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Betty Freauf
January 27, 2003

From the audience, she blew him a kiss after he referred to her in his farewell speech as his "gold standard" of Oregon first ladies and four days later former Democrat Governor John Kitzhaber and his wife, Sharon of eight years, issued a "farewell" press release stating they were divorcing. They were married on New Year's Day in 1995 just days before Kitzhaber began his first term as governor. 

Kitzhaber was an emergency physician in Roseburg, Oregon when he was first elected to the Oregon House of Representatives in 1978. He was elected to the Senate in 1980. He was elected president of the Senate in 1985 and also served in that capacity in 1987 and 1989, served on a variety of committees and was closely identified with left-wing environmental issues but it was also during this time period that citizens began to see the promotion of the homosexual agenda and the moral collapse of our state. It was reported by a local radio talk show host the "gays" sang at his inaugural. 

It was a time when the Democrats controlled the senate, the house and the governor's office. Representative Vera Katz (now CEO -mayor- of one of the state's largest corporations - Portland, Oregon) was instrumental in promoting many pro-homosexual bills which easily passed the senate and got the blessing of Governor Neil Goldschmidt, who also had a marriage end in divorce. Goldschmidt was a civil rights worker in Mississippi and became the youngest mayor of a major United States city in 1973 at the age of 32. 

Although the GOP did get control of the House in 1991 and we saw Larry Campbell become Speaker of the House, the first GOP House speaker since 1971, Vera Katz mesmerized Campbell. 

On Campbell's watch, Katz was the principal sponsor, spokesperson and promoter of the socialist O.B.E. (Outcome Based Education/Pavlov's Mastery Learning) which has caused Oregon taxpayers big bucks to try to implement with no noticeable academic fruits to show for the cost. A Democrat colleague of Vera Katz felt the legislators were simply re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic (which has proven to be true) but he voted for it anyway. "It's consensus and resolution rather than competition and infighting which are the tools of traditional legislators," Katz has said. "That's the focus we provide" and provide she did! 

Campbell gave the legislation his blessing and at the behest of Katz, put it on fast track and it became law along with a number of other education bills which were being promoted in the background by "President" Hillary Clinton and her ilk in Washington, D.C. Katz and Hillary were friends. They both sat on The National Center for Education Board and the Economy in 1985. Other members included Marc Tucker and Ira Magaziner. Not long after HB 3565 (OBE) was introduced in 1991, Ira Magaziner flew to Oregon and said, "All eyes are on Oregon. You are leading the way to education reform in this country." 

To most legislators, this was very flattering. They didn't realize they were being dialectically manipulated. No one wanted to be the bad guy so nearly all legislators voted for it. In 1932, William Z. Foster (head of the American Communist Party) published his TOWARD SOVIET AMERICA concerning education and how students will be taught on the basis of Marxian dialectic materialism. 

The clearly stated goals of Tucker and Hillary in her "It Takes a Village" idea was a "cradle to grave" goal in which infants would be swept from the womb (when they weren't aborted) into government programs, toddlers immunized and medicated (Ritalin & Prozac), adolescents coddled and remediated, workers trained and molded and when no longer productive to the state, released to flounder. 

Katz and Hillary also worked together on the report called AMERICAS CHOICE: HIGH SKILLS, LOW WAGES. Katz has been a prominent figure in implementing the communist-controlled United Nations  "global workforce" in Oregon. When the tax-exempt Carnegie foundation was convening panels to try out small "models"" of these theories of education, familiar figures from our state were involved in the forefront. One of the most prominent was Vera Katz. 

Vera Katz was born in Dusseldorf, Germany, Aug.3, 1933.  She grew up in Brooklyn rooting for the Dodgers. She came to Portland in 1964 and was elected to the Oregon legislature in 1973 and was the first woman to serve as House Speaker, a total outsider in a leadership role in nine short years. She, too, is divorced.  According to a 1995 article, she has a son, a daughter-in-law and an 18 month old grandson in Houston. With all these accomplishments to her credit, she flunked her driver's test twice but claims in a 9/16/1992 quote, "I don't drive. Sixty percent of the people living in New York don't drive, and so I made a commitment that I would try to continue that style, and it's served me well." She doesn't tell people she has a chauffeur (tax paid, no doubt.) 

