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Betty Freauf
April 1, 2003

Mitchell & Sugar now write Annie's Mailbox (formerly Ann Landers, now deceased). A letter sent to this column by the CEO of Youth Service America received the headline "Get Involved With National Youth Service Day." It said a recent study conducted by Independent Sector and Youth Service America found that volunteering among high school students recently reached the highest levels in the past 50 years. It should be no surprise that this generation of youth is volunteering more than any other and that they embrace their peers regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or cultural difference, all in the name of serving their communities together. They are our nation's greatest generation -- they are the "we" generation, said the article.

Then it went on to remind the readers that the 15th Annual National Youth Service Day would take place April 11-13, and said how young people in over 150 countries would join their U.S. peers as part of Global Youth Service Day. I thought, ya, sure, are these teenagers "voluntarily" "volunteering?" or, are they coerced, and is the CEO likewise doing the same??

While there are always exceptions to the rule, most teenagers have trouble "volunteering" to keep their rooms clean and helping their working parents with chores around the home. So why is this "me" generation so generous with their time for charity but have little energy left at home? Doesn't "charity" begin at home?

Perhaps the book The Great American Con Game (c) 1986 gives us a clue. It says "...graduation requirements of school systems around the U.S. include 'worthy use of leisure time.' In a systems-managed or planned society you cannot allow people to do "their own thing" in their spare time if it doesn't serve a useful social or political purpose" (Read Lynn Stuter's articles on systems-managed or planned societies)

The book also says "leisure time" for Russian children is controlled and that U.S. children are being introduced to the idea of controlled leisure in several ways. The most obvious is the current attempt to force youngsters into "mandatory voluntary" community service in order to get a graduation diploma. The National and Community Service in Red China allows their people to "volunteer" 10, 12 or more hours a day. See the movie "China Cry".

The 4/25/1994 Chicago-Sun Times reported that students were being forced to serve others, without pay, before they could get their diplomas and parents were being added to the list. If they refused to serve, their kids would not graduate.

Oregon's Bill of Rights forbids "slavery or involuntary servitude" other than for punishment for crime, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, but they don't teach the kids about this particular constitutional "right" in schools, only that they have a right to "free speech". But who cares about our Bill of Rights in our gradually merging global society?

In her book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America Charlotte Iserbyt says Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the first agreements with the Soviet Union in 1958, including an education agreement - something that would come as a surprise to those familiar with the White House-directed plan to merge the United States and the Soviet Union as explained to Norman Dodd in 1953, by Rowan Gaither, president of the Ford Foundation. Similar agreements followed. Charlotte says the most important education agreements negotiated between the Carnegie Foundation and the Soviet Academy of Science, and those signed by yet another Republican President, Ronald Reagan, and Gorbachev in1985, remain in effect to this day.

Norman Dodd, a Yale graduate, intellectual and New York City investment banker, was chosen to be the research director for the Reece Committee of the U.S. in 1953. This committee was formed to investigate the status of tax-exempt foundations. []

The socialist philosopher and the Father of Progressive Education, John Dewey, believed the basic goal of education "is the development of a spirit of social cooperation and community life..." "The objective is to develop the child's 'social capacity' by various means, such as 'saturating him with the spirit of service..." When we are compelled to care, doesn't that undermine true compassion? Americans have always been the most benevolent people on the face of this earth so why the sudden push toward forced servitude unless it is to solidify the globalist agenda?

In late 1990, Republican George Bush, Sr. signed into law the National and Community Act. Our "New World Order" president then introduced us to his innocent sounding program: One Thousand Points of Light. The Florida Forum wrote in 1990 that Bush had repeatedly used occultist and New Age writer Alice Bailey's Thousand Points of Light in many speeches and awards which he handed out to groups or individuals recognized for voluntarism. In December the Wisconsin Report stated that Bush talked in 1988 about further Soviet-American cooperation along with "A Thousand Points of Light" service initiatives.

In a Proclamation issued on April 12, 1997, Democrat Bill Clinton declared, "Citizen service is a vital force in American life, helping to build a stronger sense of community... We must continue to foster the spirit of voluntarism, making service the common expectation and experience of every American." Bill Clinton was calling on Americans, young and old, into lockstep "voluntarism."

