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Betty Freauf
April 3, 2003

How could our American culture change so rapidly in thirty short years? Was this accidental or by design? While the younger folks simply accept this sudden, planned transformation of America over the last three decades (and more), it is those who are fifty and older who are watching our beloved Republic continue to deteriorate and we wring our hands and wonder why!

That's when the musty-smelling newspaper and magazine articles from years past come in handy for they may not yet be on the Internet. An education researcher colleague recently wrote she has one of those old, yellow articles which she found in her parents' bible. It was from the 1933 Monroe Evening News. In a U.S. State Department statement it said, "That the U.S. would accomplish by persuasion through schools what Germany and Russia had done by force." Marxism moves slowly -- two steps forward and one step backward when they meet resistance, but in the nineties it was a full court press to try to meet the deadline of merging the Soviet and American educational systems with "educational reform legislation."

Many of the people who were subjected to this 1933 goal are now leaders in our government. The transformational propaganda continued when they were convinced they could get nowhere in this world without a college education so those who could afford it went to college and since the draft has been eliminated, those who couldn't are mostly the ones who signed up for the military for a "free education" and are now serving in all the planned wars in the last few decades as our constitutional Representative government has been gradually dismantled and replaced by the unconstitutional United Nations Administrative government leading us ever so subtly into the biblical prophesied One World Government. []

While all this was going on in Washington, D.C. by our red teachers in the educational system, back on the home front we saw the enemy infiltrating our legislatures as well as our local city councils, our school boards, our county commissions and our judicial system (ACLU). While many of the people we elected to these positions were friends and acquaintances of ours, most did not have the foggiest idea a planned society was being orchestrated and if anyone dared suggest to them we had a "conspiracy" in the making, we'd be labeled with some negative term -- another Marxist trick! Look what the media did to McCarthy.

These leaders had not been properly taught constitutional principles in school and college so they believed they had to rely on those "managers", who got their Ph.D's in social engineering in college, and professed themselves to be the "experts" on government. In the legislature it's the lobbyists, many staff members and the "Legislative Council" which drafts the bills.

Norma Paulus, as a legislator, said in a speech she gave in October 1978 at the First Annual Oregon State University Women Studies Symposium, "...if the eleven of us (feminists) hang together on women's issues, regardless of party - and the party margin was very slim in 1973 - on all women's issues and we let our separate caucuses know that we are going to do that, at some point in time they are not going to be able to do without our votes on crucial party issues." So they essentially neutered the male legislators by deciding to "be supportive regardless of party... the only way we can make both parties more responsive to women and women's needs is if we hang together."

And, of course, hang together they did. Norma was a R.I.N.O (Republican in Name Only) and she was the ONLY GOP woman legislator at the time. All the rest were Democrats. Norma's husband, Bill, had an uncle in the House of Representatives so she had name recognition. She could run for just about any office her little heart desired and win. The GOP cared not about her socialist stands and that she disregarded the party's ideology when she was a legislator. Its only goal was to beat those Democrats. She later was elected Secretary of State and Superintendent of Schools but was defeated in 1986 when she ran for governor. Today she has been reduced to some position at the Oregon Historical Society.

Oregon's former GOP Governor and later senator, Mark Hatfield, and a good friend of Norma's, was one of those in 1982 who voted to override President Reagan's veto of a $14.2 billion spending bill. "This is a matter of conscience that one cannot avoid" Hatfield said in a floor debate. "I have swallowed hard many times and literally held my nose on occasion to be apart of the majority but there comes a time when conscience and principle transcend loyalty to one's party and one's president." "As a young politician, Hatfield also opposed the loyalty oaths required for teachers in the era of McCarthy's communist witchhunting," wrote one local journalist. Hatfield also taught at the hard-left think tank in Washington, D.C. that consistently took a pro-Soviet line during the Cold War.

In her speech Paulus then went on to name a number of socialist women's groups that would lobby legislators from the "outside" while she and her socialist friends would promote legislation from the "inside." So between those eleven women on the inside and their career-oriented women on the outside, who dropped their small children off at day care centers for someone else to raise or perhaps if they were lesbians ( many came out of the closet during that time frame) they didn't have children, they turned the State of Oregon upside down in the 70s. Many of our problems today stem from the legislation they got passed including a number of unconstitutional U.N. administrative agencies that are helping to put Oregon in the poor house today. Oregon is having trouble balancing its budgets.

Now you are getting the picture of how this country has been transformed from a Republic to a communist democracy.

Once we had our democracy, aka mobocracy, it was time for the peace movement to raise its ugly head. Then we began to hear how the United States and the Soviet Union were going to "set aside their differences." For the very first time, we were told, the two superpowers were going to "work together to establish peace in one of the world's major trouble spots" -- the Persian Gulf. This entire charade would be trumpeted in the media as "glasnost" -- a milestone on the road to peace.

