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By Betty Freauf

March 29, 2005

As I draft this on Good Friday, all this week when I close my eyes, I see a room full of drugged-out young people at a rock concert waving their arms in the air to the beat of Satan's musicians on the stage. A young man jumps up on the stage and then throws his body onto the crowd. They catch him and begin passing him around the crowd. His name is Terry.

I think you get the vision that I've been getting. Terri Schiavo has been passed from one judge or a group of judges, to Congress, the President, Governor Bush, the Florida legislature and yet she's on her death bed and no one seems able - or willing - to help her. Will all these lickspittles end up on Schindler's list?

What a dilemma as parents and others, even young children, try to get water to Terri who cries for help but are stopped and arrested by the heartless Gestapos [See Picture] [See Picture] standing guard while the judicial system plays its head games. Surely our Founding Fathers never intended to have such a complicated process. They wanted men with courage to take strong principled stands, not a bunch of mugwumps passing Terri around from one group of pettifogging government officials to another. (My definition of a mugwump may be slightly different than Webster's. A mugwump is a person with his "wump" on one side of the fence and his "mug" on the other.)

One of the hallmarks of a dictatorship is that its laws are deliberately vague so they can be manipulated or changed whenever some judge wants it. In Oregon it was discovered a few years ago that our judges had been taking improper oathes that allowed them to be prejudiced and yet when my pastor turned up for Jury duty last week, and after a quick unconstitutional religious litmust test, he was excused fearing he would be biased.

I know millions of people are perplexed about this Terri Schiavo so called mercy killing and we wonder how something like this could happen in America. I believe I've got the answer. It fell out of a pile of information at just the right time again. This happens to me often. Ephesians 5:11 says, "And do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them."

It's from the February 2005 THE SCHWARZ REPORT entitled: Communism Is With Us, Party Is Not, by David A. Noebel and Chuck Edwards.

"In the 1979 film version of LES MISERABLES, Police Inspector Javert says to Jean Valjean, "There is no God. There is only the law. Guilt and innocence do not exist outside the law.'

"Javert's comment agrees with the postmodern beliefs: laws derive from the mind of man, not God. Similar to how the postmodernist understands the concept of 'truth,' law is perceived as a social construct used by those in power to force others to do their will. Yet, Nietzsche and Foucault, pointed out that without God, there is no law. Given these two contemporary notions, if the screenplay of LES MISERABLES was rewritten for a postmodern audience, Inspector Javert would more likely say something such as this: 'There is no law. There is only power. Guilt and innocence do not exist, except, in the power structure of society.'

"It is interesting to note that today we find many postmodern 'Javerts' in our midst. One example is Susan Estrich, Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of Southern California Law School and a syndicated columnist who has worked with many liberal politicians and appeared on numerous television talk shows. Estrich was asked once why she supported Anita Hill when Hill charged Clarence Thomas (during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court) with sexual harassment but opposed Paula Jones' sexual harassment allegations against President Clinton. Ms. Estrich replied simply, 'You believe in principle; I believe in politics.'

"Ms. Estrich takes her cue from the playbook of Marx, Nietzsche and Foucault, implying that law is simply a tool of political power. Marx said, 'Political power, properly so called, is merely the organized power of one class for oppressing another.' Estrich intimates that she will use the law in any way necessary to get what she wants (the end justifies the means). Thus, the law is no longer a God-ordained, objective standards by which to judge men's actions and maintain an ordered society, but a weapon to beat political opponents into submission to your way of thinking.

"The politics of power makes sense from the perspective of a Postmodern Marxist worldview. Starting with theological atheism and philosophical naturalism, the Postmodernist must rely on Darwinian evolution -- 'survival of the fittest.' With blind evolutionary forces at work, many become simply a product of his environment, and ethics become a matter of social preferences that have benefited our survivability as a species. In light of this postmodern 'creation' story, law is what men decide, and politics becomes the vehicle that the powerful use to get their way. In a postmodern world, the survival of the fittest equals the survival of those in power. As Marx put it, 'The ruling ideas of each age have ever been the ideas of its ruling class.'

"Here in America, we are moving in the direction of Marx's vision for slice at a time..." You may read the whole article on []

In the book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE (c) 1991 the author wrote about 1957 studies done to determine a method to arrest the population explosion before the point of no return would be reached. It was determined that an immediate attack on the problem would involve two points of intervention: The first was to lower the birth rate and second was to increase the death rate.

And then in the book THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION (c) 1982 it asks in the chapter The Abortion Mentality -vs- Euthanasia, How long will it be before the youth of society begin exterminating their aged parents whom they consider an annoyance? And now with Bush's Social Security scare, it gives them even more reason.

