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By Betty Freauf
March 10, 2015

All history reveals when a nation is virtually bankrupt and there is dissatisfaction among the people the only solution is to engage in a war. This is how we found the U.S. under Democrat President FDR. In mid-1940s the U.S., following the pattern of Germany and Italy, began preparations for just such a catastrophe. By a series of provocations and finally by pulling the entire Pacific fleet into Pearl Harbor (an unheard of maneuver) the Japanese were encouraged to bomb the U.S. Naval station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941.[1]

War was declared and unlimited deficit financing by our U.S. government took place. For a time everyone was working; high wages prevailed because of the method of awarding government contracts on a cost-plus basis and the paying of higher wages to attract workers to defense industries. The government provided high support prices on farm commodities and the farmers’ income reached an all-time high. While rations were imposed upon the people by dishonest government officials, our country had over-production that was beyond the imagination (exactly opposite of the 1930s) when government had farmers plow the corn under, kill the pigs, etc. at a time millions were hungry. The next move – public works programs. Pay the farmers for doing nothing.[1]


In Robert Dilley’s 1962 book MESSAGE FOR AMERICA he says the socialist-planners began their insidious work in America about 1875; but no one paid any real attention to them until FDR became president in 1933. Roosevelt himself did not introduce socialist and communist ideas into America, but like President Roosevelt recognizing Russia, he opened the flood gates for those ideas to pour into our once sovereign Republic. Roosevelt gave them needed prestige, so that they became acceptable to the point where the true ideas of freedom are now considered radical. In the same way that President Obama is “making nice with Iran, a caliphate and Sharia Law,” we now find a unique institution known as an Islamic Tribunal using Sharia law as the basis for law, not the US constitution, in North Texas. They handle no criminal cases, only divorce or business disputes; however, beware – gradual usurpations are more dangerous than war.


And, yes, President Obama is attempting to negotiate some disarmament treaty with Iran that many feel is dangerous because Iran can’t be trusted; however in the 1961 book AMERICA: LISTEN by Frank L. Kluckhohn, a ranking office of the U.S. State Department from 1955-1961 wrote that President John Kennedy was wanting disarmament of all nations and allowing the United Nations to be in complete charge. One veteran senator commented to a ranking Administration figure that, apart from any validity the plan may have, this hardly seemed the time for the U.S. to tell the Soviet Union, Red China and the Communist world that the U.S. is willing to give away its armed services.


Once again during the Kennedy administration, the December 19, 1961 “Reuther Memorandum” written by socialist United Auto Worker labor organizer Victor Reuther to Attorney General Bobby Kennedy urged the federal government to target right-of-center political education organizations to isolate the political right via government. Reuther had worked for Stalin’s Gorky Auto Works for more than a year in the 1930s at the height of Stalin’s purges. Though not a Communist Party member, Victor – along with his brothers Walter and Roy- was a dedicated socialist who was determined to get the government to prosecute the Constitutionalist movement. All three Reuther brothers developed strong Democratic Party ties after abandoning the Socialist Party in the 1930s to work for the New Deal via the Democratic Party.[2]

In his book SUICIDE PACT, author and Judge Andrew Napolitano describes how ALL presidents have abused their power and assaulted our civil liberties.


What really happened 36 years ago has long been forgotten by most Americans but outside the American embassy in 2009, Iranian demonstrators displayed effigies of the Shah, Jimmy Carter and Uncle Sam because it was U.S. foreign policies that helped bring into power the Iranian regime it now deplores. At the height of Iran’s prosperity, the Shah suddenly became the target of an ignoble campaign led by U.S. and British foreign policy makers. Bolstered by slander in the Western press, these forces, along with Soviet-inspired Communist insurgents, and Mullahs opposing the Shah’s progressiveness, combined to face him with overwhelming opposition, he decided to depart. Unknown to most people he had cancer and U.S. Ambassador William Sullivan (CFR) assured the Shah that, if he exited Iran, America would welcome him, which turned out to be a lie.


On January 20, 2015 President Obama gave his annual State of the Union address wherein he declared the following: “Tonight after a breakthrough year for America, our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999. Our unemployment rate is now lower than it was before the financial crisis. More of our kids are graduating than ever before; more of our people are insured than ever before; we are as free from the grip of foreign oil as we’ve been in almost 30 years. Tonight, for the first time since 9/11, our combat mission in Afghanistan is over. Six years ago, nearly 180,000 American troops served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today fewer than 15,000 remain. And we salute the courage and sacrifice of every man and woman in this 9/11 Generation who has served to keep us safe. We are humbled and grateful for your service. America, for all that we’ve endured; for all the grit and hard work required to come back; for all the tasks that lie ahead, know this: The shadow of crisis has passed and the State of the Union is strong.”[3]

Two months later, the Obama administration claims the economy is growing and unemployment is only at 5.5%; however information from the Bureau of Labor refutes that claim. The actual number of eligible workers really working is at 62.8%. We’ve lost almost a total of 4 million jobs since Obama has been president. These jobs have just disappeared. The bottom line is 92.8 million Americans are not working. In addition, a record number of women are not in the labor force. Fifty Six million, twenty three thousand women are 16 and older were not in the labor force. Prostitutes not counted, of course. Not only was that 56,230,000 a record high but it is also the first time that number has exceeded 56,000,000. Now to be counted as not in the labor force, one must not have a job or have looked for a job in the past four weeks.[4]


If you are concerned about a financial crisis in the United States, you are not alone. Predictions by many experts strongly suggest that we could be in for another ’29 crash when we’ll once again see the very rich and well connected leaping from high story windows. Another sign of the times is that the holiday season wasn’t all that great and major retail stores are contemplating closing some stores. K-Mart and Sears did so poorly, they are facing bankruptcy and liquidation. Macy’s is planning to close 14 stores, JC Penney 39 stores where 2,500 people will lose their jobs, RadioShack closing 1,100 stores and the trend shows no signs of letting up.

