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By Betty Freauf
September 22, 2012

“It was a ‘catch and release’ system. A few weeks later they’d be back on the streets and the only way to get them off the streets was is if they were dead. If we found guns, we arrested the fighters only to see them go free a few months later. Often we recaptured the same guy multiple times during a single deployment.” That sentence was from Mark Owen, the alias Seal Team member who describes in his 2012 book, NO EASY DAY about the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden (OBL) shown on SIXTY MINUTES on September 9th. However, that title above was borrowed from a 9/8/2012 article in our local Salem Statesmen. It was about a man who had been arrested on a drug charge who authorities determined was no threat to the community. Like so many government entities today, our county is teetering on bankruptcy and the jail was full so they turned him loose. The next day he shot a man in the Walmart parking lot.

Mark went on to describe what happens when they arrest Middle East suspected terrorists. The first thing required of them was the completion of paper work. Then the captured is asked to fill out a questionnaire. The first question they were asked, “How were you treated (by our military)?” Of course, they quickly figured out how to lie about their treatment which then makes it necessary for internal reviews and more paper work for the Seal Team and the captured terrorist is often released. I’m sure our police who try to get the criminals off the street in America are put through a similar routine. And then the ACLU sues.


Mark’s book was the first-person account of the planning and execution of the OBL raid. Weeks and months later, details about the raid were appearing with a renewed focus on the unit and it raised a lot of concerns for their personal safety and most of them had already invested in home security systems. There was concern that the names of the SEALS might be leaked to the media. Mark wrote that ABC had come out with a ridiculous story about how to spot a SEAL. Reporter Chris Cuomo reported the SEAL who shot OBL was probably a physically fit white man in his thirties with a beard and longer hair. Mark said the members laughed their asses off because the media was hopelessly out of touch. How the mission to kill OBL had been reported was wrong. The story was bigger than the raid itself and much more about the men at the command who willingly go into harm’s way, sacrificing all they have to do the job.

In order to protect his identity on SIXTY MINUTES, his facial features were transformed as well as his voice disguised. In the book he tells how in junior high school in Alaska students were assigned a book report and he stumbled upon MEN IN GREEN FACES by former SEAL Gene Wentz which was full of ambushes and firefights and from that time on he was hooked and during his SEAL training he found other men just like him who were driven to be the best and he spoke highly of the men he worked beside every day. He indicated he has taken great pains to protect the tactics, techniques and procedures used by the teams as they waged a daily battle against terrorism and insurgents around the world. He gave away no military secrets that would damage security. He simply described real-world events as they occurred. He said he was home watching TV when the news came across the wires that the captain of a ship had been kidnapped by Somalia pirates so he wasn’t surprised when his phone rang and he was assigned to the team who would rescue the Captain. We saw it on TV - Another example of NO EASY DAY.

He hired a former Special Operations attorney to review the manuscript to ensure it was free from mention of forbidden topics. Most of the proceeds go towards injured warriors. It was a page turner. I was anxious to get to the actual mission in Pakistan. I patiently read about the difficult training they must endure and accomplish in order to make the Seal Team right down to what they took in their backpacks on the missions including Ambien to allow them to get some sleep before the big event. The one thing that was a surprise was the CIA operative by the name of “Jen” who had doggedly tracked OBL with drones for five years. This was her baby and the SEALS were happy to have had their 30 minutes of fun and be done. The actual operation took about 40 minutes until they could put OBL’s body into a body bag and on to another helicopter. Mark mentions nothing about OBL dumped into the ocean in accordance with the Muslim religion.


Near the end he did say after OBL’s assassination, “We just got this guy re-elected.” Remember V.P. Biden at the Democrat convention looking into the camera and saying, “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive?” Seal Team members were not huge fans of Obama but they respected him as the Commander in Chief of the military and they were grateful after many delays, that President Obama supposedly gave them the green light on the mission. I say supposedly because information being widely circulated on May 7, 2011 asked did “Panetta Order the Raid?” One critic, however, indicated Panetta had always been known as a conciliator lap dog of whatever administration he served so true or not, Leon Panetta allegedly worked around the president’s persistent hesitation to act. This May 2011 information seems to coincide with what Mark wrote in his book about Obama’s inability to make decisions.

