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By Betty Freauf

November 15, 2006

I�ve been reading and hearing many opinions by a variety of pundits regarding the November 7th election and many believe the election wasn�t against the Republicans but against George Bush and the Iraq war; however, I personally believe it also had something to do with the GOP�s �holier than thou� attitude before the October surprise by Senator Mark Foley (R-Fla) being outed as a homosexual in pursuit of pages at the Capitol. The Democrats still refer to him as a child predator. Some pundits were suggesting that James Dobson, founder of �Focus on the Family� and one of the leading Christian conservatives that have helped get Republicans elected, should have been �Focusing on his own family.�

In Oregon the Democrats also made a clean sweep and a female justice, age 53, who lives with the female Vice President of our State Accident and Insurance Corporation, made history when she was elected to the Oregon Supreme Court. The Court now has two women but only the most recent one was elected directly. This is becoming more and more reminiscent of Isaiah 3:12 ��and women rule over them� � a precursor to judgment perhaps?

In addition, Republicans get elected as fiscal conservatives with aspirations of limited government and once elected the promises go out the window. Party leadership controls the members by offers of committee appointments, campaign financing the next election cycle and soon they learn that pork-barrel spending continues to keep career politicians returning to office. Excluding Bush�s very expensive and ridiculous unconstitutional senior citizen pharmaceutical bill, it generally has been Democrats who introduce these entitlements but the Republicans help get them enacted and so the pendulum swings � back and forth.

Now it�s the Democrats that are in control of both chambers in Washington, D.C. and President Bush no longer has complete reign as he did previously but from what he said in one of his speeches (perhaps a Freudian slip like John Kerry�s remark about the military), it appears as though he isn�t too concerned that the Democrats have control of both chambers because he admits they�ll help him get his Comprehensive Immigration Plan passed. The Republicans had been dragging their feet on this matter and it was only shortly before the election that a bill was passed to put up many miles of fence along the Mexican border but no funding was appropriated. It makes some speculate that the firing of Rumsfeld AFTER the election was purposeful. Did Bush deliberately throw the election? Regarding Freudian slips, the Bible says it�s not uncommon for what is in the heart to come out of the mouth.

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma says the GOP had a crisis in confidence. I determined that a number of years ago when I dropped out of the GOP for that very reason. Coburn, a practicing physician, wrote in his book Breach of Trust that he was eager to fulfill Newt Gingrich�s �Contract With America� and was one of 73 freshmen Republican revolutionaries who took Congress by storm, wresting control from the hands of career politicians and pushing forward with legislation that would dramatically limit the size and scope of government in a spectacular first one-hundred days in office. But their revolution was to be a brief one. As discussions over spending reform with the Clinton-led White House escalated into a full-scale government shutdown, Coburn would learn how tragically he and others had over estimated Washington�s willingness to change the system. But did Coburn tell Washington to take this job and shove it after he promised to serve only three terms? No, he ran for and now is a senator perhaps still dreaming he and a few others can make a difference. He sees himself as a �conservative� and yet in the October 2006 NEW AMERICAN Constitutional voting record, he received a 65% grade for this current session whereas Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) continues to receive 100%. So when it comes to fiscal responsibility, the cold, hard facts are the Democrats are better poker players than the Republicans and continually out bluff them. I�ve seen it happen time and time again in Oregon politics too.

However, there may be another reason why things will never change in government no matter which party is in power because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. While other elected officials have ended up in prison (usually Republicans), perhaps the treatment of one of the leading �champions of the people�, Representative George Hansen (R-Id), was the worst and may be fresh on the minds of our elected officials making them fold like cheap tents and because the media was complicit in this miscarriage of justice by lack of investigative reporting, there may be other elected Congress people and Senators who don�t even know or remember Hansen who was held as a political prisoner, guilty only of attempting to provide the American people with information so they might successfully fight the senseless encroachment of government oppression. An alternative newspaper spilled the beans.

