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By Greg Ciola

April 27, 2007

I find it very disturbing that amidst all of the news about the terrible Virginia Tech shooting tragedy, the one thing I keep hearing is that the killer was on �antidepressants.� Why is it that every time someone flips out and goes over the edge on a killing spree that we discover they were on antidepressants? In the end they almost always commit suicide as well.

While I don�t think that antidepressants were the sole reason this troubled young man did what he did, they certainly had to play a part in causing him to act out his fantasies. If you have some extra time on your hands, make a list of antidepressants and go to a Borders or Barnes and Nobles book store. In there you can reference all of these drugs in a pharmaceutical drug guide and see for yourself what the adverse reactions and side effects are that are associated with the use of the drug. You will be amazed to see that suicidal tendencies, anxiety, exacerbation of psychotic symptoms, hallucinations, and other mind-altering symptoms can manifest. The other shocking thing you will discover is that there are contraindications if they are mixed with other drugs. Nobody knows what happens when you take a cocktail mix of different mind-altering drugs. It truly is a high stakes game of Roulette. Yet, you will rarely find a person prescribed only one drug. It�s almost always a mixture of drugs that they�re put on.

The probability of anything being done to investigate the danger of antidepressants further at a federal level because of this event is unlikely. There is a satanic agenda behind antidepressant usage. I truly believe that when people get on these drugs their mind is opened to demonic thoughts and influence. In some cases users actually become possessed by demons. Just take a deep look into the face of the killer at Virginia Tech and tell me what you see. It is a face of evil.

This may sound like poppycock to a lot of people in a godless society mostly oblivious to spiritual issues and the battle of good and evil. However, demons and demon influence are a reality and there is plenty of biblical support to document that these disembodied spirits look for gateways and openings so they can re-inhabit bodies. Just read the New Testament and you will quickly see that Satan and the demons were spiritual beings Jesus had to contend with from day one of his ministry. The Bible states that evil will dramatically increase in the latter days and that demons will be active in the world. This is why antidepressant usage won�t be stopped. They are empowering demons with them. They also break down people�s resistance to do wrong and cloud their ability to think properly or clearly.

Pre-screening the entire population for mental health issues and medicating everyone with antidepressants is what the pharmaceutical elite hope to eventually achieve. Look at what�s happening in America�s public school systems. Look at all the young children taking Ritalin and other dangerous medications. How many school-children are severely malnourished and poisoned from the barrage of foods and beverages they�re consuming daily? How many are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and put on drugs? Millions of young children and young adults are allowed to play the most violent video games imaginable for hours and hours at a time every day. Then they�re exposed to evil movies, TV programs, and cartoons filled with witchcraft, the occult, violence, and murder. Then they fill their ears with horrific heavy metal death music and gangster rap music. Is it any wonder that they eventually go crazy and do the very things they�ve seen or heard done before or acted out in a video game?

Virginia Tech won�t be the end of the massacres we witness. There will be more because what I just outlined is not decreasing, it�s increasing exponentially. Take a walk through any mall in town on a Friday night or weekend and look at the youth hanging around. There is literally an entire generation of demon possessed people in this country on the brink of snapping and we all should be concerned about what future waits in store for this nation.

Shortly after the Virginia Tech killings there were numerous reports from around the country of other threats of even greater mass killings. Nearly every state and major city has been on alert because there are many deranged people that will be inspired by what happened in Virginia. While antidepressants aren�t solely to blame, they certainly may be the spark someone needs to ignite a firestorm of evil.

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If you, a loved one, or anyone you know is taking any antidepressant (s), you need to show them the adverse reactions and contraindications. The alarm bells should be sounded extra loud. They may not become a killer of others, but antidepressants are causing a huge wave of suicides too. You just might help save the life of someone by speaking up. When the next horrific event like this occurs, and it will, watch for the word antidepressant. These wacko killers don�t do this without them.

May God have mercy on this land!

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Greg Ciola is the editor and publisher of Crusador, a hard-hitting alternative health publication that sheds light on many critical health issues. Ciola believes that there is a conscious effort going on to sabotage our health. His mission is to actively educate others by explaining the reasons why many health problems are occurring, and what can be done so you, your family, and your loved ones can stay well.


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Pre-screening the entire population for mental health issues and medicating everyone with antidepressants is what the pharmaceutical elite hope to eventually achieve.