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By Bradlee Dean
August 14, 2013

“Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is 'proved, and to be steady on all the battlefield besides' is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point.” —Martin Luther

I did a radio interview concerning our First Amendment victory in Boca Raton, Fla. (which happens to be our second victory in a year), and the show host was mentioning that the Christian religion is under incessant attack in public schools. He complained that soon we would not have the “right” to say certain things in public schools.

Does that sound like the America you know?

I then said to him, “You never lost the right.”

Students HAVE THE RIGHT to pray on a public school campus.
Students HAVE THE RIGHT to read their Bible on a public school campus.
Students HAVE THE RIGHT to form religious clubs on campus.
Students HAVE THE RIGHT to hand out tracts, flyers, or other religious material on campus.
Students HAVE THE RIGHT to do research papers, speeches, etc. with religious themes.
Students HAVE THE RIGHT to be exempt from participating in assignments that are contrary to their religious beliefs.

Students HAVE THE RIGHT to discuss religious issues even though other students may overhear them.

Despite the fact that we HAVE RIGHTS, it amazes me how much time people will spend proclaiming defeat and giving power over to corruption when they still have the freedom to do the right things.

If the American people would instead spend their time bringing about resolve by upholding the law, advocating judgment and thereby establishing righteousness and peace, we would have a different country in a week.

The American people have been led to believe that anti-American groups such as the ACLU have a right to violate our founding documents. They do not.

People have also been deceived into thinking that students in the public schools belong to the government, as if to say the federal government is free to violate the 10th Amendment at will.

Let me explain: As someone who has taken the time to read our founding documents – the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – I can find nowhere where I have lost any of my rights unless I am willing to give them up. The purpose of government is to ensure our rights, not take them away.

When reading the above documents, I have to remember that men fought, bled and died to give me my blood-bought freedoms. This may sound over the top to some, but honoring their sacrifice is the reason I stand my ground and fight.

God is willing to give you what you are willing to fight for (Hebrews 11).

If I were to ask the professing church in America for permission to reach out to our posterity, they would say that you could not cross “lines between church and state.”

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I know this from experience.

In their ignorance and apathy, they think their assumptions are correct, not knowing that they are falling in line with the ideology of the ACLU, whose founder Roger Baldwin stated, “Communism is the goal” of the ACLU. This may explain the communist infiltration into the public schools. This may also explain why the ACLU will defend Muslims while attacking Christians.

The professing church would be right if we were living in the communist Soviet Union, where Article 52 of their constitution states, “The church in the U.S.S.R. is separated from the state and the school from the church.”

However, this is America.

President Thomas Jefferson, who coined the phrase “separation of church and state,” was also president of the school board in Washington, D.C. Jefferson preferred the Bible and Watt’s hymnals above all other books for schoolchildren. Jefferson’s true meaning of “separation of church and state” was to bar the government from what they are attempting to do today.

Again, if I were to ask the professing church of today for the blessing to get the job done, I would still be sitting in one of their dead churches.

Listen to what President Harry Truman rightly stated:

“I wonder how far Moses would have gone if he’d taken a poll in Egypt? What would Jesus Christ have preached if he’d taken a poll in Israel? Where would the Reformation have gone if Martin Luther had taken a poll? It isn’t polls or public opinion of the moment that counts. It is right and wrong and leadership – men with fortitude, honesty and a belief in the right that makes epochs in the history of the world.”

If you love your posterity, then fight for them. You have the law on your side, and the victory is sure to those who have the courage to see things through.

“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.” —Dietrich Bonheoffer

Video: Bradlee speaking at a conference last week in Arizona: “Fight for them!”

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Bradlee Dean exposes anti-gun mayors who are found out to be criminals. Dean then parallels today’s gun-grabbers with dictators in history who promised their citizens protection and freedom under the guise of gun control.

Bradlee Dean is an ordained preacher, heavy metal drummer, talk-show host of the Sons of Liberty Radio, and speaks on college and high school campuses with his ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International.

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I did a radio interview concerning our First Amendment victory in Boca Raton, Fla. (which happens to be our second victory in a year), and the show host was mentioning that the Christian religion is under incessant attack in public schools.



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