After turning 65, my husband and I used to joke about not buying green bananas at our age. That isn't funny today. A September 25, 1997 WISCONSIN REPORT article written by Mary T. Helmueller a Registered nurse with 15 years experience was titled: Are You Targeted For Euthanasia? She told how a physician in the emergency room treating an 80-year-old said, "Let's dehydrate her". After giving several other examples she said anyone 65 and older with a chronic illness or a disability are frequently dying three days after entering the hospital. She said euthanasia (except in Oregon) is not legal but it is being practiced and overdosing is all too common.

I can vouch for that. My dad at age 87 had to go to the hospital for a respiratory problem. He'd lived with us for nine years. Although he was diabetic and took a small daily insulin injection, he was on no other medications. The nurses often commented what a strong heart he had.

He was in good spirits at noon when our daughters saw him. When I went at 6 p.m. he was acting strangely. I called the nurse who seemed to be loitering outside his door. He told me my dad was "shutting down." A few minutes later he took his last breath after being in the hospital three days. I discovered after his funeral that his symptoms which I had observed were those of an insulin overdose.

My husband's father went to the hospital with pneumonia at age 90. He was gone within three days.

All the major media is tightly controlled and manipulated (Except the Internet Media) much like in any dictatorship and only the "politically correct" position with minor variances is allowed. The polls regarding Terri are flawed. Let me tell you how I know.

I live in the state of Oregon -- one of the most liberal, socialist states in the U.S. It was a blue state during the last presidential election. If the socialists want to try out some "experiment", they come to Oregon first. Euthanasia began in Oregon when Janet Adkins asked Kevorkian, aka/Dr. Death, to help her die in 1990 and the possible misuse of this procedure was not a sufficient argument against it. Foolish Oregonians passed a Death with Dignity initiative on November 8, 1994 by a vote of 627,980 to 596,018 - a mere 31,962 votes. Recently, the media polled a few hundred people with a question carefully crafted to determine the outcome they desired and then they said 70-80% favor removing Terri's feeding tube. You do the math- Oregon voters -vs- the polls.

In his book A NATIONAL PARTY NO MORE (c) 2003, Zell Miller, a Democrat who served the state of Georgia in the U.S. Senate for many years said, "Some country music stars can catch the feeling of middle America better than the best pollsters or focus groups." Isn't there a Western song called "Has The World Gone Mad?"

Kevorkian continued to desensitize killing by making "house calls" in his van with accompanying media coverage. "If you build it, they will come," the ghosts of baseball past told Kevin Costner in the movie, "Field of Dreams." And come they did until I believe Kevorkian was finally put in prison but the killing didn't stop.

China's forced abortions made China the fastest aging population in the world, so in 1996 they were preparing to legalize what they called "Tranquil Death." Each province has their own euthanasia bus equipped with the latest killing technique. They simply pull up to the victims house, take him or her out to the bus, and kill them on the spot.

We could say it was the Roe vs. Wade in 1973 that led to Dr. Jack Kevorkian's Right-to-Die agenda which has become a duty to die as many had feared. However, I find it interesting that in the very same year as Roe -vs- Wade a euthanasia bill was submitted to the Oregon legislature by Senator Ted Hallock (D-Portland). Coincidence or another well-orchestrated part of the United Nations agenda?

The bill would have permitted a person to sign a statement authorizing euthanasia if he later developed an incurable disease. Both doctors and nurses could have administered death inducing drugs to the dying patient. The bill was scrapped midway through the session primarily because of objections from the religious community. Hallock was branded a "Nazi" and a "murderer" by some for even introducing a bill.

I have a framed Gift Certificate on my office wall that used to get lots of laughs. But after Terri, I don't think people are going to laugh quite as much. The certificate says :

From the Office of:
Jack Kevorkian, M.D.
Good for ONE visit.

The small Florida newspaper called THE FORUM (Summer 1994) wrote that as early as 1958 Kevorkian suggested that convicts be allowed to volunteer for medical tests that were known to be fatal. In 1960 he wrote that killing inmates without experimenting on them was a waste of healthy bodies. In 1980 he stated that all people facing imminent death should be used for experiments. In 1986 he declared that Nazi experiments on Jews were "not entirely negative." In October, 1993, he advocated allowing death row inmates to donate their organs before they were executed.

In June 1998 the coroner in Detroit, Michigan said the body of a quadriplegic, who killed himself with the help of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, was mutilated by whomever removed his kidneys for transplantation. "They didn't remove his sweater. They just pulled it up, then cut the belly...We're talking about a chopped up body." We're talking about barbarians.

Listening to many conservative talk shows since the feeding tube was removed from Terri, I've heard a number of nurses say that helping people to die seems prevalent in the health care industry now. There seems to be nurses of death walking the halls of our hospitals playing God.

In January 1985 a newspaper headline said that a New Jersey court was broadening a patient's right-to-die legal grounds. So you can see we were ever so gradually being programmed to accept euthanasia. How did they pull it off? The same way they got women to begin smoking by using the 1929 Easter Parade in New York City.

