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By Betty Freauf
February 26, 2011

I’ve been watching closely to see whether the Republicans will hold the line as they promised on government spending. One of the water boys for the Democrat Socialist Party, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is huffing and puffing to have the debt ceiling raised again by March 4th. I wonder who will be the biggest bluffer?

This reminds me of the Three Little Pigs children’s story. The first time they built a house of straw, the wolf came along and huffed and puffed and blew it down. Then they built it of wood and the same thing happened. These two houses remind me of the futile “attempts” the GOP House of Reps and Senate have done in the past few years to slow down the spending spree. In December 1995 Newt Gingrich (with his eye on the 2012 presidency) had control of the House of Representatives and Senator Bob Dole had control of the Senate. The GOP threatened to shut down the government so Clinton huffed and bluffed and blew their house down or so we were led to believe. Both Clinton and Dole are internationalists. In a June 6, 1995 New York Times op-ed piece, Dole admitted as much. President Clinton lobbied hard for both trade pacts (NAFTA and GATT) and could not have succeeded without Republican help. The triad also claimed they balanced the budget so why are there still unpaid IOUs on the Social Security ledger?

So here we are a mere 16 years later in the year 2011, bankrupt as a nation as are most of our states. Will our newly elected GOP representatives build a house of brick this time or has God quietly pulled the twigs from our comfortable Hedonistic nests helping to collapse the financial system worldwide. (Luke 12:13-21) Will the GOP hold the line while watching the Democrats huff and bluff? If the GOP keeps its eye on the end game – saving our nation from total economic collapse – and not worry about the next election cycle, things have changed since 1995 and hopefully the time is right to begin to reduce the size of our debt by cutting spending. It’s going to be long and painful but the “cancer” has to be cut out!

Today about 50% of the people pay no taxes. Millions others are on welfare and what was once called “food stamps”- an embarrassing entitlement of bulky coupons. Now a person can simply pass the social-service plastic card through the machine while onlookers believe it to be a debit card. Then there are rent subsidies and free health care included for illegal immigrants that I’ll address in my next article. Young girls have babies and instead of the family taking care of the girl and the baby or putting it up for adoption, they run to the Welfare office. To get them off Welfare, they are subsidized with some type of college education and then many go to work in government jobs. In Oregon, being able to speak Spanish helps get such a job. And then there was the mother with nine kids collecting $3800 a month. In 1995, Pat Robertson’s 700 Club showed how children are taught to act as though they have mental illness so they can collect SSI – another drain on the Social Security funds.

Since nearly every American is receiving some wage, pension, contract or subvention from the federal or state government, even a slight reduction is going to hear most of them squealing like the little pigs in Wisconsin. It’s going to boil down to whose ox is gored and right now, there are far more oxes at the public trough and fewer and fewer taxpayers to support them. Are people going to be willing to give up their share of what they believe to be entitlements? The progressives/liberals are saying the elderly will be out on the streets if Social Security is reduced. If the thieves that stole the S.S. “trust” funds in the first place repaid those I.O.Us plus interest, the elderly would have no worries. S.S. was not an “entitlement,” it was “insurance” and taxes are being withheld of a working person’s check today for Medicare in addition to the those on S.S. also being charged off the top of their S.S. check for Medicare, which, like President George W. Bush’s prescription plan, is a forced unconstitutional “entitlement.”

In 1949 when John T. Flynn wrote his book, The Road Ahead, America’s Creeping Revolution to which I referred in my last seven articles, he said there was no evidence that the American workman favored socialism. Then he said, “The test will come when the present artificial boom expires and the nation sinks down, as is inevitable, into a depression. Will the American union workers at that point blame the labor bosses who have misled them or will they harken to the cry that will then go up that the new and deeper troubles are only a final proof that we must have more rather than less socialism?”

I guess that question was answered the week of February 14th in Wisconsin when some of the 300,000 union public employees began to protest. Wisconsin is the canary in the coal mine. Rabbi Nachum Shifren in his article Marching to Socialism must be offended as well as parents to see some school teachers on the picket line using young folks as a shield and subjecting them to possible danger. Teachers should be “role models” but some alleged doctor is writing excuses for them saying they are “sick” so they can use “sick days” and get paid to picket at the Capitol and join thousands of other radical “brotherhood” union workers and Obama supporters bussed in from around the U.S to picket. Anti-God liberals are targeting our young people who don’t have a clue what is coming because they have lived in good times. Communists know that most revolutions in history started with student uprisings and the Communist newspaper, Pravda, is delighted to observe that America’s “descent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed.”

Did the parents give their children “written permission” to join the protesters? Nachum said the educrats and the unions don’t want to let you know what’s going on in the classroom. Will children soon be encouraged to join the “collective” Middle East Youth Alliance?” The first attempt to establish an international union of all youth was that of the Paris Congress held in the summer of 1933. The reality is we’re setting up millions of students for a Marxist take-over of our land? Perhaps the coming financial crisis is going to be the best thing God could do to save the youth of America.