The Oregon Observer newspaper reported how this dedicated civil servant while attempting to facilitate a return to our Constitutional form of government was set up and sold out and given a prison term reserved for the most violent and uncontrollable prisoners. He was shackled at the feet and handcuffed at the wrists, reinforced with a box-like structure that stiffens the chains and locks the wrists at a 90-degree angle. The handcuffs are connected to a waist chain that is connected to another chain that connects the shackles. Once this shackling is complete, a prisoner can barely move. The tightened manacles pinch the nerves and restrict the flow of blood causing severe pain and swelling. Legs swelling with blood are particularly damaging to the feet, as toenails under pressure from blood-blisters press up against shoes for long periods of time and soon become infected and deformed, causing such excruciating pain that they require surgery or the pulling of the toenails out by the roots.

The Oregon Observer says this is called �Diesel Therapy� where these prisoners are forced into bus after bus and onto plane after plane and shuttled from one prison to another, for weeks on end, 20 hours per day in chains. This �diesel therapy� was given to seven-term Congressman Hanson found guilty, reports the Observer, on bogus charges of bank fraud. The Oregon Observer is now The U.S. Observer located at 233 Rogue River Hwy, PMB 387, Grants Pass, Oregon 97527-5429. Phone: 541-474-7885. Ask for the March and April 1997 issues for the complete story about Congressman Hanson. Readers also might like to get the book Ghost Plane by Stephen Grey that tells how prisoners are transported from one country to another oftentimes never to be heard from again.

But back to the story about the failure by Newt�s Republican friends and their only accomplishment seemed to be the North American Free Trade Agreement which has resulted in the proposed NAFTA super highway running from Mexico to Canada and eliminating Mexican and Canadian borders causing the U.S. to become a part of the North American Union (just like the European Union). And now Gingrich is a FOX political analyst. And who helped Newt? Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh who now says he�s been liberated because he no longer has to carry the water for the GOP. It�s nice to hear he�s finally admitting what many genuine Constitutionalists noticed long ago.

But the funniest thing I heard about the November 7th election was from two competing Sodom San Francisco-based talk show hosts: Bernie Ward on KGO and syndicated Michael Savage. Bernie said, �Gotta be proud that Nancy Pelosi is going to be Speaker and will bring back to Washington, D.C. all those fine San Francisco values.� And I don�t think he said it with tongue in cheek. He was absolutely serious.

Michael Savage, on the other hand called it �Nan Francisco� and told about this 66-year old grandmother, Nancy Pelosi, who has been a front for the Socialist Party and suggesting San Francisco is the Tower of Babel and said the city prints ballots in six languages, supports Affirmative Action and is the epicenter of homosexuality. Polls indicate few ever heard of Nancy until now and she�s only two steps away from the Presidency. (Is. 3:12)

The bottom line is most elected officials in Washington, D.C. are out of touch with reality. Corruption in both parties, petty politics, dishonesty, lack of integrity and morals rule. Politics has become a profession and even those behind the scenes such as appropriations staffers often withhold information, adjust spending levels or insert items into key pieces of legislation without the knowledge of elected members but never get fired! No, they probably get promoted! And why is this? Because the staffers know more what is going on than the elected officials who depend on them and they know their bosses never read the bills.

But if we are wondering if Americans are still conservatives, perhaps we should judge how they voted on the initiatives across the land. While there were some mixed signals, one being in Blue Oregon where voters said �no� to a parent�s right to know about an impending teenager�s abortion, voters in other red states seemed generally to stick to their traditional values but using the initiative process to run our government is not the vision our Founding Fathers had and oftentimes after the dust settles on these initiatives, some black robed judge will come along and overturn the vote.

But the sun still came up and set the following day. Life goes on but rest assured our Constitutional rights will continue to be eroded under current Democrat leadership as well. The Elite pulling the strings behind the scenes know their goal is global centralized tyranny and small, incremental stepping-stones are used to manipulate public opinion towards that end. When a silent weapon of gradualism is applied the public adjusts and adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives.