What is amusing with all this "volunteer" rhetoric from our elected officials is that about the only time you see them volunteering for anything is when they show up for some photo op! I often wonder how many hours former Democrat President Jimmy Carter puts in on his Habitat of Humanity project. Does he keep a time sheet? We also noticed primarily blue-coller private sector groups are doing most of the cleanup. Where are the DA's office staff, The sheriff's staff, Judges, Teachers, City Councils, etc.

And where are the Oregon legislators who passed SB 485 in 1991 dubbed the "Adopt-a-Highway" bill? How come they're not putting in practice what they preach? In April 1992 it was reported the new program requiring picking up litter, polishes Oregon's image and saves money. Businesses "volunteered" 'their' employees, and families "volunteered". It costs big bucks to put up signs along the highways giving credit to the "volunteers" who were going to keep our highways clean. You see, volunteer programs, contrary to public opinion, are not free. In addition to administrative costs there are huge consultant fees for taking the public's pulse to see whether or not they are going along with the globalist's 'free slave labor' agenda. Marxism is two steps forward and one step backward when they meet with resistance, and while their agenda may be dormant for awhile, it will always surface again at a later time and oftentimes by the use of some "crisis" or under a different name.

By July 2000, the Adopt-a-Highway program officials were looking for new ways to recruit volunteers (unsuspecting suckers). In 1998, 681 groups volunteered in Oregon's program, collecting debris along 1,750 shoulder miles. By 1999, the number of groups had dwindled to 493, resulting in 313 fewer miles of road being patrolled for litter. They concluded that volunteering seemed to be down because younger people weren't stepping up to relieve the folks who had been picking up litter since the program began in 1991. And now the litter accumulates along the highways.

Let's be honest. Today the two-worker family leaves fewer people to volunteer and any extra income teenagers can earn at a part time job is welcomed but they must adhere to certain working conditions. However, in 1993 Oregon legislators passed a bill reducing the age of eligibility for voluntarism to 14.

We have people on welfare and prisoners who could be put to work "voluntarily" cleaning up our highways. Wouldn't it delight you to see the Red Diaper Doper Babyleaders (as Michael Savage calls them), currently marching in the streets with their followers for "peace" being arrested for impeding traffic, assaulting police, damaging property, etc. put on "chain gangs" cleaning up the roads and doing other voluntary servitude in addition to cutting off their education grants?? If enough of them didn't have money to attend college where they are fed a constant stream of anti-American propaganda, maybe even the college professors would be forced to clean up roadside garbage? They should be good at it, since many of them have been spewing out nothing but garbage since the sixties to their captive students.

The young people used to have summer jobs on the "litter patrol" that paid close to $6.00 an hour. The old entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well with teenagers. Pay them and they will work! Force them to work to get a diploma and they will work but not "voluntarily." They will work under duress, and resent every minute of it.

Volunteers painted fire hydrants in Salem, Oregon. In three years the city claimed these volunteers saved more than $12,000. Some residents rescued the city hall flowers by offering to water, weed and prune the plants. Clark County, Washington was asking low-income and disabled property owners to work in clerical and gardening positions to "voluntarily" pay for property taxes. They turn out yearly to clean up trash on the Oregon coast where it was reported in 1997 that 5,500 people turned up and remove upwards of 28 tons of garbage. 10,500 volunteers in the Beaverton school district logged 35,000 hours in 1996.

One journalist said that "volunteer work is a step to patriotism." Or is it? The social engineers have done a terrible job of managing our resources and because they see us as "human resources", they think they can manipulate us. But will the people continue to accept this "voluntary" dictatorship or will they rebel? Again, it's been so gradual as they continue trying to enslave us. Since the 1950s, there have been economic inflationary pressures which have caused both husbands and wives "voluntarily" to choose work outside of the home to maintain their standard of living. This, in turn, has caused parents to "voluntarily" give their children over to often philosophically "progressive" child care providers who help shape the children's values at an early age and if this gradual trend continues, soon there will be no middle class, only rulers and servants. Read The Subtle Side of Gradualism

2003 - Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved 

Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case. They supported her opponent. E-Mail: [email protected]