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By Betty Freauf
September 5, 2012

Mike Gallagher is about the only conservative talk show host that didn’t denigrate Dr. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. He asks his supporters standing on street corners with Ron Paul signs if they ever get tired of getting beat up? One young man said, “Yes, but we get back up!” because their mentor, Dr. Ron Paul has never given up in 30 years and they plan to carry it (the Ron Paul Revolution) towards 40 years after he retires from Congress and then the supporter quotes Ronald Reagan who said, “Libertarianism is the heart of conservatism.” Yes, readers, Americans get back up. We’ve been beat up pretty good since the Obama administration was elected in 2008 and by a liberal, biased media.

I’ve commented in other Ron Paul articles about the popinjays who take pride in calling themselves conservative who jump ship like rats when one conservative like Missouri Republican Todd Aken makes a gaffe about “legitimate rape.” It takes a strong person to stand up against such pressure but he refused to resign and I pray Mitt Romney will have those same convictions.

Radio hosts Rush Limbaugh, Mike Gallagher and Mike Huckabee remained supportive of Akin who immediately apologized profusely for his gaffe but compared to President Obama wanting to allow babies born alive after a botched abortion to just let them die alone and unattended, Akin’s gaffe was miniscule. More self-righteous Republican Pecksniffian leaders were quick to throw their colleague under the bus and many conservative radio talk show and T.V. pundits chimed right in figuring he was about to implode. My most recent Constitutional score board on Representative Akin shows him with a 90% score as compared to Democrat Senator McCaskin, who he hopes to unseat with a 27% score. And, of course, this GOP turmoil coincidentally arrived just before the convention which was a source of distraction for days.


The RNC convention in Tampa seemed to exceed all expectations this week with a variety of speakers from all ethnic backgrounds sharing with the delegates how America allowed them to come here to be free and achieve their dreams; however, little was said about the $16 trillion national debt as the electronic sign in the convention hall kept showing the debt going up! Of course, President Obama’s earlier unscripted gaffe, “You Didn’t Build It” referring to successful business people gave the GOP their convention theme: WE BUILT IT. Yes, self reliance built it! It will be interesting to listen and compare the upcoming Democrat convention. With the GOP convention and the 2016 movie about Obama showing in nearly two thousand theaters all in the same time frame, , things aren’t looking good for the president. There has been some frightening information coming into my e-mails and Fax machines. Pray that God will thwart any devious planned crisis that the Obama administration has up its sleeve before the November election to cause it to be cancelled.

I especially appreciated the Republican New Mexico governor, Susan Martinez tell how she and her husband switched from the Democrat party to the Republicans. As I recall her story, several Republicans invited them to lunch. She said to her husband, “They want us to become Republicans so we’ll eat the lunch they buy and we’ll graciously thank them but we won’t switch parties.” Then she told how the Republicans never brought up political parties but instead just stuck with issues and policies and they suddenly discovered they were more aligned with the Republicans than the Democrats. She said they got in the car and said, “I’ll be darned, we’re Republicans.”

That is the way my husband and I decided to switch after a couple women showed me the two party platforms and covered up the names of the parties and then asked which one I was. Being business people, I pointed to the Republicans. They laughed and said, “Then why are you a Democrat?” The only answer I could give was that our parents were FDR Democrats. These ladies pulled out a voter registration change form and before I knew what a precinct person was, I was one! That’s how my husband and I got into the Republican Party in 1980 and then some friends born in Canada but living near us got us interested in studying our U.S. Constitution. And, by the way, I hear conservative talk show hosts advertising for the Hillsdale College Constitution 101course being offered on line. Governor Martinez also brought the delegates to the floor with loud applause and shouts when she mentioned her family had a Security business and how at a very young age she was asked to monitor a Catholic bingo game with a Smith and Wesson 357 at her side.


It took me about a decade of political activism and after being elected to several positions, that I began to notice how the leaders in the party manipulated the neophytes – the new kids on the block. The conservatives on board eventually learned the ropes and Roberts Rule of Order, etc. and they began to challenge them with “Point of Order!” and that didn’t sit well with the old guard. I was once invited to a meeting involving a 2-hour round trip only to find out when I got there the meeting had been moved and they forgot to tell me. I began to take my tape recorder with me. At one meeting I got careless and didn’t hang on tightly to the recorder. When I got home, I discovered the tape missing. I duplicated the first audio tape I had put in my purse (which I held on to) and because the theft was so obvious, I sent it to them so they could have a complete set!

We stuck with them until the early 90s but no longer answer the phones when we know they are going to request money or the fund-raising letters arrive. States were still able to make their own rules regarding delegates to the RNC conventions so all our money went to Ron Paul and then we watched how they treated Congressman Paul and tried to rob him of delegates. We are still registered Republicans because the two-party system locks out any third party candidates and if one decides to buck the hierarchy and run, the scare tactic is “If you vote for a 3rd party candidate, you’ll put the Democrats into office.”

