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By Betty Freauf

October 12, 2004

Long before many in America began to wake up that there was an urgent problem regarding our sovereignty and Christian heritage, hundreds of thousands of New Age faithful participated around the globe on August 16-17, 1987 at sunrise to express their "universal love" and to use their "cosmic energy" to begin a new era for mankind and their connection with mother nature - an effort apart from God to bring peace to the world and healing to the nations.

What we continue to see is the revival on a very large and growing scale of ancient paganism with a type of coded language unfamiliar to many of us all wrapped up in a neat, harmonic package -- a type of planetary Pentecost - speeding up the evolutionary journey into godhood. New Agers called it the Age of Aquarius or Planetary transformation.

Although "peace" advocates have been around for centuries opposing wars, this 1987 August event was to kick off the "New Age" of Peace which is not "peace" as the majority of people and Webster's dictionary would describe but instead it's about carrying on the left's war against America and its long-standing traditional values. Influential people around the world whose names are readily recognizable, including a large core of journalists, have been carefully groomed and programmed to promote this occultic agenda.

These are groups that come together and make vibrating sounds with their mouths, such as the sound of locusts. If you are in a room with these people, it is very eerie to listen to them because the sounds rise and fall; people go into deep trances, and some of them sway back and forth.[1]

This sounds very similar to what has been happening in thousands of churches where pastors have embraced the "Holy Laughter" movement creating much confusion and divisions. Charismatics are afraid to question it because of the old teaching carried over from the shepherding and/or covenant movement of the 80s which had a doctrine of submission or "about not touching God's anointed." This movement which depended on secrecy, assumed, as do many others, that it is the end time movement raised up to usher in the Kingdom but upon close inspection most of the concepts are not supported by scripture. The bottom line is it was men striving to obtain a kingly rule over other men -- a power struggle for king of the hill. Yes, this takes place in churches as well as in government.

There is much about laughter in the bible but nothing like this new fad. In September 1995 Donahue, before he lost his advertisers and was forced off the air, had a show on Holy Laughter. In October 1997 our local TV station had a story about the laughter movement taking over in New Deli, India.

David Wilkerson wrote in his February 1999 newsletter that some participants hiss like snakes and crawl on the floor. His March 2001 newsletter said people laugh wildly and make animal noises. Others report people enter into altered states of consciousness. Some might ask is this "Holy Laughter" or a strong delusion? (II Thes. 2:11)

"Is it merely coincidental that a phenomenon similar to holy laughter is found in the New Age movement at exactly the same time as the Toronto (Holy Laughter) blessing?" asks Albert Dager at the Media Spotlight in May 1995? These types of bizarre behavior in church violate I Cor 14:40 - Let all things be done decently and in order.

These New Agers gathered at sacred sites all over the world for this event called Harmonic Convergence. It is interesting that these New Agers who live in love, light and harmony have a police force to keep people in line. [2]

Ironically, the Holy Laughter revival is helping bring about a "paradigm shift" comparable to the New Agers Moronic Convergence. The gigglers promoting this phenomenon believe it is the beginning of "the great last days revival" which will bring about the final unity.

The list of the major New Age cults and religions is frighteningly voluminous, I can't possibly list them all but Texe Marrs in his book RAVAGED BY THE NEW AGE, on page 106-107 lists them and says that Jose Arguelles, the New Age professor and brainchild who organized the incredibly successful Harmonic Convergence gala also is a closet worshipper of Lucifer, whom he would prefer to call "Pan"[3]

In conjunction with the United Nations University for Peace, the Robert Muller School co-sponsored an April 1988 conference featuring, among its "Leading Lights", Muller himself, Ted Turner, the "transformed" president of Cable News Network; Barbara Meister-Vitale , author of UNICORNS ARE REAL; Willis Harman, president of the Institute for Noetic Sciences at Stanford University (a New Age Think Tank) and Harmonic Converger Jose' Arguelles.[4]

The Oregonian on 8/17/1987 headlined it as PEACE, HOPE CONVERGES IN HARMONY with Buddhist chants, pop music - their own versions of Indian rituals and heartfelt hugs... their personal WATS line to their own god or goddess. To believers, the two-day convergence was a time to synchronize with new vibrations and launch a period of cleansing to prepare the Earth for contact with alien intelligence in the 21st century. "I am God. I am God" one participant shouted as many as 6,000 people were on Mt. Shasta. And it was shortly after this convergence that mysterious crop circles begin to appear.

According to the theory, reported the Oregonian, the convergence... begins a period of cleansing that will last at least until 1992 to prepare the Earth for contact with alien intelligence in the 21st century.

With our New Age President Bill Clinton we had a "harmonic convergence" in the White House and bells went off at his 1992 victory and the 1993 inauguration with the weird collection of New Agers, rockers, homosexuals, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Rhodes Scholars and even a reportedly self-proclaimed witch.

And these events seem to be escalating. The United Nations, which has long fostered changes in the minds of men and its movement toward a just and harmonious world government or federation of nations, held a "Harmonic Concordance" on November 5-11, 2003.

And now I received word from the Trance-Formation of America newsletter (10/6/2004) that there will be a global display of unity and love on November 13, 2004 at 1900 hours local time.

It says we are to "light a beacon to unite against the removal of civil liberties, war, terrorism (war on terrorism), destruction of rain forests, surveillance, government lies, capitalism, world debt, famine, negative media images, political conspiracy, homelessness, globalisation/the New World Order, poverty, genocide, pollution, corrupt politicians, the trillions spent on arming the planet, slave labour, racism, economic sanctions, fascism, ID cards, microchip implants, etc. Wow! That's quite an agenda. It says we should assemble in our groups and go to any high point locally to where we live and light our beacon of unity.

In addition to many of what seems to be contradictory goals, this is sending mixed messages to me for II Kings 18:4 says that Hezekiah, King of Judah, tore down the high places and Psalm 78:58 says Israel provoked God to anger with their high places.

Sometimes we are so eager to win our enemies over to our side that we let our guard down and begin to absorb their culture. This is called "inculturation" or "syncretisms" which is an attempt to reconcile or combine differing beliefs in philosophy or religion by uniting them. Hitler's idea of a synthesis between nationalism and socialism, as an example, was a stroke of extraordinary genius.

Communism is not dead. That ideology controls the United Nations. It's been behind the theatrical peace movement from the beginning and predicted it would be used to entrap the West. It is a new kind of communism and we see it rising throughout the world. Communist leader Dimitri Z. Manuilsky said "We shall begin (to deceive) by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record."

Watch out when mankind thinks it has achieved peace and safety. I Thes. 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction commeth upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.


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What we continue to see is the revival on a very large and growing scale of ancient paganism with a type of coded language unfamiliar to many of us all wrapped up in a neat, harmonic package -- a type of planetary Pentecost