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By Betty Freauf
October 16, 2015

I turned on the radio the morning of November 12th and Glenn Beck was opening his program by saying he had received a fund raising letter on behalf of Jeb Bush by former Senator Majority leader, Bob Dole. We all know that the Jeb Bush for President is in deep trouble so his campaign has pulled out old Republican Socialist Bob Dole. I think Glenn and his staff mentioned he’s 92 years old. An article from December 5, 2012 noted the former Senate Majority leader looked frail and in a wheel chair as he was supporting some United Nations treaty.

Ironically, the day before in my research on a different subject altogether, I ran into a March 7, 1994 NEW AMERICAN magazine article by William F. Jasper with Bob Dole’s picture on the cover along with the headline, “Republican Socialism – Bob Dole and the GOP leadership offer false alternatives to the Clinton Revolution.” I am using excerpts from this magazine. You might want to google for the total article where you will also find the Autobiography of Dan Smoot, an FBI agent who observed first-hand the Insider conspiracy in Action.


Inasmuch as we just listened to another GOP debate with all sorts of promises, I figure this article will be helpful in making up our minds about the possible GOP 2016 presidential election and unfulfilled promises the neocon GOP made thirty years ago when they had control. What Opposition? was the question asked by William F. Jasper. GOP leaders were giving Clinton easy victories on crucial issues and under an AP/Wide World photo of Hillary and Dole, it says, “Dole has been a team player with the Clinton regime.”

Poor Republicans. That crafty Slick Willie was not only stealing their thunder and “their” issues, he even purloined the “Great Communicator” style of the Gipper himself. Even before the President’s State of the Union address on January 25th, the confused and angst-ridden “leaders” of the Grand Old Party and the “conservative movement” were all a dither (judging from articles and interviews in both the mainline and conservative media) about “finding” themselves, reestablishing the party identity, filling the GOP “idea vacuum,” reclaiming the high ground, etc. Then came the President’s perfectly tailored, masterfully delivered nationally televised oration to the nation. He hit crime, spending, welfare, education, defense, and family values with just the right touch. It was a boffo speech that gave the Clinton team a needed boost as it entered into year two of the “new regime.”


USA TODAY reported on February 1st that a survey it had conducted with CNN and Gallup the weekend following the President’s address found Clinton’s approval very high in all categories but even more disturbing, if true, is that 79 percent of those surveyed apparently supported the idea of a federal program that guarantees health insurance for all. And 73 percent reportedly said Clinton should veto anything less.

Dole, the Kansas bulldog, did pick up the cudgel on health care. It was Dole’s opening broadside out of the starting gate. “Our country has health care problems, but no health care crisis,” he rightly noted. “But we will have a crisis if we take the President’s medicine – a massive overdose of government control.” Referring to a labyrinthine chart depicting the hopeless bureaucracy that Hillary’s health care rationing plan would create, he warned, “The President’s idea is to put a mountain of bureaucrats between you and your doctor.” So far, so good. “Republicans,” said Dole, “are ready to vote for legislation containing common-sense solutions.” Such as “guaranteeing uninterrupted coverage to everyone who is currently insured, even if you lose your job, and guaranteeing that your coverage cannot be denied because of serious illness or a pre-existing condition.” Jasper writes these and other Republican solutions are big new federal mandates that vastly exceeded Congress’ constitutional powers. Granted, they were not as radical and onerous as Clinton’s fascistic proposals, but they represented, nonetheless, very significant surrenders of principle, powers, rights, and freedom. The Republicans were offering a few legitimate items - medical IRAs, medical tax deductions, changes in the tax law that subsidized employer-provided insurance. But they had already surrendered the momentum to the other side.

When Hillary brought her socialized medicine crusade to the Hill, Dole and associates became docile lap dogs; they cooed about how intelligent the First Lady was and assured her and the media that they wanted to “cooperate” in finding a federal solution. Jasper speculated they would, no doubt, continue with displays of Republican bluster, but they had already conceded defeat on the issue; now they would simply argue over how costly the rout will be. That crafty Clinton couldn’t help reminding his GOP adversaries that “employer-based private insurance for every American was proposed 20 years ago by President Richard Nixon. It was a good idea then, and it’s a better idea today.”


And then Jasper addresses the Clinton Ominibus Crime bill that Clinton was touting one of the biggest federal power grabs. Next came the Brady bill which was to take steps to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. This would include “banishing assault weapons that out-gun police and cut down children.”Again, silence from Dole. He had single-handedly given Clinton the Brady bill triumph as an early Christmas present. After days of personal animus and futile backroom dealing, Republicans backed down without much to show for their efforts. The Brady bill passed without debate, with only three Senators sitting in a chamber emptied by the Thanksgiving holiday. As Vice President Al Gore and Globalist Mark Hatfield, an Oregon Republican who supported the bill, watched the two Senate leaders, Bob Dole of Kansas and George Mitchell of Maine, pronounced the measure adopted by unanimous consent. Those who were counting on Dole and friends to protect their right to keep and bear arms could kiss the Second Amendment good-bye.

On the Portland TV news on 11/12/2015 it was announced that within the past 24 hours two more were killed bringing to 29 homicides this year. The Mayor is calling it an Apocalypse of crime happening in all big cities controlled by Socialist Democrats. Furthermore, along with these killings in black neighborhoods, three counties in that area around Portland are also finding KKK recruiting. How far away before anarchy?


