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By Betty Freauf
June 26, 2012

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created under Republican President George W. Bush, after 9/11. It is now effectively under the control of President Barack Hussein Obama who may be planning massive social unrest inside the United States. We saw the beginning of this in Wisconsin after Republican Scott Walker was elected governor and began to tighten the reins on public sector unions making unsustainable demands for its workers. Then there were the Occupiers raising havoc in communities. Can you image the outrage when federal entitlement programs are cut? I have a very uncomfortable feeling about the signs of the times all around us.

In the April 2012 THE SCHWARZ REPORT Ronald Kessler tells of a student at Occidental who smoked cigarettes, drank and argued politics with Barack Obama and discussed the Marxist-Leninist class-struggle point of view and Obama anticipated there would be a revolution of the working class, led by revolutionaries who would overthrow the capitalist system and institute a new socialist government that would redistribute the wealth. Obama was convinced a revolution would take place and it would be a good thing. He saw himself as part of an intelligent, radical vanguard that was leading the way towards this revolution and towards this new society.

Tom Fife, a government contractor with an active security clearance, tells of an unexpected conversation he had with a couple in 1992 while visiting Moscow on business. While the husband tried to stifle his wife, she seemed to take great joy telling the story about how the global elite had picked Barack Obama to be President of the U.S. (POTUS) and reported on The Pour Hour website. Her story seemed to line up exactly as we’ve seen it unfold since his election to the U.S. Senate when a Kenyan newspaper headline said “Kenyan born elected to U.S. Senate.”

Surely the 2008 Republican presidential campaign of John McCain had the same information about Obama as so many others had but our “war hero” wouldn’t touch mystery man Obama’s background with a ten foot pole but suddenly he’s upset that “leaked classified or highly-sensitive information…” seem to be coming out of the White House while the president is in denial. Dick Cheney wrote in his 2011 book, IN MY TIME how Obama right after he took office exposed to the enemy the “enhanced interrogation” techniques used to gain information from captured terrorists. Cheney failed to disclose, however, the secret detention of great numbers of prisoners that were sent to clandestine CIA prisons in various parts of the world where “enhanced interrogation” was used. The program was called rendition.

Cheney says before using the techniques on any terrorists, the CIA wanted the Justice Department to review them and determine they complied with the law, including international treaty obligations such as the U.N. Convention against torture. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham both opposed the techniques. This flip flopping sounds like Obama when he said as a senator, “Since 9/11, the United States government has set up a national security system that functions not under the Constitution, not under the Geneva conventions, not under the rule of law, not under the rules of war, not under federal law, but under a new secret system crafted by the Bush administration…” and then extended them when he became president which may cause him to lose his Nobel Peace prize for using drones on alleged enemies.

And now President Obama has declared “executive privilege” to protect his administration on this “Fast and Furious” gun running investigation by Congress that backfired when a Border Patrol Agent was killed with one of those guns. It is being speculated that the Obama Administration wanted to flood Mexico with guns and then blame Arizona gun shops for selling them. In CIA lingo that is called entrapment. The National Rifle Association’s (NRA) lobbying to protect the Second Amendment is a constant thorn in the side of any and all anti-gun organizations and/or administrations. Andrew Wallace claims Fast and Furious was a failed preparation for war on the people.

Right out of the Presidential gate, there was the unconstitutional Obamacare, whom we trust the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn or at least the mandated portion, and most recently the president went rogue on illegal immigration implementing his version of the “Dream Act” without the approval of Congress. With his popularity in decline, unemployment remaining epidemic, the banks downgraded by Moody, the Dow in a down road spiral sending shock waves overseas and there is always the possibility of the dollar crashing, will the Obama administration and his unelected czars and his closest Progressive supporters plan a manufactured insurgency against America? Of course, the liberal media will garner both sympathy and support for his unfinished agenda – the diminution of American power, the subjugation of American sovereignty in favor of one world government, and the implementation of a socialist redistribution of wealth – both within the U.S. and across national borders. It’s like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) violating our privacy in order to fly and how we give them permission to sexually grope and nuke us so they figure we’ll accept almost anything. Is this why their actions are becoming more overt because we don’t scream out, Enough is Enough?” It’s IN YOUR FACE and Homeland Security folks actually chuckle about it.

The October 1, 2010 NEW AMERICAN article entitled “Tyranny Trimumphing” by Jack Kenny told how Americans sit on the sidelines sleeping or cheering for activities such as rendition when they don’t understand, as our elected elites sprint toward eliminating citizens’ safeguards and our liberty. I am reminded of the 76 deaths at Waco in 1993 including 20 small children. This federal siege of the Branch Davidians was ordered by another Democrat -President Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno. The Congressional hearings reached the height of absurdity with Attorney General Reno telling the House committee probing the atrocity that the tanks ramming the side of a wooden frame residence at Branch Davidian “compound” were not armed with bullets or explosives. She saw the tanks essentially as “rental vehicles,” she told the committee. Both Christians and non Christian American watched this genocide take place on T.V. and only a few raised their voices to protest against this attack on religious freedom.

