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Betty Freauf
February 18, 2003

While more and more ink these past few years has been given to the liberal, and often times socialist-leaning women in America as they have become more successful in their careers and are breaking the corporate glass ceilings and in some cases, exposing the rascals like at Enron, women in the "Kitchen Intelligentsia" will rarely get any favorable front page recognition in their local controlled fish wrappers.

Although some of the younger women are waking up to the deception they've been fed and led to believe, the "Kitchen Intelligentsia" has been primarily ladies who felt that something was askew in America. Liberals like to advertise their agendas. Amidst preparing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for their children, astute members of the Kitchen Intelligentsia began clipping articles and they saw trends which made them uneasy. The articles would be meticulously filed away for future reference.

I was NOT one of those wonderful ladies. I did not figure out something was wrong with the public schools until my youngest child was in the fifth grade (1975) and we pulled our children from the public school system and put them in private Christian education; however, I did not become active until the last one was ready to graduate.

One of the few conservative women whose name has managed to become familiar to many was Phyllis Schlafly and her Eagle Forum ladies who prided themselves in stopping the Equal Rights Amendment but today our women are marching off to war. Phyllis was a strong supporter of President Reagan. I received her newsletter and often used her information in my testimony when I began to appear before our state legislators in the 1980s but aside from the E.R.A., I wasn't seeing a lot of other victories.

I became particularly disillusioned when her members seemed not to understand the significance of the "educational restructuring movement" resulting eventually in Outcome Based Education/Mastery (Pavlov) Learning until after the legislation had been passed in many states. The lights then began to come on with them but it is hard to put the horse back in the barn once he is allowed out.

And then the Lord brought me into contact with these marvelous women who had all the documentation to prove my "feelings" were right about the educational system although I was never able to prove it until I met such people as Charlotte Iserbyt who has been successful in spreading the word via the conservative radio talk shows but never allowed on Michael Reagan's show. If you get her book, it will explain why.

But there were many before Charlotte which I was not privileged to meet, who did research on a variety of subjects and have since gone to their eternal rewards but I am very familiar with most of their names and their work has been passed down and kept by others. Maybe some day someone will take the time to recognize them all by name and list their accomplishments.

I want to start off with the women marching off to a possible war in Iraq leaving their children without a mother for a year or more or possibly forever. The women from the liberal left started beating the drums for women to serve in combat during the 1980s. And in 1991, thanks to Representative Pat Schroeder (D-Colorado), who has long had dreams along with Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton perhaps of becoming the first woman president, lawmakers moved to put women in combat as all restrictions against women in combat were washed away.

A 1993 AP article said that the Navy planned to put women in all combat jobs. And within four years, women would serve in front-line combat roles as fighter pilots, warship and submarine crew members.

Brigadier General Andrew J. Gatsis, U.S. Army (retired) said if women were put in combat, that our combat efficiency would be reduced. He felt no woman, even as a volunteer, should have the right to go into combat simply because she desires to do so. Sheer logic tells a prudent person the reasons why she should not serve in this capacity. Yes, they are capable of becoming a Navy ship's skipper, airplane pilots and even become astronauts and everything in between the ocean and outer space but for most women, I still believe their first priorities are their children. Some will go down in history, but at what cost?

In a 1986 article it was noted women were in the stress job that 20 years earlier were primarily men's jobs and were slightly more likely than men to seek compensation for job stress. Alcoholism among women was also seen as increasing as well as disability claims due to jobs for which their physical features were not equipped to handle and smoking increased causing more lung cancer.

In 1988 a career women wrote, "After nine years of paying someone to raise my children, I was forced to admit that my family is more important to me than anything else. I wish I had known this when my first child was born. No success in life can compensate for failure at home."

A 1990 article was titled, "THE HARD LESSONS OF AN EX-FEMINIST. She wrote, "To me, feminism has backfired against women... Today I see feminism as the Great Experiment that failed and women in my generation, its perpetrators, are the casualties."

This reminded me of the scripture in Ezekiel 32:2 of the Living Bible. While I know the scripture was not referring to women, I can't help but make the correlation. "..You think yourself as a strong, young lion among the nations but you are merely a crocodile along the banks of the Nile making bubbles and muddying the stream."

A Circuit Court system 1992 survey showed that 60% of women attorneys were harassed so can you imagine what it was initially like in the military until sensitivity training convinced the men they could be in big trouble if they protested or harassed the ladies??

It has been encouraging to find many women who once bought into the feminist movement are giving up their business careers so that they may become full time mothers. Australians were complaining in 1991 that if more women stayed at home, the men could have more jobs.

Pat Schroeder is another typical hypocrite. While she wouldn't be willing to serve in combat herself, she felt the need to open up that possibility to other women to prove themselves - to have "Equal Rights" - in what the feminists felt was a white male-dominated world. This wasn't true, of course, many women had made their mark in history before Betty Frieden left her husband and her comfortable life style and became the Big Ms. of the women's liberation movement. Years before Betty Frieden's feminist movement, my dad had this Betty, at age 9, spotting the wheat trucks around the field to meet the combine. I was paid $2 a day and worked 12-14 hours. Yup, he broke child labor and minimum wage laws. At age 15 he had me driving a big wheat truck to the grain elevator in town. Yup! No driver's license! I got my "self esteem" when he put his fingers in the straps of his overalls and said, "That's my girl!" I didn't need Betty Frieden to liberate me.

Women have always served in the position as helpmates to men. When Johnny went marching off to war, Rosie the Riveter took his place in the factories. Most women are terrific organizers and are able to juggle many jobs at one time and manage to do them remarkably well.

In the past, these women were satisfied with a MRS. and MOM degree but the feminists came along and made them feel inferior and peer pressure caused them to look to "careers" which demanded more time away from their husbands and children often resulting in divorce and alienated children. Now single mothers abound in the workplace. They have no "choice." They must work.

In Margaret Sanger's autobiography (c) 1938 she reveals that somebody had donated a sum of money to be spent to interest women in socialism. She says, "I, an American and mother of children, was selected to recruit new members among the clubs of working women. Her small child said he hated the soshist (socialist) meetings she attended." So this "movement" was purposely begun before Betty Frieden. Sanger became the grand matriarch of the Planned Parenthood movement which uses abortions for birth control.

Eleanor Smeal, former president of the National Organization of Women (NOW) from 1977-1982, complained bitterly about the lack of women in Clinton's cabinet even after he had appointed such a person as Attorney General Janet Reno. And now if it is the same in your state as it is in mine, in increasing numbers it appears women are heading the unconstitutional U.N. administrative regional government agencies, created in the 60s and 70s, writing the rules which they believe was the intent of the legislation passed by our elected legislators -- again with many women in leadership rolls.

The fundamental goal of the women's movement was to reduce and contain maleness and President Bill Clinton was neutered by them. In a November 1983 SEVENTEEN magazine, then British Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher was quoted as saying, "In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman."

Women's influence was intended to be increased so they could be USED for the system. What many women took for liberation has actually turned out to be them submitting to the system -- slavery!

As American society wound its way through the social revolution which grew out of the youth and women's movement of the 60s, the family structure, as we knew it in the past, has changed dramatically even going so far as to redefine the definition of a family.

But thanks to the "Kitchen Intelligentsia" and the Internet, the truth of this deception is being made known. I think I speak for the "gang" when I say I just hope it isn't too late. Things that once were buried deep in our files with little chance for exposure are now surfacing on Thank you God for giving us this platform.

2003 - Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved 

Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case. they supported her opponent. E-Mail: [email protected]