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By Betty Freauf

February 11, 2007

The month of February is the shortest month in the year. Only 28 days except in a Leap Year. It�s a grand month to be born with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and I am so honored. Although you�ll never find my name in the history books or my name carved in granite except on my tombstone, the fact that I�m a Ground Hog baby helps many people remember me. Birthday cards began arriving a few days before February 2nd. The phone began ringing at 8:30 a.m. and continued for a couple hours for those who forgot to send a card. Others have sent e-mail cards. I heard from my church staff to the chiropractor and friends and relatives in between. A belated phone call arrived as I was drafting this article. While having a �birthday� dinner with friends, I made the remark that I�m probably better remembered on my actual birthday than Washington and Lincoln. Being a very astute and political activist, one smiled and said, �Yes, due to Presidents' Day.�

When I was in school, we knew the birthdays of Presidents Washington and Lincoln. But today on the calendar in the middle of the two birthdays is February 19th � Presidents� Day- always the third Monday in February and another three-day weekend for all government workers.

When did this all come about and why? In the 80s some historians and politically correct revisionists, who Dr. James Kennedy said are the �termites in the timber of civilization,� came up with the idea that Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King should be equated with our Founding Fathers and recognized on his birthday so another three-day paid weekend for government workers was designated in January and Washington�s and Lincoln�s birthdays were combined as Presidents� Day.

As a result one could poll people on the streets and ask if they know the exact birth date of Washington and Lincoln and most would not be able to tell you. In fact, that actually happened in February 1999. A Portland, Oregon TV station sent a camera crew to a mall and asked that question. One woman, a teacher, laughed. Her husband didn�t know the dates but he could remember her birthday on the 16th. I wonder if the teacher knew the dates. Another person said Presidents� Day was �the day we honor�some guys��

Now I�m not here to debate Lincoln�s ownership of slaves or Washington�s alleged Masonic connections. I�m simply writing this article to state that once the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln were combined, how easy it has been to forget their actual birthdays that leads me back to my opening paragraph. I�m probably more remembered by more people than these two statesman and that dear readers, is a shame!!

Now I�ve answered when this transition came about but why did it happen? It wasn�t because the bureaucrats feared the wrath of the voters if they gave the government workers another three-day-paid holiday in the first six weeks of each year. Most taxpayers long ago determined aside from those in genuine public safety agencies, i.e. police and fire, these paper �pushing regulators don�t earn their keep or provide any genuine Constitutional protections for us.

No, this conspiracy to gradually destroy the U.S. was publicly revealed way back on April 28, 1954 when the Honorable Usher L. Burdick of North Dakota appeared before the House of Representatives and spoke about the hidden and treasonable purpose of the builders of the United Nations and that its intent was to fashion a world government and to make citizens subject to that world government stripping from them the protection guaranteed them under the Constitution of the United States. Today President George W. Bush is using �Presidential Signing Statements� giving him the authority to interpret the Constitution as HE sees fit.

Burdick explained how the U.N. set up an organization known as UNESCO � United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization � for the purpose of spreading universal learning, which the promoters contended would bring the people of the world more quickly to a mutual understanding than anything else and the malicious and cowardly element of the enterprise was that it was directed to the school children of the Nation, where minds are young and impressionable, and it was patterned exactly after the Soviet teaching of the youth of the country. Although most public school children today probably couldn�t give you the birth dates of Washington and Lincoln, my guess is that home school children could! And that is why the educrats hate home schoolers and do whatever they can to degrade them. A former Oregon superintendent of schools, who claimed to have �more guts than a burglar� said �The only reason parents homes school is so that they can have incestuous relationship with their kids.�

I wrote in my last article (Are Al-Qaeda and Russians joined at the hip?) how President Reagan had promised to abolish the Department of Education created in 1979 (President Jimmy Carter�s dream) but not only did he not abolish this unconstitutional department, but he signed education agreements with the Soviets. You can read about this in Charlotte Iserbyt�s book Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. The book is available from NWV.

Congressman Burdick said these schemers knew that the United States had a strong national spirit; they knew that the average American loves his country; they knew he would defend its institutions, which had brought freedom in a new land. The plotters determined that this spirit must be destroyed, or at least minimized. So UNESCO went to work. The first step was to train teachers a Columbia University� principally at the expense of the taxpayers of this country � to teach our children ways by which they could become world citizens and that a strong national spirit interferes with this world venture. �The birthdays of our great leaders, like Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Lincoln were not to be celebrated in honor of these leaders, but the day of celebration should be devoted to propagandizing these children on the benefits of this future world government,� said Burdick and textbooks began to be revised to accommodate this Soviet agenda.