Another concern is all states are unofficially bankrupt. Fred Starkey, a former Lead-Long Term Analyst for Shearson Lehman out of New York, said in May 2014 that Moody’s debt medians of 2011 showed that the State of Oregon, for instance, spends 3.25 for every 1.00 tax revenue. How? They are subsidized by the Federal Government and the federal government is unofficially bankrupt thanks to the unconstitutional Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve.


For 50 years or more, power seeking politicians have led Americans to believe the way to solve problems is to subsidize them.[1] Starkey says Oregon is the 3rd or 4th largest seller of Pension Obligation Bonds which is nothing but kicking debt down the road. The headline in a 2/1/2014 article in our local fish wrapper says PERS unfunded liability cut in half thanks to excellent investment earnings in 2012 and 2013 and in part to bills passed in the Oregon Legislature. The unfunded liability, which represents the amount the system is short over 20 years, stood at $16.3 billion at the end of 2011 and it’s a miracle, on February 1, 2014 it stood at an estimated $8.1 billion, actuaries told the PERS board during its bi-monthly meeting. Starkey says no one in Oregon, including the media, seems to understand this and many other states are in similar circumstances. What happens and is happening is the currency is devalued as prices climb destroying the purchasing power of those who saved money and those on a fixed income or Social Security.


Subsidies is simply a method of destroying freedom, free enterprise and the private property system by a series of government programs. Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to stimulate the economy, create jobs and return Americans to work followed in a similar pattern as FDR’s work projects noted above. The $800 billion stimulus bill consisted of three basic categories: Federal spending projects of all types, expanding the social safety net and tax cuts. Obama warned without his “stimulus,” America’s unemployment rate would reach as high as 9%. But if we just spent $790 billion, he’d ensure unemployment remained below 8%. Unfortunately, what happened next was the worst of both worlds: As Washington recklessly wasted hundreds of billions of dollars, the unemployment rate skyrocketed past 10% anyway. What did you receive? Chances are, unless you worked for the government, weatherized your home, or were already impoverished, the answer is nothing.[5]

Invoking Democrat Ted Kennedy’s well-used tactic known as “get something on the books and we’ll fix it later” Democrat House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi said regarding Obamacare that we’d have to pass the bill and then read it to know what is in it. She also said unemployment insurance and a greater distribution of food stamps would help boost the economy. Stand-up Comedian Don Rickles said she looked like an idiot, talks like an idiot but don’t let that fool you. She really is an idiot. She claims she’s not partisan but her constituents call her Madam Pelossilini.


Laura Ingraham in her 2010 book OBAMA DIARIES perhaps with tongue in cheek believes this is what Pelsoi says about April 15th: “Of all the holidays of the year, this one is till my favorite…The shere joy of knowing that at this very moment all the taxes and fees that I raised last year are sucking billions of dollars into the Federal treasury gives me a feeling of great comfort and joy. Each April 15th I feel like a kid again.”[5]


Inasmuch as I’m on this subject, readers may be interested to learn the USAF took Nancy’s jet away (verified by Snopes) so now she’s considering retiring. Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act and her use of the U.S. Aircraft between March 2009 and June 2010 a period of sixteen months by one sycophant. Over 95% of the trips were between the west coast and Washington, D.C. and included Pelosi’s guests, such as grown children, grandchildren, various in-laws, friends and hangers on. Total trips: 85 overt a 68 week period, or 1.25 average trips per week. Total mileage: 206,264 miles or 2,427 average miles per trip. Total flying time: 428.6 hours, or an average of 5 hours per trip. Cost to the taxpayers: $2,100,744 or $27,715 per trip or $1,285,162 per year! I won’t go into detail about the expensive inflight food and alcohol just to note that the booze amounted in excess of the net income of the average employed American!

William E. Simon, Secretary of the Treasury in his 1976 book A TIME FOR TRUTH said Republicans and liberal journalists were doing everything they could to get me to resign but while President Ford kept me on I was intent on waking up the public & travelled thousands of miles in speaking engagements. On the surface, he said, he was behaving quixotically because a Democratic majority controlled congress and had no interest in such views.

As he was traveling across the country talking in every forum he could find, warning the nation’s survival was at stake but to many politicians, he felt like he was shouting into a vacuum and the Democrats elected in the fall of 1974 were racing to adopt their historical cure of all: spending nonexistent money to “stimulate” the economy.

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Let me close with an article by Michael Snyder dated February 1, 2015 where he attempts to explain a 3,500 year old mystery which may hold the key to what is going to happen to global financial markets in 2015. Snyder says that Jonathan Cahn in his most recent book demonstrates that almost all of the major financial crashes in U.S. history are very closely tied to a seven year pattern that we find in the Bible known as “The Shemitah.” Deuteronomy 15. SHEMITAH is a Biblical pattern which indicates a financial collapse may be coming in 2015. He says if you are an atheist, an agnostic, or are generally skeptical by nature, this information might prove quite challenging for you and then he goes on to explain; however, in the interest of space, simply google SHEMITAH and study it for yourself.


1. Book: Message for America by Robert Dilley © 1962
2. 2/2/2015 New American – P. 37
3. CNN, January 20, 2015, by CNN,
4. 3/6/2015 Rush Limbaugh on radio
5. Book: The Obama diaries by Laura Ingraham © 2010 P. 125

� 2015 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
[email protected]



War was declared and unlimited deficit financing by our U.S. government took place. For a time everyone was working; high wages prevailed because of the method of awarding government contracts on a cost-plus basis and the paying of higher wages to attract workers to defense industries.