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By Betty Freauf

September 21, 2004

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that "civility" would become outdated and would have to be legislated because as small children most parents teach their children to be civil to one another.

And on occasions, under some circumstances, both justified and perhaps unjustified, some of us have been known to lose it momentarily but on the most part, people are kind to one another and a genuine smile given will probably see a smile returned in all languages.

I can imagine patience ran pretty thin after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. I suspect people in the areas being hardest hit by all these hurricanes and tornadoes in southeastern United States are becoming understandably tired and testy. And when the Swift Boat vets saw the man they felt betrayed them 30 years ago running for president, and if elected, would become Commander in Chief, they decided it was long overdue and they pulled their uniforms out of mothballs and decided to settle the score.

Over the past few years we've seen an attempt to restore civility to our nation since all the civil unrest of the sixties but lately it's really run amok.

The 1998 September Reader's Digest said we can do without the "F" word which illustrates our ever-plummeting standards of civility. Society's most dangerous disease since the chaotic sixties civil rights movement with civil disobedience becoming common place, is not cancer, heart attacks, AIDS, or other illnesses. No, our most dangerous disease is rooted in the decline of civilization and in the case of America, turning our once great Republic into numerous warlike factions thereby fulfilling the dream of Marxism - class warfare. A country that is divided will cease to exist. We will annihilate ourselves.

Oregon's first female governor, Democrat Barbara Roberts, in 1989 claimed she'd had death threats and suggested it was pro-lifers and she was asking for bullet proof windows in her office. On the other side of the coin, I highly suspect President Bush is not pressing the flesh without a bullet proof vest because polls show people on the left aren't necessarily voting for Kerry as much as they are voting against Bush.

A decade ago when someone of minor importance on the political scene called Oregon's first female governor a "bozo" and a "fairy supporter", people were still appalled but this is becoming common place between candidates today and Democrat advisers are especially good at name calling while a number of Democrat talk show hosts, in need of anger management, keep the air waves blue with their foul language.

I can't wait for the presidential debates. Is it possible the candidates will take the high ground as President Bush has been endeavoring to do and be civil to one another and bore us to death or will they put on the gloves and come out swinging? Wouldn't it be great if they'd allow third party candidates to join them?

Voters today declaring their stands on certain issues or candidates by bumper stickers or yard signs, are threatened by those who hold the opposite opinion. Yard signs are being destroyed by what appears to be people from both sides of the aisle in our two-party system.

You've heard of "road rage" but what we are experiencing this year is election rage. At a stop light in one city, a male driver showed a noose to a woman with a Bush bumper sticker on her car. Where is Attorney Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Center at a time conservatives are being intimidated? If the Klan, Skinheads and militia issues are winding down, do you think Dees may come to the rescue of a damsel in distress?

The WASHINGTON TIMES reported in 2/26/1997 that at least 150 House members, including House Speaker Republican Gingrich and House minority leader Democrat Gephardt were going on an unprecedented retreat in Hershey, Pa. in March to seek "a greater degree of civility, mutual respect and where possible, bipartisanship" of each other. Did that short-lived bipartisan comradeship fly the coop during the Clinton impeachment?

When President Reagan was shot, a T.V. set in one classroom reported it and the children clapped so this animosity has been prevalent for many years but it has steadily increased in intensity.

Journalist Leonard Pitts, Jr. wrote in September 2002 how 200 people assembled around the bullet-punctured corpse of someone in their neighborhood deemed a hoodlum and many celebrated. The grown-ups drank beer and ate snacks "as if they were at a picnic." Children munched candied apples.

People have partied outside prison walls when someone is put to death. Is this where the Roe -vs- Wade 1973 Supreme Court decision has led? Have we become so barbaric and desensitized to death that we no longer feel sorrow? Has the death education classes being taught in the public schools added to this dilemma?

Buddhists claim they don't believe in speaking harshly against anyone; they don't believe in thinking harsh thoughts about anyone and they will die before they lift a hand in their own defense.

But God's word says due to the fall in the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve, we are ALL sinners and basically evil (without repentance) and in need of a Savior because each of us is able to do the worst type of things to each other. So should we be surprised when ABC news showed pictures in December 1998 of two different factions of Buddhists beating the stuffing out of each other on the evening news? Again, so much for civility.

We heard of thousands of protesters at the Republican convention harassing delegates. Talk show host Michael Medved, who says the "v" in his last name does not stand for "victim", said protesters were squirting delegates with pistols filled with urine and I guess one even tried to urinate on them. Guards are often the recipients of feces thrown by prisoners.

Way back in August 1960 the Communist Party U.S.A. backed a mass demonstration for "peace and civil rights" during the Democrat convention in Los Angeles.

Now we are hearing about another hoax called communitarianism. If you'll look that up in the dictionary, you'll notice it says communism.

Which brings me to Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, with an acknowledgement to "the first radical, Lucifer". The Rules assert "any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the masses" and it is not unusual for this to be promoted to students, teachers and intellectual radicals.

John Lloyd, former executive director of the Kansas Education Association, revealed that Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals was the National Education Association's "bible" and that Alinsky was hired to train staff members to integrate radicalism into the union. Anyone familiar with the workings of the education establishment agenda, buzzwords, and phrases compared to Alinsky's book will note the accuracy of Lloyd's disclosure.