Many young Americans today draw a blank when asked elementary question about history. In 1995, when the Department of Education released the dismal results of its National History Assessment, Lewis Laphan, editor of Harper�s Magazine spoke of the low scores as a �coroner�s report.� Students, he said, are in a �state of mortal dangers.� But forget the school children. When Vice President Al Gore and President slick Willie Clinton visited Jefferson�s Monticello in January 1993, Mr. Expert in global warming couldn�t identify the bust of George Washington.

Printed matter, radio and television were used night and day to carry on the cultivation propaganda, and to root out the love of country from these United States. Burdick said in 1954, this program is still being carried on, and the worst part of it is that the people who will eventually be stripped of the protection of our Constitution will pay the price of its destruction in taxes. It should now be proven overwhelmingly that the U.N. was organized to destroy the Constitution of the U.S. This is all done in the name of world peace � but who wants to substitute world peace for the liberty and freedom we have?� asked Burdick. And why do we keep subsidizing the dragon with our tax dollars and therefore, buying the rope that is hanging us? And, of course, this brings us to the peaceniks we see marching in the streets of our cities with their cultic, broken -cross symbol on their protest signs and given all sorts of media publicity.

Very influential men in public life have said that we can afford to give up some of our sovereignty to obtain world peace but Burdick refuted this claim. �We have the only government on earth where the people themselves rule. The government here exists for the people and the people do not exist for the government. For over 160 years (today 53 years later) we have gone on our way with our own concept of government and we know what freedom means,� he said. �Are we fools enough to abandon our course and listen to the siren songs of those whose design is to destroy this great government with a heterogeneous collection of nations whose ideas of the purpose of government conflict with our own?� he asked. �Instead of destroying our national spirit, it should be increased�� �The world government proposes a world congress where members are elected according to the population of the member nations. This means that Soviet Russia and Red china and their enslaved comrades will control that government.�

It should be noted at this point that there is a move afoot to eliminate the Electoral College, the last vestige of state sovereignty and an important state check on the central government. If the Electoral College should be eliminated, presidential candidates will visit only the states with the biggest populations. And while the electors usually vote for the president the way their state population voted, there is no mandate for them to do so thus preserving the Constitution�s original intent.

Adding to this conspiracy, The Honorable John T. Wood of Idaho on October 18, 1951 addressed the House of Representatives about the greatest subversive plot in history � a report to the American people on UNESCO. He, too, said the U.N. scheme was to pervert public education and how Columbia University Press in New York was a hotbed of British Fabianism. He called it �creeping socialism� that had invaded England. He told how UNESCO�s booklets were filled with propaganda, how the minds of teachers were being poisoned and how teachers were urged to suppress American history, how local teaching methods were to be discarded, the truth suppressed, how the morals of children were to be corrupted � like passages right out of the Marx Communist Manifesto with the objective of One World Government. Amazing, the Bible is right again because that is exactly what it predicts is going to happen.

The Honorable John M. Ashbrook of Ohio in the 7/18/1961 Congressional records confirmed what the other statesmen had said about federal domination over our schools. Didn�t George Orwell�s book, Nineteen Eighty Four write about �Big Brother� and warned there would be a rewriting of history and those who controlled history (now called social studies) controlled the present? While the mainline media is generally complicit in these lies and in support of public education, the Wall Street Journal in 1994 did say, �Imagine an outline for the teaching of American history in which George Washington makes only a fleeting appearance (and) is never described as our first president or in which the founding of the Sierra Club and the National Organization for Women are considered noteworthy events, but the first gathering of the U.S. Congress is not and the New York Post dated 10/24/1994 said white males get short shrift while the Ku Klux Klan is presented as the epitome of the American experience. Have parents checked the history books of their children lately? Of course not, children no longer bring their books home for the parents to see.

On April 2, 1999 on ABC�s 20/20 the Mel Gablers, educational watchdogs for many years, unrolled an almost 55-foot list of errors they found in the five principle high school World History books. The errors included confused chronologies, garbled geography, discrepant dates, false descriptions, wrong narratives, imaginary events and contradictions in the same book.

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All these warnings by these patriotic Congressmen and others such as the Gablers went unheeded. It�s been Marxism�s plans of two steps forward and when they meet with objections, take one step backward, regroup and try a different direction all the time trying to wear out the saints. Moses in Deuteronomy 1-3 knew the success of the nation depended upon its obedience to God and the best way for them to prepare for the future was by understanding the past.

� 2007 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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It should be noted at this point that there is a move afoot to eliminate the Electoral College, the last vestige of state sovereignty and an important state check on the central government.