controlled. Nearly twenty years ago the Portland, Oregon Transit spent $200,000 putting racks on busses to accommodate bike bus riders; however, at that time only 80 people had paid the $5 permit but by 2006, more bike paths had been built and bicycle commuting had made great gains and so have the accidents with cars. Red China was the country where nearly everyone once rode bicycles and very few cars were seen. Today they are driving cars and we are importing bicycles made in China.

Dr. D.L. Cuddy in his article The Road to Socialism wrote that the Fabian Socialists founded the London School of Economics in 1895 to train Socialists for the government bureaucracy and elsewhere to gradually put into place their plan to “manage” society via rules and regulations. This plan extended to the U.S. and was described in Rose Martin’s 1968 Fabian Freeway. This management covered all segments of our society from Agriculture to Zero population control.

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Google The Road to Socialism by D.L. Cuddy in which Edward L. Bernays, the father of spins is exposed. Glenn Beck mentioned Bernays on his 6/17 T.V. program.

In 2004, Richard D. Lamm, former governor of Colorado, addressed a conference sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration reform in Washington and he described how America is being destroyed. The article appeared on July 11, 2006 in World Net Daily. Google it.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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My mind flashed back to the PERS losses incurred from the South African apartheid debacle in the 80s and then it flashed forward to all the PERS accounts that are in trouble today. Many municipalities have been using stimulus funds to keep the union PERS accounts afloat.