And later the President of the powerful National Education Association, Catherine Barrett, wrote in the February 10, 1973 edition of SATURDAY REVIEW OF EDUCATION: "Dramatic changes in the way we will raise our children in the year 2000 are indicated, particularly in terms of schooling... We will be more than a dispenser of information. The teacher will be a conveyor of values, a philosopher... We will be Agents of Change."

D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D, who has been a public school and university teacher and was a Senior Associate with the U.S. Departmet of Education in Washington, D.C., in addition to what he said above, says in his article "20 Years of Federal Change Agentry," the federal Office of Education within H.E.W. issued contract number OEC-0-8-080603-4535(010) resulting in a book, TRAINING FOR CHANGE AGENTS (1973) provide entirely new attitudes... eradicate or redirect growth-inhibiting, or which interfere with movement toward a change agent function. The year after this book was published, according to the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, the Federal Office of Education in the spring of 1974 gave a grant of $5.9 million for 500 "Change Agents" to be trained at 21 universities.

Cuddy further states Alinsky explains radical organizers must be "dedicated to changing the life of a particular community and must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt express. An organizer must search out controversy and issues... An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent... He knows that all values are relative...truth to him is relative and changing." Cuddy adds: This sounds very much as if "crises" would actually be manufactured in order to accomplish the goals of the radicals, and this is where the federal government enters the picture. Read other articles by Dennis L. Cuddy on

The radicals on the left have links to well-organized, well funded groups. Saul died in 1971 but his followers continue his agenda. In 1966 it was reported the "University of Alinsky" ran a prep school in grassroots organizing for revolution based upon picket lines, boycotts, mass meetings, rent strikes, demonstration and sit ins. To this day the facilitators of the Industrial Areas Foundation founded by Alinsky lead workshops using the liberal World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches as meeting headquarters. Read Goal #27 and #28 in The Communist Takeover of America.

We had such meetings in churches in my home town in April 1996 to "promote the common good" - another misnomer. In the book THE REAL LINCOLN (c) 2002, the author said the "common good" meant collectivism whereby individual rights were held to be subservient to the "national will" and where citizens were said to have "duties to the state, rather than the other way around". In other words, human activity must be managed for the "common good". This was also Lincoln's dream as he began encouraging centralized government and control of the media.

And, of course, that leads to saving the whales, United Nations sustainable development, destroying the timber industry in order to save the spotted owl and creeply crawlers in the forest, In Adolf Hitler's day it was "the common interest before self-interest" and in 1935 he declared "that the common good should come before the good of the individual..." Bill and Hillary Clinton were great for promoting the "common good" and President Franklin D. Roosevelt said "The churches are the greatest influence in the world today to overcome greed and for spreading this new philosophy of government. State and church are rightly united in a common aim. With the help of God, we are on our road to it." And last but not least, President George W. Bush is having social programs carried out by Uncle Sam's newest federal agency, the church with his Faith-Based programs, thereby joining the church and government at the hip.

Alinsky's Marxist influence reached far and wide. Hillary Clinton was introduced to Alinsky through her youth pastor at Park Ridge Methodist Church, a very liberal church that does not believe in personal salvation through Jesus Christ but instead believes in revolutionary activities.

This should give newcomers to this cultural battle for the hearts and minds of Americans a thumb nail overview of why there is so much unrest today. Also read: What makes a civil society?. And unless Americans like the Swift Boat vets get some starch in their spines to stand up to the enemy within, it isn't going to get better so get in, sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Nothing happens by accident. It's all well planned.

To counter those who would dare question our government, "hate" legislation has been introduced in Washington, D.C. by none other than Massachusett's liberal Democrat senator, Ed Kennedy, along with Oregon's Republican Senator Gordon Smith.

Kennedy says his "hate" crime legislation are for crimes against entire communities, against the whole nation, and against the fundamental ideals on which America was founded." In an article entitled "Hate Crimes and the Press", Cliff Kincaid says that is Kennedy's way of saying that if you belong to a certain protected group, you are entitled to special protection. Muslims and homosexuals have been the most vocal in demanding passage of such legislation.

Our Founders gave special privileges to the press, as well as others, with the First Amendment because the press is suppose to be the watch dogs but, of course, once again, we see the press being passive by either ignoring the long-range problems with this "hate" legislation or watering it down.

Kincaid said the NEW YORK TIMES buried a story in its "World Briefing" section about actress Brigitte Bardot being convicted in France of inciting racial hatred " for portraying Muslims in a negative light in her best-selling book, "A Cry in the Silence." She also says France is going through a period of decadence.

Our right to think without thought police putting us in jail and our right to express our views openly are gradually likewise diminishing. We need to keep our eyes focused on what is flying under the radar such as Bush's Mental Health Initiative, The Free Trade of the Americas (FTAA) getting into bed with NAFTA, hate legislation, astronomical deficits, electronic voting, Homeland Security and open borders, rather than be concerned about which presidential candidate has the worst military record. The FTAA will connect the United States with Central and South America where al Qaeda has been trying to set up shop for a number of years according to a guest on O'Reilly on 9/17/2004.

Let us pray God has some informed mighty men of valor in the wings who, like our Founders, are willing to stand up in unison against this never-ending evil which is pervading our country.

� 2004 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years. Betty is a researcher, freelance journalist and a regular contributor to  New E-Mail: [email protected]








To counter those who would dare question our government, "hate" legislation has been introduced in Washington, D.C. by none other than Massachusett's liberal Democrat senator, Ed Kennedy, along with Oregon's Republican Senator Gordon Smith.