Many people remember how it used to be when we were relatively free as compared to the unconstitutional regulations and restrictions we have on our lives today. The most recent assault, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 has a component suspending Habeas Corpus and is deeply troubling to legal commentators and civil libertarians alike. Young folks raised in car seats, seat belts and other restraints learned early to accept this. It is a type of psychological warfare � brainwashing. Even the Bibles have been changed gradually to conform to the one-world religion and the church leaders? Well, the sheep on the most part are asleep and those who raise their voices in protest are labeled as �extremists�. Name calling is an old Marxist trick to intimidate and instill fear.

Realizing they could never win by a frontal attack, a little band of clever revolutionaries agreed long ago they had most to gain by copying the tortoise that does not invite attention or invite hostility. I would like to believe this country is still salvageable but sacrifice is needed; however, hedonism, narcissism and materialism control our thinking process and no one wants to give up what they enjoy. I suspect more people watched �Dancing with the Stars� on Tuesday evening than the election results. So the ship sinks and we all go down together.

The diversionary tactics being used are simple: The media is to keep the adult public attention diverted away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance, i.e. celebrity splits. The schools are to keep the young public ignorant of real mathematics, real economics, real law and real history � the Political Correct Agenda. The entertainment industry is to keep the public entertainment below a sixth grade level and work is to keep the public busy, busy, busy with no time to think. Does any of this sound familiar?

Only in the final stage will Americans realize what is happening and by then it may be too late. This Muslim threat is very real and they are teaming up with the Marxist-Leninist terror groups. The main objective in the radical Islamist�s strategy to dominate the world is the destruction of the U.S. Everyone should buy Brigitte Gabriel�s book Because They Hate if you want to see the future of America. Brigitte sets forth in her chapter entitled �The Fifth Column� the millions of dollars that the Saudis have invested into our colleges and universities, the battleground where Middle Eastern Studies spew hatred and violence for Israel and the U.S. and where the terrorists are seen as �victims� like the drug smuggler who was given immunity by the U.S. government and two U.S. border patrol agents were sentenced to prison for wounding the guy at the Mexican border. Those in sympathy with beheaders of Western hostages, suicide bombers and terrorists in general say, �It�s not the terrorist�s fault. Let�s look at what we have done to have them hate us so much.�

So now we have innocent parents slaving night and day, signing promissory notes and mortgaging their homes to send their children to these colleges �only to find the purveyors of Islam brainwashing them and using their wealth in the name of charity to poison the minds of our academic community with anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda,� writes Brigitte. �When is it going to stop? When do we demand that universities not accept blood money from terrorist-linked organizations and individuals, using treason as our rationale�, she suggests. I suppose we could write the perverts on the Potomac and call this matter to their attention, but will they be willing to take a stand?

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Something is terribly wrong in America. The El Paso Times story about the sentencing of these border patrol agents noted that the judge �denied the defense�s motion for a new trial on the basis that three jurors said they were misled by the jury foreman and voted guilty because they thought they were not allowed to have a hung jury.� The famed Russian scientist, Ivan Pavlov, long ago showed that the nervous system of animals � his famous laboratory dogs � could be regulated and controlled by the process we now call brainwashing. And on that jury, the last bastion for justice, three jurists no longer could think for themselves so they followed blindly the jury foreman and two border patrol agents are heading for jail. And let us not forgot the marines at Camp Pendleton awaiting their fate for only doing their jobs in Iraq. Read about it on Fully informed juries have been made null and void due to a flawed education system.

Voters simply re-arranged the deck chairs on the Titanic with their vote on November 7th. Nothing will change.

� 2006 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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Something is terribly wrong in America. The El Paso Times story about the sentencing of these border patrol agents noted that the judge �denied the defense�s motion for a new trial on the basis that three jurors said they were misled by the jury foreman and voted guilty because they thought they were not allowed to have a hung jury.