Every successful reorganization has an instigator, who is the principle change agent, and a nucleus of workers who manage the change effort from the beginning stages through final implementation and Katz was the "chosen one." And Republican leadership followed her like sheep to the slaughter. And today she is Portland, Oregon's mayor still promoting her amoral homosexual, transvestite and abortion rights agenda. "In an April 1995 article she admitted "Oregon is a Laboratory" and admitted she was turning Portland into an "agent of change..." "I am confident that we in Portland can lead this change because we are already recognized as a laboratory for innovation and results-oriented government. "And we all know what they do in "laboratories!" -- they experiment on guinea pigs. A Portland, Oregon talk show host says "she is now plotting with her fellow lickspittles to destroy the financial stability of Portland..." The City of Portland is the tail that wags the dog in Oregon, which now has the highest unemployment in the U.S. Portlanders can easily outvote the rest of the state and outvote us they do! And as a sidebar, the now infamous Charles Moose, who was in charge of the Beltway sniper crime spree, was appointed by Katz as Portland Police chief from 1993-1998. By the way, I heard on the T.V. he and his wife got lost on the way to some speaking engagement and ended up a "no show." They blamed bad directions from the Internet. 

Kitzhaber is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Oregon Medical School. Kitzhaber first met his wife on a plane trip to Hawaii where she owned a physical therapy business. He was traveling to a speaking engagement at the time. Both had been married before. The couple again were in Hawaii on vacation and were not available for further comment regarding their divorce. 

The statement said they'd been considering divorce for some time and that they "remain close friends and have as their top priority maintaining a loving and supportive environment in which to raise their five-year old son, Logan. 

"We care deeply about each other and look forward to our continued friendship and shared family activities with Logan," they said. How can a couple "care deeply about each other" and get a divorce? What kind of message does that send to the kids in Oregon who look up to these types as their mentors? The statement came just four days after Kitzhaber left Oregon's governor's office. 

And these are the Democrats (with a few prominent Republicans thrown into the mix) who held a conference called "Oregon's Agenda for the 1990s: Children, Youth and Families" in Portland, Oregon in May 1986 to promote this "cradle to the grave" nonsense. This was another facilitated conference to promote early childhood development and most in attendance had vested interests. 


While there were many recommendations, I will only cover a few. They wanted to write their agenda in a way that the conservatives wouldn't know what they were doing. "Terms are very important. We shouldn't talk 'welfare' but talk about 'the poor.' We shouldn't talk 'government' but talk 'family'. If we redefine terms then 'people won't pay attention to what we are doing.'" 


Another comment was that a children's abilities depended on the mother's education so, therefore, it was necessary to intervene at an early age and then they praised the college educated mother who would "understand the importance of early intervention." These mothers would "realize" that children belonged in day care by the time they were six months old. 


They wanted mandatory "family life education (including sex ed) by age five. They said by the time a child is six, the child should know the COMPLETE process of reproduction, including the HOW-to's. 


When necessary, state-mandated  and state-appointed "counseling" would be necessary to remediate the whole family - not just the child. 


One participant suggested shifting the emphasis from intervention (after a problem has been identified) to EARLY PREVENTION.  "We need to get into the homes and find out what is going on even at the kindergarten level". This was 1986!!! 


This meant that every home was going to be under constant surveillance by Social Service personnel under the guise of 'assistance and evaluation'. I find this interesting inasmuch as hundreds if not thousands of children have disappeared from the foster home system and no one knows where they are. Because these thieves hide behind "confidentiality" laws, no one can get an accurate count but it was reported in June 2002 that Florida's child welfare agency couldn't account for1,500 kids or more. Where are these children that the state was so concerned about? They have probably joined the ranks of the homeless. 


I personally heard in a legislative hearing that home visits were to give families the opportunity to learn skills necessary to provide specialized instruction their child may need, as an example, show parents how to put a hearing aid on their child or how to change diapers. I kid you not!! 


Following the wake of the monstrous $279.2 billion fiscal 1998 Health and Human Services appropriation for America's welfare state, President Clinton announced on January 7th an additional $20 billion increase over the next five years in the area of child care. Of particular concern to conservatives in the proposal was the funding for programs to monitor the home environments of children, including home visits. 


And now let us fast forward to the 2001 Oregon legislature when SB 965 was introduced to allow BIG BROTHER access to our homes. Some legislators had concerns about government intrusion into the lives of Oregon's families. It passed the GOP-controlled Senate with only two Republicans voting "nay" and was in committee on the July 7 adjournment. 


But, alas, it was later discovered the information from SB 965 was stuffed into HB 3659 with a few revisions and was quickly passed by the GOP-controlled House on a 50-10 vote and by the Senate on the same day with four Republicans voting "nay". Our legislature adjourned on July 7th. And guess who requested HB 3659? Oregon Parents for Affordable Child Care which is, no doubt,  nothing more than a front for the United Nations. 


Our "Mr. family man" Governor Kitzhaber, with a five year old son and who is divorcing his wife, signed it on July 27, 2001. So, in Oregon, at least, the DEMOPUBLICANS came to consensus under duress. They were tired. They wanted to go home so they sold our kids out to the United Nations agenda that opposes our Judeo-Christian values and will prepare the kids to start school ready to embrace group thinking and global spirituality -- Gaia -- Mother Earth Worship.

2003 - Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved 

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case. they supported her opponent. E-Mail: [email protected]