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By Betty Freauf

July 28, 2003

To some of the "elders" reading this article, you'll remember when the television programs were still suitable for a child's eyes without parents having to constantly monitor the programs. We had Mary Tyler Moore saying, "We've finally made it after all" as she threw her hat into the air. That was about the time women were being encouraged to step outside of what they deemed drudgery of having kids and mopping floors and they were encouraged to get a career. They thought they were being liberated.

Many burned their bras, abandoned their kids and husbands. For three decades they have produced a flood of literature challenging and criticizing every aspect of a woman's role in society, the marketplace and the home completely forgetting that Lady Godiva was a "free spirit" without feminism. The National Organization of Women (N.O.W.) says in order to be fully feminist every woman must be willing to be identified as a lesbian.

Even though a woman's physical structure placed her at a disadvantage, they demanded to have "equal rights". They became the police on the beat and with a few exceptions, perhaps, couldn't whip their way out of a wet paper bag without the help of their male partner. They became firemen (oops! fire persons) oftentimes endangering the men that were forced to work side by side with them. They've soared into space and been to the bottom of the ocean.

Then when they get hurt because they are not physically able to handle some of these jobs, they apply for workmen's compensation driving up the costs to the taxpayers or their employers. They scream for justice and sue for sexual harassment when some drunken male colleague, without sensitivity training, pats their fannies.

The respect these radical feminists once demanded has been reduced to nothing short of degradation. G.I Jane has gone off to war on more than one front. Bill O'Riley on Fox on July 17, 2003 told how businessmen in Las Vegas pay $5,000 to hunt naked women with paint balls. If the women can escape their captors as they run through the woods, they are paid $2,500. If they get shot, they receive $1,000. The next night some lady wrote to the show saying the game should be called "Hunting for Bimboes."

Men used to respect women. They opened doors for us and gave up seats on a crowded bus. That is the way the men of yesteryear were trained by their parents but not so today and perhaps why so many women are now becoming victims of rape by some very angry men.

These women ran for the state legislatures, Congress and the U.S. Senate. In those positions, they introduced legislation that promoted the radical feminist agenda: No fault divorce, abortion on demand, lesbian and homosexual rights, unisex insurance (which didn't work), government day care - the whole socialist agenda.

As a woman's earnings increases relative to her husband's, "There's a greater likelihood they'll break up" a 1983 survey showed. God made men to be the providers. While some men seem to be happy staying at home with the kids, this is not so for most men.

And while the dyed-in-the-wool feminists are debunking the latest information, it seems we are seeing an increase in cancer due to abortions.

These women legislators were responsible for gender neutral language in the laws and software development to accommodate these changes. Many of them enrolled in law school, became attorneys and maneuvered themselves into a judgeship where they "interpret" the laws which their counterparts in the legislatures got enacted. One of many of their boondoggles was that silly Susan B. Anthony "Dollar". Nobody wanted those things in our pockets. It cost the government plenty to produce them and now we are stuck with millions.

The Winter 1992 FORUM publication stated the feminist movement not only had a political crusade to promote their form of equality with men, they also have a spiritual agenda based on the "goddess consciousness" with the goal of matriarchy and a heavy focus on witchcraft based upon the power of female sexuality derived from a mystical relationship with "Mother Earth."

While many were worried about the dangers of a theocracy, where religious zealots might rule, few seemed to realize the "she-ocracy" was a religion where a minority of feminist zealots were turned loose to change our culture and were far more dangerous to society. Followers of the radical feminists did not realize the movement had its origins in the Soviet-aligned Communist movement. "While we build the movement uniting women against their oppression, we try to win over the most conscious women to join us in building a revolutionary party that can unite all oppressed sectors of the population," wrote Leon Trotsky in 1917. "The women's liberation movement is a central part of the American socialist revolution in the making."

The 3/25/1994 HUMAN EVENTS said in the past 20 years, some 70,000 women in this country have committed murder. Have you read about this in your local paper? They are also becoming alcoholics, drug users and husband beaters.

If their traditional value system had not already been destroyed in the public schools system prior to college, aging radicals at such prestigious colleges as Vassar held lectures and indoctrinated vulnerable new students on the political facts. Even Dr. Laura Schlessinger admits in her book PARENTHOOD BY PROXY that feminism during her tenure in college had a negative effect on her thinking about marriage and family. She went so far as to have a tubal legation which she later had reversed when she got married. Feminism was used to destabilize our society and make wimps out of many of our men afraid to stand up to them for fear of negative publicity.

The baby boom feminists have left their path of destruction and are now entering their fifties, sixties and seventies. Was it worth it? Maybe we should ask their children because the pendulum seems to be swinging back to sanity... very slowly.

Georgia Hamann, a seventeen year old, writing in the June 2, 2003 NEW AMERICAN says a growing number of young people are discovering the thrill of breaking out of society's mold. She says a small but growing minority spurn the trappings of their generation. They don't go in for body piercing and they disregard states of disbelief of relatives as they purchase season tickets to the symphony rather than some rock concert. They ignore the public prating about "safe" sex and resolutely maintain their chastity.

They call themselves Restorationists. Many have graduated as homeschoolers. They are the products of parents who finally rebelled against their generation's lifestyle. They explored an unconventional education at great risk of criticism and negative public opinions.

Oregon's Superintendent of Public Instruction and one who helped promote the radical feminist agenda in Oregon said at an Oregon State Board of Education meeting on October 11, 1990 that "The problem that we face, and the Board faces, is dealing with the people that are keeping their children home just for babysitting purposes, incestuous relationships, sexual abuse -- that sort of thing -- and that segment is growing." This dumbed-down elected official (a former attorney and legislator) didn't have a clue what was involved with homeschooling and the amount of dedication it takes.

However, the newspapers headlines since then have shown how the homeschoolers are out performing academically the public school children and the sexual abusers are oftentimes employees in the public school system.

And while Georgia admits few grandparents understand the difference between a Republic and a Democracy and admits if they dare imply that Roosevelt possessed foreknowledge about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor, she says they will feel the force of Grandma's wrath but these young people also realize the grandparents blindly trusted their government leaders. However, these young people are attracted to the standards of dignity, honor, morality and virtue of their grandparents as they reject the lifestyle of their parents' generation.

And while they respect these attributes of their grandparents, they have also inherited a certain amount of baby boomer cynicism and do not plan to emulate their grandparents when it comes to placing too much trust in the essential goodness of government. As homeschoolers they have learned about the government's ability to do evil to others if restraints are not put on it by those treasured documents called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This articulate and very bright young lady says their parents, the baby boomers, began and ended as pawns of the establishment they rebelled against. They were sacrificed to manipulators who used them to overturn moral standards. Many explored alternative lifestyles, which led to broken homes, disease and general unhappiness.

I don't think Hillary is home baking cookies but in the end even she stood by her man!

The gullible women felt they could be "liberated" if they went to work but they soon discovered employment outside the home added more stress to their lives as they took on more responsibilities. Georgia says while their children languished in day care, they drove shiny new cars, bought big houses and played with increasingly expensive toys. Today, they MUST work whether they want to or not just to pay the taxes and their credit card debt.

With young folks like Georgia and her homeschooled friends at the helm, the generation gap may be narrowing. We oldies can only hope so.

� 2003 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case. They supported her opponent. E-Mail: [email protected]







"A 1947 article entitled, "The Devil in Day Care" by Marynia Farnham, M.D. and Ferdinand Lundberg stated that "Day care is a system that guarantees, beyond doubt, a steady quota of neurotics for society constantly to cope with but in the feminist view the child should not, at any cost, interfere with its mother's freedoms."