Here again, we see big talk about spending and remember President George H.W. Bush saying “Read my lips, no new taxes” on television. But Dole was no stranger to big spending and Jasper checked Dole’s voting record to find he had supported virtually every foreign aid bill and Soviet bailout program; massive agriculture subsidies and food stamps; $12 billion for the International Monetary Fund; and billions of taxpayer dollars for the black hole known as the Resolution Trust Corporation. He even sided with the ultra-libs in voting against Senator Jesse Helms’ amendment to defund the disgusting garbage and filth peddlers at the National Endowment for the Arts.

And readers may remember “Conservative” Newt Gingrich of Georgia – the darling of the “Progressive right” in charge of the other half of the GOP’s “leadership” on the Hill who went through great lengths to stump for the Bush-Clinton NAFTA, package so dearly sought by the Trilateral-CFR globalists. Like Dole, he was sold on foreign aid, multi-billion-dollar bailouts for Russia, and most favored nation privileges for the Chinese communists. And “conservative” Bill Bennett, acting as a national drug czar, announced the Republican Bush Administration’s ban on the importation of semiautomatic rifles on March 14, 1989. And it was Bennett’s pal Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. president of the Heritage Foundation who helped formulate that policy. And have we ever heard Rush Limbaugh who promoted passage of NAFTA repent and admit he was wrong?


Bill Bennett joined the Party of Lincoln six years prior to the March 7, 1994 article was being hailed as one of its most eloquent champions but Jasper was calling him a neophyte. Bennett wrote The Book of Virtues which flew to the top of the New York Times best seller list and he became a perennial guest on all the “important” (CFR-sanctioned) news-talk programs and today he has his own radio talk program and relies on short memories of Americans. He also led the Reagan bandwagon for education “exchanges” with the Soviet Union which not only has brought communist propagandists into thousands of American classrooms, but has resulted in a joint U.S.-Soviet curriculum development program that was wending its way into our schools.

Another of Clinton’s priorities was to “ask Congress to ratify the new GATT accord.” Another no-contest vote and Jasper predicted Dole and company would line up behind this sellout to the New World Order as they did behind NAFTA. And we all remember during Jack Kemp’s tenure at HUD when fiscal outlays increased by a massive 43 percent.


We all know that opinion polls are frequently skewed by the pollsters to reflect a preordained outcome and that even honest polls cannot predict the fickle public pulse a few weeks or months hence, but the “loyal opposition” is scared, the article said. “What really worries the Republicans who Jasper speaks to is the way Clinton is able to appear more effective on traditional Republican issues, like crime, than the Republicans are themselves,” the liberal-left NATION quotes Paul Weyrich, president of the Free congress Foundation, as saying. Weyrich, self-anointed patriarch of the “new right” is especially concerned by “what Clinton learned from Ronald Reagan, which is the value of symbolism. Clinton is very good at that.”


“Has Clinton Co-opted the G.O.P?” asks a headline in the February 7th issue of the NATION. No, the Republicans have proven perfectly adept of co-opting themselves, thank you. They’ve been doing it for decades, and are especially guilty of suicidal efforts in the first year of the Clinton reign.

And now Jasper mentions three major ticket items alone – NAFTA, the Brady gun control law, and the crime bill – the Republicans have handed Team Clinton strategic victories that are not only in themselves devastating, but may provide the momentum needed to carry the Bill and Hillary revolution forward to completion. The alarming bipartisan “cooperation” and “success” on these and other issues in the past year can only cause any rational, thinking person to pray for a return of “gridlock.”

After years of carrying water for the Republicans, Rush Limbaugh seems to have become critical of the GOP but this article painfully reminds us that those who were looking to the Bob Dole/Newt Gingrich”/Jack Kemp/William Buckley/Bill Bennett/Jeanne Kirkpatrick/Rush Limbaugh/Heritage Foundation/National Review/Empower America/”New Right”/neoconservative”/”progressive conservative” axis for leadership against the Clintonista onslaught are deluding themselves.

There are the folks who gave Clinton his victories and who offer controlled opposition – opposition that is designed with lots of sound and fury to look convincing, but that, ultimately, will roll over and lose gracefully to the New World Order. In the Republican’s televised reply to Clinton’s state of the Union address, Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole, in his usual gruff manner, seemed to be aggressively challenging the Clinton agenda. “But when both his words and actions are examined, we find merely an echo of the same false choices we’ve been getting for years,” says Jasper.

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As you can see by this March 7, 1994 article, we’ve heard it all before and now for the 2016 presidential election I think anyone of our “birther” candidates would be better than any of the Democrats; however, neither Senator Marco Rubio nor Senator Ted Cruz nor Governor Bobby Jindal are eligible. By electing them puts Republicans in the same lying category as the Democrats with their miscreant in the White House. The best way to get back to our Constitutional Republic is by obeying that document. A new administration should really put Obama and all his followers in prison. Don Trump is anxious to put Hillary there.

� 2015 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
[email protected]



I turned on the radio the morning of November 12th and Glenn Beck was opening his program by saying he had received a fund raising letter on behalf of Jeb Bush by former Senator Majority leader, Bob Dole. We all know that the Jeb Bush for President is in deep trouble so his campaign has pulled out old Republican Socialist Bob Dole.