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By Betty Freauf

June 22, 2004

How many of you have heard that negotiations with Al Qaida are being recommended? As the June 30th deadline grows nearer for turning over Iraq to America's chosen Iraqi leaders with our military still there to help with the transition while the attacks, kidnappings of Americans and execution-style murders escalate, are we being programmed to accept such negotiations?

Will we be given thousands of media clips per day of the bombings in an effort to implant in the public consciousness that negotiations with our alleged enemy are in order and that "peace" may be on the horizon? How many more American beheadings must take place before the American public says "enough already?"

Just as it is unwise to stick our noses into the business of other families (unless there is imminent danger to someone) President George Washington warned the U.S. should never become entangled in the affairs of other nations. This was good advice. It is especially true when cultures are opposite of one another and even more difficult when languages are different requiring intelligence to be bilingual and blend in while gathering information which often results in failed intelligence gathering.

And now we are bogged down with this Iraq situation along with other hotspots around the world and from where I sit, it looks like we have no way out. We have no means of escape from this Iraqi situation other than succumbing to the wishes of the terrorists which offers little to no guarantee the terrorist acts will stop.

How many have heard about the Quraysh Model? The first time I head about it was when someone sent me a book called THE EVERLASTING HATRED, The Roots of Jihad by Hal Lindsey (c) 2002. The Quraysh Model means "negotiate 'peace' with your enemy until you become strong enough to annihilate them." Translation: Never empower a lion and then complain when he eats you for lunch!

Lindsey writes that Muslims have long been known for their "Quarysh Strategy." As history is said to repeat itself, a brief review can help us be more aware of what will happen in the near future. Within a year after signing a ten-year peace treaty with the forces of Mecca, Mohammad had gathered enough forces to attack them. He then ignored the "peace treaty", annihilated the Quaraysh custodians of Mecca and took it over. This became known in Muslim history as the Quaraysh Model strategy. Yasser Arafat explained in a South African Mosque that his signing of the Oslo Peace Accord of 1993 was according to the "Quraysh Model." The late Faisal Husseini, Arafat's Jerusalem representative, confirmed the "Quaraysh Model" was indeed the strategy behind the Oslo Accords, writes Lindsey. Read: Lt's Have Lott's Less.

While Russian President Vladimr Putin, a career KGB officer, denounces the accusation that Russia was behind the 1999 Al Qeada bombings and I suspect their fingerprints can be found on other such Hegelian Dialectic agitated events, we find the former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev enjoying celebrity status as someone who is trying to promote world peace.

He now sponsors annual "State of the World Forums" for New Agers, Communists, Eastern Religion advocates and one worlders with a continued emphasis on global governance and New Age Eastern Religion. In a 12/15/1995 CALVARY CONTENDER article it stated Gorby wants a new set of inclusive universal values distilled from all faiths and he says they must replace the Judeo-Christian world view -- that the old beliefs and political systems must be abandoned and yet when he visited Tel Aviv, Israel in Sept, 2003, he was besieged by a sea of high school autograph seekers. Go figure.

A June 13, 1987 newspaper article shows President Reagan with thumbs up in West Berlin as he overrode his speech writer's words when he dared Gorbachev to "tear down this wall" in the name of freedom. Standing about 10 yards in front of the graffiti-covered wall, Reagan acknowledged Gorbachev's statements about a new policy of reform and openness. He challenged him to back up the statements.

Almost to the day two years later President George Bush repeated that same statement and like magic, in November 1989 we saw thousands of West Germans on the TV news partying and souvenir hunters snatching up pieces as they began to tear down the Berlin Wall and we were told the "cold war" was over. It stood for 28 years, the ultimate symbol of the inhumanity of communism. It was a symbol and reality of the separation of East and West. There were those who defied it and risked their lives to cross it.

Today new walls have been built not with concrete to contain people all over the world but with invisible electric fences like people put around their yards to keep their dogs from wandering but most Americans are asleep and do not see them as unsurmountable obstacles.

However, socialism is one step below a communist dictatorship. The socialist entitlement posts were put in the ground one post at a time over a period of years. Then the barbed wire was strung but we could still come and go through the open gate but one morning we are going to wake up and discover the gate has swung shut. Why have underground bunkers been built for our leaders and government operations but no civil defense shelters for the rest of us? Read: The Subtle Side of Gradualism.

The Berlin Wall may have come down but the Soviets and KGB were still very much in control and still are today. And then another miracle - that August 1991 coup which supposedly swept Gorby from power followed by his formal December 25, 1991 resignation as president of the Soviet Union. I find it interesting that December 25th was the date chosen for him to resign. "Ole Nick" (Santa) is listed among the fallen angels or devils in the DICTIONARY OF FALLEN ANGELS. And Gorbachev has been commanding more universal respect than Ole Nick and some type of hero status ever since December 25th. Santa has had to take a back seat in the sleigh.

Perhaps others more learned than I can connect the dots but as the old saying goes, "Something Smells Rotten in Denmark." Could some type of convergence under the false umbrella of "peace" be coming our way? Read: Der Heimatland Polizei.

And how can U.S. taxpayers continue absorbing the ever-increasing costs of the war on terrorism, rebuilding and developing the now shattered Iraq as we have done in other nations while neglecting to secure our own borders?

Illegal immigration from Mexico is causing drug smuggling and street gangs to accelerate in the U.S. As violence continues breaking out everywhere, more and more people even down to kindergarteners and younger are popping pills such as Prozac and Ritalin. We now live in a chemical world of both legal and illegal drugs with no end in sight. We haven't been able to stop the war on drugs, how on earth do the useful idiots in charge ever hope to stop the war on terrorism?

Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death" and if we think the American Civil Liberties Union and it's left-wing allies are here to defend our liberty and the Constitution against the encroaching police state, think again. Patrick Henry asked while he was opposing the Constitution unless it was guarded by a Bill of Rights, "What will you do when evil men take office? You are writing this constitution as if only good men will rule?"

The purpose of this communist front ACLU is to defend flag burners, rioters, terrorists, pornographers, perverts, drug pushers, abortionists, communists, thugs, illegal aliens, prostitutes, spies and imprisoned felons which leaves the rest of Americans fighting these costly wars on a number of fronts. The First Amendment has been so distorted it is no longer recognizable.

Our debt continues to mount as money is being printed without the backing of gold causing inflation to rise. Our military men and women are being held hostage after their time to get out of the military service because our misleaders have taken on too many responsibilities worldwide and fear the mere mention of the draft before the November presidential elections could mean defeat for President Bush. And while some military leaders are trying to put a positive spin about the war in Iraq, I can't help but wonder how many are still really echoing Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty or Give me Death."

One can only imagine that each night in the Kremlin they drink a toast to America's new leadership which continues the slippery slope towards the Biblical prophesized one-world government in the book of Revelations. Is that why many Americans are drugged up and "down in the Gumps?" Yup, Stewpid is as Stewpid Does.

� 2004 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years. Betty is a researcher, freelance journalist and a regular contributor to  New E-Mail: [email protected]








However, socialism is one step below a communist dictatorship. The socialist entitlement posts were put in the ground one post at a time over a period of years. Then the barbed wire was strung but we could still come and go through the open gate but one morning we are going to wake up and discover the gate has swung shut.