Then there was the standoff at the remote mountain home site of Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge, Idaho where a sharp shooter killed Vicki Weaver while holding her baby in her arms. The Weaver’s teenage son was also killed. Why? A psychological profile determined Vicki was the strongest member of the family so they had to eliminate her. It was later revealed Randy’s crime was not about sawing off a shotgun as the media reported but refusing to go undercover for the BATF. The January 1996 McALVANY REPORT said a 154-page Senate report indicated the ATF was near to entrapment on Weaver and lied about his role as a bank robber suspect. The siege at Ruby Ridge was one of T.V. Lifetime’s 25 top movies. Randy and his remaining children later received a financial settlement from the Federal government.

There are other similar atrocities to numerous to mention as the wolves pick off the sheep around the perimeters they feel are opposing a suffocating and out-of-control government. To make these attacks seem credible for the media, a shill for big government liberalism called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) use such words as “white supremacists,” “extremists,” “radical right” “conspiracist,” “anti-government,” or “racist.” They may even report about a painted swastika that may mysteriously show up to make the attacks by authorities appear more acceptable to narcissistic Americans who are unaware it could be them tomorrow. The SPLC publishes a patriot hit list and is so radical it makes the ACLU look conservative! The SPLC makes its living off of big-government, leftist ideology by suing patriotic groups and individuals.

Rodney King was found dead in his swimming pool on June 17. Many will remember the riots when a white Simi Valley jury voted “not guilty” of the King beating by four L.A. police – all caught on video in 1991. People went to the grocery stores to stock up on food. There was $1 billion in property damage and 55 dead. The Los Angeles Police department went AWOL and Korean business people were seen on our TV screens shooting at invaders. The lack of demanding English as the first language further complicated matters. Today there are 140 different languages in Los Angeles. Eventually two police ended up in prison for the beating and King filed a civil lawsuit and was awarded $3.8 million but due to his alcoholism and drug problem, with the exception of the home he bought for himself and one for his mother, he died with most of the money gone.

And if we thought the riots in L.A. after the white jury found the police “not guilty,” can you imagine what will happen if a jury finds Hispanic George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer, was only protecting himself when he shot the young black man, Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida? Must we prepare for some type of a “civil war” causing the president to declare Martial Law and suspend the November election? If so, we must remain vigilant and calm and take individual responsibility for the protection of our families and our property. Remaining civil will defeat their evil agenda and that of any and all paid agent provocateurs.

Will the forthcoming chaos be economic , racial and/or class divisions or a combination thereof. We’ve already heard the president promote these issues in his numerous speeches. His common objective has been overtaking America and dismantling our Constitutional Republic with his unconstitutional czars. Glenn Beck in his 2012 book COWARDS blames both parties and says more people are registering Independents because the two-parties aren’t doing the job.

One person has said the failure of Wisconsin voters to recall Republican Governor Scott Walker was a shot heard around the world. It could be the beginning of the unraveling of the Democrat Party taken over by George Soros and his shadow government. An anonymous Wisconsin taxpayer wrote a letter to the editor thanking the “leftists, occupiers, union thugs and malcontents” for the tantrums, outburst and boorish behavior that motivated conservatives to turn out in huge numbers to support Governor Walker.

David Horowitz from the Freedom Center and John Perazzo have written a small booklet exposing the Soros agenda and how he’s pulling it off. It’s called “FROM SHADOW PARTY TO SHADOW GOVERNMENT” and how George Soros is radically changing America. He tried his experiment first on poorer countries. You may order your own copies by calling 1-800-752-6562 ext. 2090 or go to The cost for one copy is $3 or $1 each for 25 or more. I recommend everyone order at least 25 and hand them out to your friends, relatives and neighbors so when and if the revolution arrives this summer before the November election, people will be more informed as to the subversives behind it and why we should act with calmness rather than react with anger.

The 2011 book “BARACK OBAMA AND THE ENEMIES WITHIN” by Trevor Loudon, a political researcher from Christchurch, New Zealand ties all the revolutionaries from the 1960s who now sitteth at the right-hand of the POTUS and others who operate as college professors in our colleges indoctrinating the young folks. Loudon names names far too many for me to list here; however, one does come to mind. A little guy, about 5’ 6” Rahm Emanuel was selected by Barack Hussein Obama as his Chief of Staff within 24 hours of the election. Readers will recall he’s the one who stated, “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste.” He has since left the administration and was elected the 55TH mayor of Chicago in February and sworn in on May 16, 2011. The murder rate in Chicago is climbing at an alarming rate.

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The draft dodgers of the 60s are now college professors indoctrinating students in Marxist Utopian ideology and occupying the White House – all left-wing traitors operating using the Cloward-Piven Strategy to enroll all the poor in every entitlement possible and get their votes and eventually bankrupt the U.S. government. Glenn Beck followers first heard about Cloward & Piven when he had his T.V. show. Republican Abraham Lincoln signed the historic Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves but we continue on the current entitlement path we may be moving towards enslavement again.

� 2012 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









There are other similar atrocities to numerous to mention as the wolves pick off the sheep around the perimeters they feel are opposing a suffocating and out-of-control government. To make these attacks seem credible for the media, a shill for big government liberalism called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) use such words as “white supremacists,” “extremists,” “radical right” “conspiracist,” “anti-government,” or “racist.”