It didn’t take me long to learn that the party platform which many people work long and hard to create is like a white wedding dress, it’s only worn once and often flies under false colors. The platform has had a pro-life plank in it for as long as I can remember and no Republican president has ever issued an Executive Order overriding the Roe –vs- Wade 1973 Supreme Court decision based on fraudulent evidence. It will be interesting to see how our current presidential candidate Romney and vice president Ryan will adhere to that very conservative platform especially since what I’ve heard happened in the Rules Committee on Monday and later voted on by the delegates collectively. Hurricane Isaac did cause problems for the GOP’s scheduling so instead of a four-day event, Monday was pretty much cancelled except to call the convention to order, place Romney’s name in nomination and adjourned.

I was listening to talk radio host Mark Levine who had Morton Blackwell, president of the Leadership Political Action Institute on his program. They’d been friends for 30 years. In William Martin’s 1996 book With God On Our Side - The Rise of the Religious Right in America, he says Blackwell “trains people and deploys them effectively” and that Blackwell regarded fundamentalists and evangelical Christians as “the great tract of virgin timber on the political landscape.” Blackwell also had connections with the Council for National Policy founded in 1981 by Tim LaHaye.


Leadership Political Action Institute founder, Morton Blackwell was on the air with Mark Levine to explain a Rule Change which Blackwell considered a dangerous precedent. Blackwell said the President has enormous control over the party. He runs the RNC. It’s his when he’s POTUS. Centralizing power in the RNC under his appointees weakens the states. In other words, it weakens the role of the people of the Republican Party because the RNC fears effective challenges. While many delegates can be heard on the audio clip loudly protesting the Rule change, House Speaker Boehner gavels them down and announced the rule change that basically eliminated grassroot/Tea Party challenges was accepted. A YouTube later reveals that the House Speaker was reading from a teleprompter and ignoring the protesters from the delegates whose “nays” were louder than the “ayes.”

When Levine asked why the RNC wanted the Rule change, Morton responds, “It’s human instinct for people who have power to want to use that power to accumulate more power and certainly keep the power they have and insulate themselves from any threat of loss of any of that power. That is human nature!!” When asked if Ronald Reagan did that, Blackwell responded, “ Reagan’s philosophy was to advance conservative people and then put them in the place where he would know they’d make the right decision. However, the other theory of putting together an administration within a political party is to advance people who are prepared to do exactly what they are ordered to do and nothing else and that doesn’t bring you a strong party or an effective principled government”, said Blackwell.

The latter comment reminds me of a cartoon in our August 30, 2012 newspaper showing a picture of Hurricane Isaac and the Republican elephant whispering into Romney’s ear: It’s still better than sharing the stage with Ron Paul. And then the accompanying article by Dana Milbank, columnist for the Washington Post after referring to the Rules change said, “Romney is by many accounts a control freak, a stickler for rules and order. His campaign, following his instincts, runs the same way – and it has struggled mightily to stick to its script this week even as Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac zeroed in on New Orleans. Romney discovered he could not control Isaac, he can’t control the press corps and he certainly couldn’t control Paul supporters,” said Milbank. Of course, the Rule change took care of any future Ron Paul/Tea Party challenges.

An August 2000 Human Events newspaper told how the conservatives thwarted the RNC power grab. They wouldn’t let RNC change the Rules between conventions. It says, a “Commission on the Presidential Nomination Process,” headed by former Senator Bill Brock of Tennessee had proposed giving the RNC the Rules-changing power. At that time a Virginia National Committeeman Morton Blackwell, a Rules Committee Leader, noted this idea, which would have transferred power from popularly, elected convention delegates to the less representative RNC, was driven from the elitist McGovernite proposals that moved the Democratic Party dramatically to the left 30 years ago.” Please remember this was in August 2000. What Brock couldn’t get passed to circumvent grassroots in 2000, Boehner did. If the grassroots people are cut out of the process, who will walk precincts? Are candidates going to rely on T.V. ads?


I find it interesting a 11/21/2011 NEW AMERICAN reported that House Speaker John Boehner said President Obama plans to circumvent the “dysfunctional Congress” with Executive Orders and other directives and he gave examples of Housing, Student Loans, Veterans and said that Congress should jealously guard its own prerogatives. “This idea that you are just going to go around the Congress is just, it’s almost laughable,” House Speaker John Boehner told radio host Laura Ingraham. “And so we are keeping a very close eye on the administration to make sure they are following the law and following the Constitution.” The article said Boehner’s words would be a bit more comforting had he not in June personally engineered the defeat of legislation that would have forced an end to Obama’s unconstitutional intervention in Libya. If he was unwilling to assert Congress’s primacy in a matter as vital as war and peace, how likely is he to do so when it comes to lesser matters?