But you can always trust a communist to be a communist and according to a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, once again they've betrayed us. Should we be surprised? "A good communist finds use for everything and nothing is more useful than a useful idiot," said Lenin. The article is entitled: From Russia With Blood: Missile Attack Kills Four Americans. This article reveals how Russian made anti-tank missiles were recently sold to Iraq. []

In the mid-eighties, we saw the "peace movements" being established in cities across the United States and worldwide. All you have to do is watch your evening TV news to see how successful they've been and how harmful the protests are to our military in the Persian Gulf, just like they were in the Vietnam war -- aiding and abetting the enemy. And as a side bar, our "born again" Hanoi Jane (Jane Fonda) recently received a 'Sanger' award from Planned Parenthood in Portland, Oregon.

Salem, Oregon's first woman mayor, Sue Harris, assumed office on January 3, 1983 and by October 1983 she was an advisor to "What About The Russians" group and in 1984 was National Coordinator of the newly formed Local Elected Officials for Social Responsibility. Her former ophthalmologist husband, Andy, the last I heard, was still head of the Physicians for Social Responsibility. Would the old saying, "There is none so blind as those who have eyes but can not see" apply here? Or perhaps "Physician heal thyself." Mayor Sue Harris visited sister city Simferopol, Russia in July 1985 and received art from its mayor which she displayed at the Salem Public Library the following September.

When Mayor Harris first brought the 'sister city' idea to Salem, the February 21, 1984 City Council minutes said they were not asking for any funds and hopefully would not have to ask. In April 1985 she reneged and said the sister-city relationship would "take a little watering with city Salem funds" so they could hire a part-time employee to nurture the idea claiming "major trade opportunities," and the "subtle side of gradualism" was at play again.

Andy was given all the ink he requests in the form of guest opinions in our local paper. He participated in the Seattle World Trade protests in November 1999. He is a veteran of the Vietnam era protests and said it was the first time in years labor and environment activists were united. "It was an eye opener," he said in a news article. A report I got from a Seattle friend, who happened to be in a certain building in downtown Seattle, said labor union offices were used as headquarters for the protesters.

With Mayor Harris in charge, Salem, Oregon, our capital, jumped on board with both feet and adopted Simferopol in the Soviet Union as its "sister city" and the Salem Peace Plaza was dedicated in April 1987 where United Nations Day is celebrated. According to an October 23, 1997 article, Salem is one of two places in the U.S. to fly a United Nations flag every day of the year.

When our Boise Cascade plant closed down throwing more people out of work, the huge, old acid ball on the property behind the building was turned into an Eco-Earth project. Professional tile setters began laying 200,000 glazed pieces on it in January 2001. It is located on our Waterfront Park property - a favorite attraction for visitors.

In June 1989, then Salem's mayor and a businessman, Tom Neilsen and his wife, Chris, visited the Soviet Union on their own dime where they attended the FIRST conference for Soviet and U.S. Sister Cities. The Neilsens spent one night in Moscow before traveling to Tashkent in the South Central part of the Soviet Union; then on to Simferopol, Salem's Sister City, a June 14, 1989 article stated. Then of course, the American Salem gringo and his wife (as communists refer to Americans visiting their country) were given the nickel tour to factories and day care centers with some stops at Russian wineries.

Chris said, "Although there was no feeling of being 'pressured or programmed', the hosts did have a definite plan for the U.S. visitors." Neilsen said in a June 16, 1989 guest editorial that fifty U.S. and 50 Soviet cities were represented by mayors and other delegates who had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences about their Sister City program.

In September 1989, an article said a Soviet delegation would be making a six-day trip to Salem and one of their meeting places would be another one of those churches which belong to communist fronts, the World Council or National Council of Churches, where it was discussed they would be celebrating the third anniversary of the Sister City ties. And later a newspaper editorial said that "Relationship Makes Peace Possible."

Only one mayor of whom I am aware said "no" to the Sister City program and that was Mobile, Alabama Mayor Arthur Outlaw. Why? He said he was opposed to communism. We need more outlaws! We need more sibling rivalry!

By using the city of Salem, Oregon as an example, I have endeavored to criticize the actions or inactions of mayors and city council members across the U.S. However, I have not criticized the offices they hold but when these elected officials swear to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, I believe, we the people have the right to expect them to be vigilant, informed and not a bunch of "useful idiots." Let us strive to replace bad individuals while preserving good institutions, for in the end, we have only ourselves to blame for not having the chutzpah to hold our elected lickspittles accountable.

2003 - Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved 

Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case. They supported her opponent. E-Mail: [email protected]