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By Betty Freauf
January 30, 2011

In another interesting chapter in John T. Flynn’s 1949 book The Road Ahead, he warns Americans if we don’t change course, we are going to face doomsday just like England. He said the first attempt to provide Economic Planning through endless borrowing described in Part 5 brought the whole school of planning into official favor. From this point on – even all through the war- this theory became the rallying point for every kind of left-winger, including the Communists who recognized it as a magnificent type of novitiate for the Russian brand of socialism. Was it during this time frame when a cadre of central planners was hired by cities, counties and states to implement the U.N. agenda? No “enlightened planners” with some college degree earned under some socialist/communist professor can possibly make better market decisions than individual consumers and the free market. As a result, these “central planners” have facilitated us to the point of bankruptcy.

Flynn writes thousands of Socialists of every description formed Political Action Committees (PACs). The Committee on Un-American Activities worked tirelessly to expose communism. These PACs demonized it for its efforts; however, before the communist influence in government shut it down, they had compiled a list of 1160 organizations and movements brought into existence by the American Communist Party. Although the names continue to change as mergers take place, millions are quietly involved in governmental positions, in unions, a variety of PACS or receive a government check that could help reassure Obama’s re-election.

These community organizing groups decades ago were formed to invade every class in the community– workers, farmers, Negroes, racial groups of all sorts. Thousands of well-intentioned citizens who were not Communists were induced to lend their names to these seemingly proper “social justice” causes and innocent dupes gave millions of dollars to finance them, wrote Flynn. Have altruistic Bill Gates and others become such dupes? The injury that has been done and continues to be done today is beyond measure. The Communists were happy in the 1930s under the presidential election of Franklin D. Roosevelt who gave gracious gifts to Russia. President Truman was in the White House after the death of FDR and early on he began kicking these comrades out of agencies so labor leaders who had been arm-in-arm with the old comrades now began denouncing them, an old Marxist trick: Two steps forward, one step backwards but never forget they are always part of the “Brotherhood” that is bent on destroying America’s economic system. Despite sycophant Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) jabberwocky that Barack Obama has changed in two years, don’t you believe for a minute that our chameleon president is moving to the center!

On December 13, 2010, Austin Bay, an author and colonel (retired) in the U.S. Army reserve wrote a commentary about Julian Assange, the man behind the WikiLeaks dump of secret U.S. State Department cables releasing thousands of classified – and stolen- documents, that narcissism is what drives this young man. He is the son of leftist America-haters who was born and weaned during the Cold War. Assange sees himself as a super-empowered individual who will accomplish individually via the information anarchy of the Internet what the Soviet Union failed to do and then the colonel reminds us there are a lot of tenured gray-haired professors with ponytails who teach this dreck at notable universities and get paid for it. If you don’t believe that, get the 2009 book One- Party Classroom by David Horowitz that describes how radical professors at America’s top colleges indoctrinate students and undermine our democracy. He includes in the book the 150 worst courses and names the traitors. Horowitz himself is the son of Communist parents and a former Marxist himself. He has crusaded against the Marxist left on college campuses and written books exposing the influence of the left on America’s political culture. Is Assange the reason Senators Lieberman and Collins have introduced legislation to allow any president to shut down the Internet (like happened in Egypt on January 28) in case of emergency or is there some sinister motive?

Which brings me to Marxist Angela Davis, the two-time vice presidential candidate for the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and still a professor at the University of California where she heads the “History of Consciousness” department, whatever that is and encourages students to use their critical thinking skills which means discount the traditional values your parents taught you and do your own thing. It began in Genesis 11, the Tower of Babel represented the rebellion of mankind against Almighty God. Davis is referring to “spiritual” New Age consciousness but does Davis teach how to have a conscience? If so, we haven’t heard her repent from all of her past atrocities of the 60s. She made many visits to Moscow where she was identified as a “1960s black political activist.” She’s apparently now a role model and the January 22, 2011 article about her visiting Willamette University in Salem, Oregon – once a Methodist Christian university – identified her only as a scholar and an activist. She had been invited as part of a two-week Willamette University series celebration of Martin Luther King. Had the journalist sent to cover the story Googled Angela, she might have been more forthright in her reporting.

Journalist Don Clark, former anchorman at KEZI-TV in Eugene, Oregon in the 70s said, “As a reporter, I have had the opportunity to observe at close range many aspects of American life. I’ve often had the sense of standing on a shifting ice float that is breaking up and drifting apart. Society itself is fragmenting. The core of shared values that once held us together as a people is being replaced by a mush of relativism, where the only remaining measure of what is right and what is wrong are individual feelings. That is quicksand! “ We don’t blush anymore.

I know the discussion on a conservative local radio talk show brought many callers to remembrance. One said he emigrated from communist Hungary in 1981 where Angela Davis was seen as some type of a heroin while America was evil for jailing her for being involved in the killing of police and burning of buildings in the 60s. Angela and her ilk that infiltrated the Democrat party are now in the White House administration and appointed to heads of regulatory agencies that can destroy anyone at any moment that disagrees or exposes them.