I suspect the National Guard is trying to protect Governor Scott Walker and his family but what about those school teachers and other government employees who pay their union dues but do not want to participate in protests? I have a friend who had to fire a public union employee who came to work drunk. That night my friend’s car had the tires slashed. The next night the windows were broken out. I saw the pictures. But I digress.

Wisconsin Governor Walker did acknowledge that thousands of state workers to their credit were reporting for work but will they also be harassed with middle-of-the-night threatening phone calls or will their tires be slashed and their windows broken? The 2/19/2011 AP story said in the last paragraph “The protests are growing so large that Capitol workers cannot safely move through the halls and the situation has become a ‘a powder keg.’” The situation was expected to ratchet up on 2/19/2011 when conservative tea party groups planned their own rallies.

Communist-backed radical feminists told women they were of no value if they were “just- stay- at home mothers” and due to the Soviet-type tax system, the nanny state forced women into the work force so they begin dropping their babies off with a babysitter and later at school. Toss in a high divorce rate and now some young people are rebelling and revolting against their own parents. Writing on Daycare as early as 1947 Marynia Farnham, M.D. and Ferdinand Lundberg said, “Daycare is a system that guarantees, beyond doubt, a steady quota of neurotics for society...” Students have grown to be more loyal to their teachers because they spend more hours with them. And what about all that “civility” stuff we’ve been hearing preached to the Tea Party folks that the protesters are defying. What are the children learning with these mixed messages and when our leaders begin using our young people as cannon fodder chaos, anarchy and class warfare is always the result.

We, the people, followed the rules. We began by writing our elected officials or calling them on the phone. We went to the Capitol to testify before committees. The members were polite but never listened to our warnings.

In the early 1980s, conservatives discovered the power came from the bottom up so in my county we began to fill the many vacant precinct positions. Orderly rallies followed mainly by pro-life supporters. We volunteered to gather signatures to get our cause on a ballot. We voted. We won some, lost some. The public employee unions filed suit against Bill Sizemore who has saved taxpayers in Oregon $10 billion or more since his two 1997 property tax initiatives. The case is still pending. It has been very costly both emotionally and financially for Bill and his family. They’ve even had Bill in jail. And then there is the UTube with Barack Obama thanking the SEIU for all their help.

Parents who became disgusted with the brainwashing in the Soviet Skinnerian Pavlovian government schools pulled their kids from the system and home schooled or if they could afford it, they put their children in private Christian schools where they found many children of public school teachers enrolled. B.F. Skinner said educators didn’t have to have the knowledge or the consent of parents for behavior modification, they already had the children. Social studies texts borrowed extensively from the Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov’s behavior modification experiments on dogs and prisoners in Russia. His research once applied in mental hospitals and prisons was now through these social studies texts being used on public school children.

To his credit, Barack Obama told voters exactly what he planned to do – change our troubled Capitalist country into Utopia by redistributing the wealth, giving us universal health care and raising energy rates but he was so darned cute and enough Americans were anxious to prove they were not racists so they voted for him. Middle class friends at Christmas in 2008 told me to “Give him a chance.” They did not realize this man was set out to destroy the middle class and turn the U.S. into a Third World nation. We’ve met the enemy and the enemy is us.

Look what the progressives did to California. I’m not surprised I haven’t heard from our friends at Christmas time since. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, he said Capitalism’s problem is the uneven division of wealth while Socialism’s “virtue” is the even division of misery. Obama is threatening to veto the Republican legislation that will cut billions from the budget, a budget the Democrats failed to produce when they had total control – but the GOP doesn’t have the numbers to override his veto. The Democrats hope to put the blame for a shut down on the Republicans. However, times are changing and our current environment suggests they’ll shoot themselves in the foot. Could this be a “death rattle” for the Democrat party?

President Obama is well aware of how the Fabian Socialists have infiltrated the Democrat Party. It was FDR during his first term that plunged the U.S. into the Welfare State resulting in the “class warfare” we are seeing currently in the State of Wisconsin soon to be followed by other states. It was also during that FDR time frame that labor unions began to see their role as “Socialist Planners” and became involved in politics exploiting their members and using their dues to get more socialists elected. If you wanted to work, you were forced to join a union; however, FDR explicitly forbade “civil servants” to become unionized. The reasons are obvious – a conflict of interest as we see unfolding before our eyes these last few days.

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Our education system has failed the last few generations to teach about what will happen when our free enterprise system is destroyed, replaced with total socialism and how they’ll be slaves in a New World Order. (One world government) No one is safe when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails and those who yell “appease appease” are hung by those they tried to please.

� 2011 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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Our education system has failed the last few generations to teach about what will happen when our free enterprise system is destroyed, replaced with total socialism and how they’ll be slaves in a New World Order.