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By Betty Freauf

August 31, 2006

With a title like URBAN WARFARE readers may think I�m going to write about terrorism on Labor Day. Not so! In an ambitious drive in the city that never sleeps, there will be yuppy New York parents of two-year olds spending Labor Day travailing over whether they�ll be able to get an application from one of the 100 private pre-schools when applications open up the day after Labor Day. The applications don�t assure their child will even be accepted. As reported on ABC�s Nightline this Toddlers �vs- Toddlers story on May 4, 2006, showed one mother from a previous Labor Day weekend working one phone, her husband another and grandma on a third phone trying to get through to the schools to request an application. The mother sheepishly admitted getting her child into a prestigious preschool had more to do with her than the child. This is what amounts to Labor Day in New York City.

New York like so many other states, do not require early, early pre-school education, if learning to finger paint, visit some museum or make pumpkins at Halloween at age two can be called an �education.� Because nothing happens by accident and the manipulated masses are programmed early to accept things that we would not otherwise accept, if the right spin is used, the sheep follow along complacently.

I can�t help but wonder the purpose of this Nightline story. I know its often been reported Big Brother wants the children when they are weaned from the breast. Was this Nightline story intended to program parents to relinquish their children even earlier than pre-kindergarten? It�s gradual but its coming and what these affluent parents go through on Labor Day weekend show the degree they will go to turn their babes over to someone else to raise. What happens in New York City also happen in other urban cities like Chicago, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

One school does not take applications. No interviews are required but essays describing your opinion of why your child should be accepted are needed so the parents must get in line. The night before the doors open, parents prepare to sleep on the sidewalk in front of the pre-school facility in their tents, sleeping bags in December below freezing weather. They take with them their materialistic items such as iPods, cell phones, lap top computers, water. They order pizza. Anyone driving by would think they were homeless or young people waiting in line for a Rock concert

These obsessed $50,000 a year or more Wall Street professional parents see this as an �entitlement� and they don�t handle rejection well.

The parents are led to believe it will give their child a better start in life so they are anxious to pay $10,000 to $12,000 a year for their little darlings to attend pre-school. And after this expensive pre-school, most probably believe milk still comes from a carton. Silly deceived parents! With that type of competition and pressure on these young children to succeed at such an early age should we wonder why some of the best and brightest end up strung out on drugs or commit suicide in later years?

Oregon�s U.S. Senator Gordon Smith�s adopted son committed suicide in September 2003. By October 2004, Senator Smith had a suicide bill which became law that provides funding for mental-health programs and by April 2006, $400,000 of your tax dollars went to Oregon for a suicide prevention grant named after Senator Smith�s son, Garrett.

What could be so bad in a young child�s life that he�d want to kill himself? Societal pressures to excel, grief after an abortion, unacceptable societal lifestyles or perhaps the death education courses in the classroom which surfaced in the 1980s had something to do with planting the idea in a child�s mind. Values clarification taught in the public school creates a hatred of life and death education creates love of death. The result has been an escalation of teenage suicides. Couple suicide with evolution also taught in the classrooms and we have a ticking time bomb. If we simply �evolve� into something better after death, then suicide becomes glamorous and acceptable to some children. These suicide courses in the public schools tell teenagers that suicide is a matter of personal choice and that lots of people do it including famous people and, of course, Gordon Smith when he was a state senator may have voted for the education budget that glamorized suicide.

Oregonians also are the only ones thus far which passed �Death with Dignity� legislation through the initiative process not only once but twice. One basic tenet of Humanism � declared a religion by the U.S. Supreme Court and being taught in the public schools � is the �right to suicide.� One song says �Suicide is painless, we are told.� It�s been claimed some antidepressant drugs also cause thoughts of suicide and many of the lyrics today plug children into the dark world of Satanism and in some cases drive them to suicide but our elected officials seem totally oblivious to this problem. They think money will solve all the problems.

Prudent people shake their heads in wonderment of how George Washington and Abe Lincoln, who probably played with their mother�s pots and pans on the kitchen floor for entertainment at the age of two, ever became president. An 1895 Salina, Kansas eighth grade test covered such subjects as Grammar, Arithmetic, U.S. History, Orthography, Geography and Health. [Read] I suspect �Orthography� sent even today�s Ph.D�s to the dictionary. Imagine a college student who went to public school at the end of the 20th Century trying to pass this test, even if the few outdated questions were modernized. Imagine their professors even being able to pass the 8th Grade and young parents today believe putting the child in pre-school at age two will be to the child�s advantage. Utter nonsense.

A July 1991 article in my local paper said that raising a child takes love, caring and lots of money. At that point they estimated that it would cost $120,150 to raise a child to age 18 and that dollar amount did not include later costs for college tuition, cars or other extras. I wonder what it would cost today with inflation going through the roof. Is it any wonder parents today limit their children to one or two?

The goal is full-service schools integrating education, medical, social and/or human services that are beneficial to meeting the needs of children, youth and their families on SCHOOL GROUNDS or in some location that is easily accessible. Family Resource Centers are popping up in communities throughout the United States and the BBC reported in 2003 that England was to have these Centers by 2006 providing health care and lifelong learning. They are being designated One-Stop Shopping.

Before globalism got its foothold, a few old timers may remember when only Mom and Pop businesses were the only stores open and they closed on Sundays. Years ago the Puritans who settled in Massachusetts Bay Colony declared Sunday a day of rest. The settlers etched their decrees on blue paper and the statues became known as the Blue Laws.[1] The demise of these Blue Laws which required them to close invokes memories of simpler times. Today more people go to the mega Malls than attend church on Sundays.

Now we are heading for mega Family Resource Centers where everything is provided under one roof. While one-room schools are nearly the thing of the past except in very remote areas, other rural schools have been consolidated and many of those schools are now sitting empty, deteriorating from lack of upkeep and the big mega schools are now begging taxpayers for more money so they can build bigger and bigger schools. Statistics abound that bigger does not mean better.

The younger folks don�t know how nice it used to be so they have no way to compare except to listen to the old fogies tell them. But the old fogies could ask them a question, �How�s it working for them?� College students are taking out loans which puts them deeply in debt when they graduate and stressed out mothers are working to help their kids attend and yet higher-learning educators are complaining that many students entering college have to be remediated. The very basics often perplex them and what used to take four years for a Bachelors Degree oftentimes now takes six. What a bonanza for the educators. Their jobs are secure until they choose to retire.

And while some young person in rural America is still feeding the livestock and perhaps lucky enough to still attend some one-room school without pre-kindergarten and where the basics and moral values are still instilled, on Labor Day weekend parents in big cities will be clamoring to find ways to get junior into pre-school to give the child a better start in life after shopping for the latest �fashions� for them and having to work 2-3 jobs to support all this competiveness.

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And they call the rural people hicks or country bumpkins?? Give me a break! The Wall Street-Hollywood crowd, clamoring to attain another rung on the ladder and believing themselves to be truly sophisticated, are the sheep. Long live the independent-thinking people in those red-neck states! And pity those sheep in high-rise apartments in the big cities.


[1] Christian News Nov. 7, 1994

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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Oregonians also are the only ones thus far which passed �Death with Dignity� legislation through the initiative process not only once but twice.