When the president later met the Seal Team and gave them special awards, he invited them to his residence for a beer but Mark said we never got a call for that beer at the White House. “You believed that s+++ “? another SEAL friend asked. “I bet you voted for change too, sucker.” I’m reminded at this point how we saw the President sitting off to the right hand side of the others what appeared to be observing the actual event. Under his dark jacket we can see a white shirt which may have resembled a golf shirt. There was a rumble on the Internet that he had to be pulled off the golf course for a photo op in the situation room. Mark writes Washington wasn’t even sure they’d crashed the helicopter when they watched it on the drone feed. If we are still a sovereign nation and have a 2016 presidential election and if current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton runs for President and had something to do with this capture, I’m sure the truth will come out eventually especially if she was the one that made the call she’ll want to demonstrate her leadership abilities and take the credit.


Mark observed that OBL’s clothes in his third floor living unit with his family were all meticulously neat but his AK-47 and a Makarov pistol was in a holster –both were empty. A 5/4/2011 AP article said:

Officials: Bin Laden was unarmed when he was shot by Navy SEALS

Mark said OBL had no intention of fighting. He asked his followers for decades to wear suicide vests or fly planes into buildings but didn’t even pick up his weapon and then said, “In all my deployments we routinely saw this phenomenon. The higher up the food chain the targeted individual was, the bigger an ‘expletive’ he was. It is always the young and impressionable who strap on the explosives and blow themselves up.” Bin Laden knew they were coming when he heard the one helicopter make a loud landing in the court yard ending up with the tail of the helicopter resting on the 12 foot high concrete security fence around the property as you saw in the Sixty Minute program. One guard in the guesthouse at least tried to defend himself and his family. While initially a bombing attack was mentioned, but the on- ground mission was decided so no women or children were killed.


Former V.P. Dick Cheney in his 2011 book IN MY TIME said it was with support from both the D’s and R’s that President Obama ordered a surge of 33,000 troops to Afghanistan at the end of 2009. Cheney said we subsequently made significant progress toward defeating the Taliban in south Afghanistan and our commanders had planned on having the additional troops available through a second fighting season so that they could focus their efforts on Taliban and al Qaeda strongholds in the eastern part of the country. Cheney said when he was working on his book in the summer of 2011, President Obama announced he would have 33,000 troops out of Afghanistan by September 2012 without any military rationale for the timetable except maybe it had something to do with the November 2012 elections? The September 20th news: The 33,000 surge shown leaving.

President Bush made sure to offer to the Obama administration a report of their use of armed drones – unmanned aerial vehicles. He asked his national security team to conduct a review of Afghanistan, similar to the ones they had done for Iraq in 2006. The results were completed after the 2008 election and called for more resources and a focus on counterinsurgency. Bush offered to either release the results publicly or pass them quietly to the Obama incoming national security team so they could use them without politics getting in the way. They chose quietly but then Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel later said Bush had left them with no plan.

On 9/11/2012 all hell broke loose in the Middle East and Obama and Secretary of State Hilllary Clinton apologized to protesters who broke into U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya and killed the ambassador plus three other Americans and the Middle East is still burning. Those who say appease, appease are hung by those they tried to please. Politicians and the mainstream media go to great lengths to appease and mollify the groups who are trying to, at best, circumvent and, at worse, destroy our Constitution and country.

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The economy is in the toilet and the Federal Reserve keeps printing more money. How many remember what happened with the Weimar Regime in Germany following WWI when the regime ordered the Reichsbank to print over a trillion marks, causing a massive influx in paper currency to deluge the market and drive up inflation which always hits the middle class and poor the hardest. Responsible and concerned people are beginning to participate in community gardening and sharing of food. Bartering is becoming popular once again but soon the lickspittles will want to tax all this too.


I hear no media pundits ever explain why the descendants of the half brothers in the Middle East continue fighting. Isaac represents Israel, America’s ally so Ishmael representing the Muslim Brotherhood hates us. The Islam goal is to take over America and install the caliphate and Sharia Law. Genesis 15 tells about the Lord’s promise to Abraham of a son. In Genesis 16 Abraham messed up. As American troops languished in Middle East occupations, we must ask ourselves what have we accomplished? The cost of the war has helped to bankrupt us and our military has been used as cannon fodder to advance the globalist/one world government agenda. President George Washington, a wise leader, said America should not get involved in foreign affairs. Now we understand why. Trying to mix apples with oranges, different languages, different religions, different philosophies and ideologies just don’t work.

� 2012 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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President Bush made sure to offer to the Obama administration a report of their use of armed drones – unmanned aerial vehicles. He asked his national security team to conduct a review of Afghanistan, similar to the ones they had done for Iraq in 2006.