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By Betty Freauf

March 10, 2004

My Webster dictionary clearly defines "stealth" as what four Multnomah County, Oregon feminist Democrat commissioners (one who claims to be a Christian) pulled off without a hitch on March 3, 2004. In order to avoid violating the public meeting law, these cunning women met in groups of two and completely ignored telling the fifth commissioner, Lonnie Roberts, also a Democrat, what was happening.

To cover their backsides, they are now claiming two commissioners had asked the county attorney for an opinion of whether gays and lesbians could marry and then once the attorney made his decision, they had no choice but to comply. A Portland talk show host said the attorney just happened to be a homosexual.

Serena Cruz, Diane Linn, Lisa Naito and Maria Rojo Desteffey had all their ducks in a row when it was announced the afternoon of March 2 just before the evening news that the Multnomah County Clerk would be issuing marriage licenses on March 3 to homosexual and lesbian couples. It was so well organized that these couples began showing up at the courthouse later that day with blankets in hand and spent the night so they could be the first ones in line the following morning and, of course, the media gave them all sorts of coverage.

Oregon's Democrat Governor Ted Kulongoski was also upstaged and seemed a bit perplexed at what happened so quickly without any input from him or his Democrat Attorney General, Hardy Myers, who was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1975 and as Speaker of the House from 1979-1983.

The governor said he favors civil unions allowing domestic partner benefits, but "Reasonable people can differ, but I think that when you read it,'s clear at the time it was written that they (lawmakers) were thinking about a man and woman getting married." That particular statute does not say the marriage should be between a man and a woman but it was implied and the civil contract could be entered into by only males at least 17 years of age and females of at least 17 years of age. This might be considered a giant size loophole in the war of words until we consider another statute, O.R.S. 106.150 regarding marriage and it says, "....that they take each other as husband and wife." A contradiction of terms? Not really. "Rights" for homosexuals and lesbians were not even a consideration when these marriage laws were enacted.

All of this confusion could have been avoided if Big Brother had not passed laws demanding people get a license to marry -- more revenue raising gimmicks demanding more government workers to oversee the licensing and ultimately the state controlling the children of these marriages. Marriage on wagon trains were before Almighty God and a few witnesses so they never had these problems.

It was so well planned, even the sheriff had been contacted to have extra deputies on duty. He later was the one who informed the lone male commissioner, Democrat Lonnie Roberts, who had not been consulted on the matter and knew nothing about it until the sheriff told him.

Homosexual organizations had the Keller Auditorium reserved where five marriage chapels were set up and weddings were performed about every five minutes according to one T.V. reporter. It was a bonanza for the flower shops, bakeries of the cakes, photographers, hotels, etc. The county charged $60 and more than 400 were issued licenses on the first day and by the end of the rush to the altar on the second day, 786 licenses had been issued and as I draft this article, the beat goes on! In the past, the clerk said 68 had been an all-time high. Commissioner Lonnie Roberts has asked all these fees be sequestered until a final decision is made by A.G. Hardy Myers whether the actions of these county commissioners were even legal.

Many participants parrot the same thing. They see it as a "Window of opportunity" because they want the same civil protections as heterosexuals. Many couples had children at the ceremonies. Many of these couples will end up in divorce. Can you envision the Heathers of these unions ending up with four mommies? And what about all these "transgenderites" with sex change operations that have been sneaking out of the closets just as the homosexuals did a few decades ago? It will be lawsuit Heaven for attorneys.

One opponent said it was nothing more than "Political terrorism" and when I saw former Oregon Supreme Court Judge, Betty Roberts, among the many public officials and liberal ecumenical ministers waiting in the wings to perform the marriage ceremonies, I suddenly remembered how she was responsible for the pro -feminist and pro-homosexual legislation that was passed in Oregon in the 70s when she was in the legislature setting the stage for the gradual growth of the homosexual movement. It was also during this time that the current A.G. Hardy Myers was in the legislature so it will be interesting to see how he rules inasmuch as he probably voted for these bills. Ironically, newspapers editorials are opposing these shady, backroom deals so that may help sway his opinion.

