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by Heidi Cappadona

September 1, 2010

[Editors Note: Heidi Cappadona attended the Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally representing She was in the press pool below the main stage and had a close up view of all the speakers. We at NWV thank all the participants who took the time to stand up for America. Thank you Mr. Beck for making this event possible and all your hard work. Please God, Bless America and give all good Americans strength to stand up, make a difference and bring America back to greatness.]

“I heard there were only 40,000 people at the rally and that’s so disappointing” a co-worker said as I returned to work Monday morning. She knew I had been to the Restoring Honor rally in Washington DC that past weekend. I was struck by the disappointment in her voice and felt her concern for her country. Her feelings could be summed up in one simple question, why aren’t there more Americans that care?

This is the isolation probably felt by good citizens everywhere. Luckily for her, I was able to not only tell her first hand that the media had lied to her and in fact, there were somewhere in the neighborhood of a half a million caring American’s there that day, but I was able to show her the pictures I had taken with my own camera.

For a short period of time, my co-worker was robbed of hope. How many Americans have the same sad loss of hope as they gaze upon their once great nation’s renegade career politicians attempting to fundamentally transform their country? How many wonder if there are even a handful of good people out there who care?

In our small circles we may hear how America needs to come back to the principles that made her great but is anyone out there really able to do anything? Happily, that answer is yes. This was made evident on August 28, 2010 as more than half a million Americans came to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC to hear Glenn Beck and support the effort to Restore America to faith, hope, and honor.

Over 500 thousand in attendance

True, their individual faiths were vastly different but they had strength in a unifying common goal, which was as Glenn put it, “starting the heart of America again” by bringing her back to God. How many had like-minded friends and relatives that stayed home undoubtedly wishing they could have attended? It has been said that only one in ten could make it that day. Well, many did show up and hope was everywhere as over a half a million people bowed their heads in prayer, finding unity in their love of country, and gave honor to God.

Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally Lincoln Memorial 8-28-2010

Half a million American citizens came from all over the country, yet where were our elected leaders that day? Our president wasn’t even watching. The media was busy lowering the estimates of attendees at the rally effectively robbing people, like my co-worker, of hope. The media was also accusing Glenn Beck of hijacking Martin Luther King’s dream of equality, trying to rob the people of unity.

These career politicians continuously rob the people in more than just the misappropriation of taxpayer funds. They rob the American people of their hope, wealth, their pursuit of happiness and their ability to be charitable. Our elected leaders, who had better things to do that day, are the ones who truly need to return to God. In America, we the people still have the opportunity to be vigilant and keep our elected officials accountable. We must do this if we care for our nation’s future as much as our predecessors did.

As I looked at the enormous crowd of people last weekend, I knew there were still great men and women in America who cared deeply for the future of America. Everyone there was willing to make difference. Some may only be able to do a little but the hope given by each individual, taken together, will be magnified like it was that hot August day.

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Every American who does what is right in his or her own life gives hope. On August 28, 2010, over half a million people sacrificed their time and money to come together at the nation’s capital to support one another in their belief in God, their love of country, and to share hope. We need not feel isolated as individuals because today, Americans are united in hope in a very big way.

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Heidi Cappadona is married to Paul Cappadona. Together they have three children. After homeschooling for the past eleven years, Heidi is currently attending Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts and plans to attend law school in the near future.

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In our small circles we may hear how America needs to come back to the principles that made her great but is anyone out there really able to do anything? Happily, that answer is yes.