But where was the outcry from the religious community when British journalist Derek Humphry, author of the book "Final Exit" and his Hemlock Society euthanasia crowd was a contributing factor to that initiative on the Oregon ballot on November 8, 1994 which is now touted as a national model? They called it "Death with Dignity" but others referred to it as Doctor Assisted Suicide. It allowed terminally ill adults to obtain a prescription for lethal drugs. A November 7, 2001 article stated "In the three years that physician-assisted suicide has been legal in Oregon, doctors have done more than just write the lethal prescriptions. Of the 70 cases, doctors have requested a psychiatric evaluation for 20 of the patients, and in 38 of the cases, a doctor was present when the patient took the drug. Terri is not being allowed such a right.

But it was only a couple weeks ago that a patient took the drugs, fell asleep and woke up a few days later and asked why he was still alive. He died a short time later when God, not man, decided to take him.

A newspaper article in March 1997 quoted an Oregon city hand surgeon who urged the Oregon House Judiciary Committee to repeal or delay assisted suicide saying that many doctors could not be trusted to apply the controversial measure compassionately. "We doctors today are undergoing a personal ethical deterioration," he testified. "When you combine the ethical deterioration of doctors with managed care incentives to save costs and physician-assisted suicide, it is an explosive combination. My whole point is that people are saying they want death with dignity. What they really want is suicide without responsibility. They want physicians to say it's OK. People want to use the healing prowess of doctors to make up for their own lack of courage. There are plenty of clean, compassionate ways of committing suicide without needing a doctor."

Tom A. Coburn, M.D., a former U.S. Congressman, Class of '94, said in his book BREACH OF TRUST (c) 2003 that Paul Carrese, an associate professor of political science at the U.S. Air Force Academy, describes the expansion of federal power in the 20th century this way:

"For the past century most American political scientists, following Woodrow Wilson, have disdained the principles of our constitutionalism - separation of powers and federalism - as undemocratic, backward looking, and inefficient. We have learned, however, that Wilson's blend of populism and scientific administration yields bureaucrats, demagogues, pollsters, overreaching judges, and journalists who can practice versions of elitism and tyranny quite well."

In the Focus on the Family, June 1997, magazine it stated euthanasia has become so commonplace in the Netherlands, it's hardly mentioned in the news. Psychiatrist Herbert Hendin, M.D., executive director of the American Suicide Foundation and professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College, published his findings in SEDUCED BY DEATH: DOCTORS, PATIENTS AND THE DUTCH CURE (W.W. Norton and Company, 1997). Hendin said he traveled to the Netherlands with "no fixed position on what social policy toward assisted suicide and euthanasia should be."

The more he saw, however, the more shocked he was "not only at the number of wrongful deaths, but at the Dutch insistence on defending what seemed indefensible.

Two Dutch studies conducted in 1990 and 1995 documented a frightening practice in the Dutch medical community: Among all euthanasia deaths, 30 percent in 1990 and 22 percent in 1995 involved patients who did not give their explicit consent to be killed.

The Dutch experience demonstrates that it is impossible to limit or restrain the power to kill once it is granted... The fear of such abuse has prompted some Dutch citizens to carry a card in their purse or billfold, much like an organ donor card, that states that they oppose euthanasia and do not want so-called "physician aid-in-dying" if they are hospitalized.

Had the government kept its nose out of medical care, i.e. medicare and medicaid, which is helping bankrupt the U.S., we'd not be facing today's uncertainities about our future lifespan. We'd each individually be responsible and in control of our own medical care but we were forced into these entitlements and now we must pay the piper and the rich who need body parts to live will get them from the rest of us.

Is there more to this Terri Schiavo death sentence then meets the eye? Remember, nothing happens by accident and this case has gained international attention. Because emotions are running high, are the bureacurats going to use a Hitler trick and place a few "provocateurs" into the pro-life ranks to blow up some buildings or perform some assassinations so that they can declare Martial Law? There was already an alleged bomb threat at the courthouse on Thursday evening where the Schindler's attorney was making yet another appeal. The threat caused an additional delay. Governor Jeb Bush has been in the news warning people to stay calm.

What we need is a miracle. Maybe Benny Hinn could redeem himself as a miracle healer if he'd go to the Hospice Center and pray for Terri.

I've been trying for months to read the paperback book THE LIFE AND DEATH OF ADOLF HITLER (1973). It's extremely small print and more than 600 pages long. I picked it up this week and began where I'd left off on page 295. The last paragraph said, "Indeed, death played a predominant role in the National Socialist rituals...Soon, much sooner than most Germans expected, death would come riding out of Germany."

� 2005 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years. Betty is a researcher, freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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Similar to how the postmodernist understands the concept of 'truth,' law is perceived as a social construct used by those in power to force others to do their will. ...