Betty Roberts was part of the Roberts Dynasty in Oregon. At one time she was married to Democrat Senator Frank Roberts. They had a daughter named Wendy, who also served in the legislature during the 70s. She later was elected Labor Commissioner and served until Jack Roberts (no relation) dethroned her. Betty and Frank divorced. Then Frank married Barbara (a legislator), who later became Oregon's first woman governor. Multnomah County Commissioner Lonnie Roberts, to the best of my knowledge, is not related. But as you can see, people vote for "name recognition." It's a terrible way to run government.

But Betty was the "Queen" of the harem. There were eleven women in the legislature at that time - mostly Democrats. A GOP feminist legislator said later, "Our senior member and a senator, Betty Roberts, called us all together and she and I stood up almost in unison and said, 'If the eleven of us hang together on women's issues, regardless of party...on all women's issues and let our separate caucuses know that what we are going to do...'"

A sympathetic House Speaker made certain one committee was stacked with these women and these bills were sent to their committee. (Oregon has a committee system). They knew once those bills got out of their committee and onto the House and Senate floors, these elected women on the inside could intimidate the weak-kneed men legislators while other left-wing women's groups were lobbying them from the outside. All sorts of anti-family, feel-good unconstitutional legislation got passed in the seventies that originated in that committee and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Ironically, many of the bills enacted violated Article 1, Section 20 of Oregon Bill of Rights that said "No law shall be passed granting to any citizen or class of citizens privileges, or immunities, which upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens" but when they wanted to make a public statement that homosexuals and lesbians should be allowed to marry, they pulled out Section 20 and dusted it off and claimed "Equal Rights."

One GOP Oregon conservative political activist said the plan to allow homosexuals and lesbians to marry was a "well conceived sneak attack." The only male commissioner wasn't even told. Apparently this was a well-orchestrated operation with the help of a plethora of professional lickspittles such as Betty Roberts and other left-wing organizations such as the ACLU and they pulled it off beautifully catching all opponents asleep. And we are worried about terrorists coming across our borders? Believe me, the enemies of our Republic are already inside the gates.

Portland Mayor Vera Katz was also one of those raging, liberal feminists in the Oregon legislature in the 1970s and she now claims she knew nothing about the plan but then said, "Same sex marriages are justified by law and required by human dignity. The action taken today is not OUR (emphasis added) effort to circumvent the will of the people and the people will have their voice on this issue. I believe they will make a compassionate and reasoned judgment."

Did Katz take a lesson from Edward L. Bernays, the father of spin, who learned how to mask agendas? He took the ideas of his famous uncle Sigmund Freud himself, and applied them to the emerging science of mass persuasion. For more on Bernays and how he got women to smoke cigarettes. Go to: elieve.htm

Bernays was convinced Americans would believe almost anything. Cigarette companies hired him to set up a stunt to popularize the notion of women smoking cigarettes. He organized the "Torches of Liberty Brigade" for the 1929 New York City Easter Parade in which suffragettes marched in the parade smoking cigarettes as a mark of women's liberation. Such publicity followed from that one event that from then on women have felt secure about destroying their own lungs in public, the same way that men have always done.

Although these commissioners may end up becoming legally and financially responsible for this idea once the dust storm settles down, should we admire or scorn them for their ingenuity and courage? Afterall, isn't life one big chess game? Their whole goal which began in the 70s was to continue to call attention to the world that homosexuals and lesbians should be allowed to marry. One talk show host commented that someone had told him the homosexual community in the U.S. has one million children that they've either stolen from heterosexual couples with the help of the child abuse industry, then adopted or are serving as foster parents.

Will this undertaking by the county commissioners backfire? It sure has caused people to call into local talk shows and write letters to the editors. We are definitely experiencing a cultural revolution. The fastest way to indoctrinate a nation is to break down the values and fill the vacuum with Marxist ideology. A country is defined by its borders, language and culture. What is this saying about America?

Talk show host Michael Savage says we are dancing on the cultural abyss and the Red Diaper Doper Babies rule. America is now facing a cultural crossroad. This cultural shift is carrying us unaware into turbulent waters and I keep waiting for the clouds to part, Jesus to return and, like Lot's wife, turn those four county commissioners, the San Francisco Mayor and others who are promoting this wicked agenda, into pillars of salt. (Genesis 19:26)

� 2004 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years. Betty is a researcher, freelance journalist and a regular contributor to  New E-Mail: [email protected]








"Talk show host Michael Savage says we are dancing on the cultural abyss and the Red Diaper Doper Babies rule."