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By David Brownlow

February 11, 2005

Our prey had been eluding us for many weeks. It was a particularly crafty beast - highly proficient in the art of camouflage. When I finally had the target in my sights and was closing in, I got a glimpse of the quarry we had flushed out.

Any satisfaction I had anticipated over bagging this one quickly turned to sadness and shock.

"Here it is. It's all in there - the money trail," the state legislator said as he handed me a thick report detailing the horrors of Oregon's state-funded abortion business. "They tried to bury it deep in the Department of Human Services, but we smoked them out."

This information had been so well-hidden, buried so far down within obscure budget line items, that many state legislators who voted on the last budget had no idea that state taxpayer money was being used to murder Oregon children.

In fact, many of them were assured - by those who knew the truth - that no state money was being paid to kill Oregon babies. The state made it tough to track this down, but...

Now we have proof that the state was lying.

We have detailed evidence that the state of Oregon hired assassins to murder over 4,000 innocent children last year - as they have for many years - paying for nearly one out of every three abortions performed in Oregon. This is also proof that the state is planning kill even more children than that in the coming year!

As I flipped through the pages of statistics detailing the carnage inflicted on our children by the Department of Human Services, I began to get sick to my stomach.

The assassins, or in state Orwellian speak, the "service providers," we had suspected from the beginning were the main culprits. Five of them ended up being the ones who did 90% of the killings - and took 90% of the money!

Columbia Planned Parenthood, Lovejoy Surgicenter, Downtown Women's center, Bours Health Center, and Women's Care Association of Lane County, were the death-peddlers we had expected to find feeding at the end of the $1.6 million state-money trough. To see our suspicions confirmed in print was disgusting.

I sat there in the legislator's office looking at page after page of absolute horror.

There was a spreadsheet listing the number of children the state had murdered in each county last year: Benton, 57 killed; Clackamas, 735 killed; Douglas, 106 killed; Lincoln, 72 killed; Multnomah, 951 killed. Thirty-six counties were listed in all with a total of 4,092 children killed by the Department of Human Services.

The report listed in exacting, nauseating detail the method used to kill each of the children, along with the age of the child at the time of the murder.

Three quarters of them were killed by a suction machine. The bigger kids were killed by Dilation and Evacuation (D&E), one of the most vicious and painful child-killing methods ever devised. The rest died by Intra-uterine Instillation (acid burning), Vaginal Prostaglandin (forced labor) or Sharp Curettage (scraping the baby off the uterus).

One hundred of those D&E murder victims were children older than 23 weeks gestation! An assassin killed these precious little children, who were fully viable, when he stuck a knife into their mother's uterus and ripped them apart limb by limb - while the children were still alive!

What madness! What barbarism! We wouldn't kill a rabid dog that way!

There was a bar chart comparing the ages of the "clients" who were paid by the state to kill their children. Girls as young as 13 were lured into the state-funded death trap. Half of the children killed were the sons and daughters of women between the ages of 19-25. Fifty-one babies that were killed had mothers over the age of 40.

There were 308 abortion "complications" last year, which included hemorrhaging, infections, uterine perforations, and "multiple complications." It would seem the business of death is not quite so safe after all.

The report tracked the race and medical history of the state "clients." It tracked their previous abortions, (many were killing their 5th child!) marital status, number of live children, and contraceptive use.

I looked down at the report in my hand and said to my friend, "This looks like something they found in Auschwitz after the war." The hellish destruction our Department of Human Services has rained down on Oregon children would have made any Nazi death camp guard proud.

I was completely stunned by the exacting detail the state had used to log each murder.

We had been aggressively seeking this information, and I knew it was going to be brutal when we finally got it. But to actually see such a chilling, sterile presentation of these horrific crimes was a dreadful feeling. It was not at all unlike many of the corporate "business update" PowerPoints I have seen.

History has not been kind to nations that kept such grisly records of their evil deeds.

As I left the capitol building, I realized that the innocent blood of those children was on my hands too! For the fifteen years I have lived in Oregon, I have been sending tax money to the state every year - which means I helped to pay for the assassins!

During the drive home, I had the DHS abortion report on the seat next to me. I could not help but mourn for the incredible loss of life it represented. Every time I glanced over at the report, all I could think of was�

What have we done, Lord? What have we done?

� 2005 David Brownlow - All Rights Reserved

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David Brownlow, a regular columnist for, is the Executive Director of Life Support, an Oregon based "No Abortion, No Excuses" anti-abortion organization that is focused on eliminating all government funded child-killing. David, an engineer, former Constriction Party candidate, and 25 year political activist, resides in Damascus, Oregon with his wife Suzanne and their four children.











I am not sure which is worse; living under Bush's phony version of democracy, or watching so many otherwise intelligent people bow down at Bush's feet and swear allegiance to his madness.