How about the National Defense Authorization Act passed by the GOP-controlled Congress? Sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA affirm “the authority of the President to use all necessary and appropriate force pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force” to “detain covered persons” indefinitely without trial, including U.S. citizens, if the president determines they are al-Qaeda or “an associated force,” or that they’ve carried out an “attack” against the U.S. The terms “associated force” and “attack” are wide-ranging terms and now we have drones in the sky watching our every move. After Obama was elected, he began to fundamentally change our whole Constitutional Republic. Once again, Congress was AWOL. Isn’t it possible a Republican Congress can redeem itself and start prosecution against Barack Obama and the other crooks in his administration for Obama’s false birth certificate and his subversive presidency if the Senate and the presidency becomes Republican which would overturn every bill he signed in his time in office?


After hearing how Boehner circumvented the convention delegates on the Rule change, I was reminded of the way he embraced former House Speaker California Democrat Nancy Pelosi as they exchanged gavels after he’d been elected the House Speaker after Republicans took over in 2010. Dianne Linderman tells how he lost his power when he kissed her on the cheek. She called it a Samson and Deliliah moment. Samson got his hair cut off and Boehner got, well…. We’ve seen him as a sycophant ever since, a fawning parasite. It’s time for him to go after what he pulled regarding the Rules on the 27th because Mr. House Speaker, we’re watching you!

The 10/25/2010 New American said, “Like in 1994 (contract with America), the Republican establishment this time John Boehner, a protégé of Newt Gingrich, has trotted out an ambitious agenda for change, called the “Pledge to America.” This slim document impresses with its soaring rhetoric, including homage to the U.S. Constitution, and especially to the much-neglected Tenth Amendment and then the article asks, “But will the Pledge to America be any more successful than its predecessor – the “Contract with America?” Kathleen Parker in a 4/11/11 article said even hard-right conservatives have been missing the point. One observer close to the action put it: “John Boehner has been playing chess while these guys (the armchair tea party strategists) have been playing checkers.”


While listening to radio talk show host, Californian Dennis Prager, broadcasting from what they call “radio row,” interviewed many guests as they passed by him at the RNC convention on the last day. Another talk show host, Michael Medved whose show originates out of the State of Washington, stopped by to talk to Prager. The conversation went well until State’s Rights (Tenth Amendment) and Ron Paul’s name came up. Prager generally a soft spoken and compassionate man who conducts High Holy Day Jewish services in the synagogue groaned and went to a break.

Prager never hid his dislike for Ron Paul, who objects to all the money America sends to Israel. By the way, Prager believes we are born “neutral” and then we must decide if we are going to be good or evil. You see him on FOX occasionally. In Acts 17:1, Apostle Paul used the synagogues as a springboard to get into a city or community. This would lead him to the devout Jews of the city and some of those Jews would believe…but most rejected him and this would push Apostle Paul right out to the Gentiles and this is how churches would become in existence. I think Apostle Paul needs to make a visit to Dennis Prager.

Kathleen Parker was right. These so-called conservative radio talk show hosts are like parrots with the same old talking points from GOP leaders just like they accuse the Democrats. Mike Gallagher is a rare exception. He never defamed Dr. Paul’s run for president like I heard Prager do. Gallagher tends to be more Libertarian like many of the new comers to the party which since the Rule change will be muzzled. Gallagher took time to talk to Ron Paul supporters holding signs which readers can see on his Face book fan page. They were out on the street with signs trying to call attention to the dangerous Rule change made at the beginning of the Convention taking away any power from the grassroots in the states and giving it directly to the RNC in Washington, D.C.

Besides Mark Levine, have you heard any of the other radio jabberwockies or T.V. pundits warning us about this Rule? Ecc. 3:16-18 says there is nothing new under the sun. While we may be excited about a very uplifting and successful RNC convention, please don’t fall back to sleep because things haven’t changed.

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Florida senator Marco Rubio quoted Luke 12:48 near the end of his presentation before introducing Governor Romney when he said, “To him that is given much, much is expected” but should the Lord tarry, the 2016 election cycle should be interesting. I agree with radio host Mark Levine who indicates he’s concerned about the disastrous consequences if Republicans lose in November but uncertainty if we win.

In the Communist countries they offer many names at election time – all Communists. Will this happen in America? I’m impressed with Romney’s business experience but afraid of who may become his inner circle. President George Bush once said he doesn’t like a dictatorship unless he’s the dictator. Remember President Ronald Reagan’s words: TRUST BUT VERIFY.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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It took me about a decade of political activism and after being elected to several positions, that I began to notice how the leaders in the party manipulated the neophytes – the new kids on the block...