The current compassionate platform of Angela Davis as described in the Statesman Journal article says she has become an advocate for the abolition of prisons, an end to poverty and economic, racial and gender equality. It’s a well-known fact that the Muslims are recruiting in prisons and think of the possibilities for recruitment for the Marxists in prisons. As to the economic, racial and gender equality, the election of President Obama was proof racism is no longer a major problem. With regard to the economy he has been doing everything he can to destroy private industry and this bumptious president has abolished the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for the military.

President Kennedy’s brother-in-law, Sargent Shriver recently passed away and was honored with great accolades about his charity and idealism and how he pioneered the Peace Corps. Here’s the rest of the story to address Angela’s “end to poverty” statement. In Shirley Scheibla’s 1968 book Poverty is Where the Money Is, Scheibla, a gifted reporter in the field of finance, economics and labor, learned early in researching for the book that the War on Poverty was important and dangerous – important because of the money and hopes involved, dangerous because tax-supported poverty warriors follow the communist pattern of organizing cadres of the poor to form a potent political and indeed revolutionary forces.

The book described how the War on Poverty’s Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), which Sargent Shriver headed, sold itself to the Congress, the poor and the general public, and how they launched one of the most masterful propaganda campaigns this country had ever seen. (Read about Edward Berning in Part 5.) As a result, like all other Communist “compassionate” programs, the nation plunged pell-mell into a crash program to carry out untried and revolutionary ideas without adequate consideration, or even preliminary testing on a small scale.

She writes the highly touted Job Corps, a plausible-sounding program to give vocational training and basic education to disadvantaged youth was a failure filled with horror tales. The OEO yawned when it came time to find work for Job Corps youths. Information was falsified about its efforts. One million was given Job Corpsmen to fly home for Christmas while servicemen had to pay their own way and were indeed being “bumped” to make way for the Corpsmen. Then there was the $370,000 supplied for brass-buttoned jackets for 17,000 Corpsmen at a time when the Army had a uniform shortage. Federal anti-poverty funds were used to subsidize community organizers (even before Barack Obama’s time), some with criminal, leftist and even Communist backgrounds, and who were paid exorbitant salaries to harangue mobs and incite riots.

Community Action Center workers (ACORN today) arranged for demonstrations by welfare recipients. In April 1967 there was a riot in Nashville, Tennessee and in Durham, North Carolina automobiles leased with OEO money were used to transport people to a rock-throwing melee. All that alleged help for the impoverished and what happened in New Orleans? And what do we have today?

On December 28, 2005 FOX news reported on the homeless in Santa Monica, California who inundate parks, sunbath on the beach, and hustle residents so Councilman Bobby Shriver, eldest son of Sargent Shriver, completely forgetting the initial purpose of the Office of Economic Opportunity was to help people out of poverty, was giving free housing to the homeless calling it the Housing First Initiative. One black man was given a $1500/month apartment a few blocks from the beach complete with such necessities as T.V., DVD and other niceties. So poor people are still standing in line to get some of Barack’s stash as one black woman was heard to say after his election.

These Fabian socialists working hand in glove with the CPUSA intend to bring to America precisely what they brought to England. They claimed that only 25 percent of England’s economic system had been socialized and the remaining 75 percent was still in private hands but what England did nationalize were the essential functions of a modern economic society – power, materials, credit, transport – without which the remainder could not operate at all. Flynn said it was like socializing the engine in the automobile, and still calling it a 75 percent Capitalist machine. I found it interesting to hear President Obama use a similar analogy at his State of the Union speech. It was like he was reading a page out of The Road Ahead. Once the government is in control of all these basics, the private operator who resists compliance with the plans made for him can be compelled to obey by the threat of having his gas, electricity, coal, credit and transportation cut off and it was the powerful unions working diligently behind the scenes just as is happening in America now.

After taking over health care, the Obama administration now wants to run the pharmaceuticals. Former SEIU head, Andy Stern, who once waged an intense war against private industries now sits on the board of SIGA Technologies that received a lucrative contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in October 2010 after Stern received 25,000 in stock options in June. So much for competition the president espoused in his speech. And let’s not forget Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who have been shaking down private businesses for years. Communists don’t die, they simply lateral to new powerful positions.

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Never forget, the CPUSA and its many affiliate organizations seeks to artfully and very intelligently with planned programs create as much discord and disorder in our social system as possible. Call it whatever you like but basically it falls into the category of Operation Chaos. Wherever the authority of scripture is removed, whether it is in our families, in our nation or in our world, chaos follows.

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� 2011 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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Never forget, the CPUSA and its many affiliate organizations seeks to artfully and very intelligently with planned programs create as much discord and disorder in our social system as possible.