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by Michael Cutler
August 14, 2007

I just came across some more information about the execution-style senseless slaying of three college kids who had managed to "beat the odds" and point their lives in the right direction only to be cut down by aliens who had no right to be in our country. A fourth college student, the sister of one of the victims, as you know, is still hospitalized after having been shot in the face.

Today's edition of the Newark Star Ledger provides information about the illegal alien who, according to news reports, was the individual who was the leader of this band of sociopathic scum that carried out the brutal attacks on these exemplary students. This individual, for whom warrants have been issued in conjunction with this triple homicide, is identified as an illegal alien from Nicaragua. He is reported to have a criminal history and was ordered deported from the United States in 1993. The article says that it is "unclear" as to whether or not he ever left the country! (How can there be any doubt about something as basic as this be "unclear?") Speaking from experience, there is either an executed warrant of deportation in his immigration alien file or there isn't. This is not rocket science, it is a simple matter of finding his immigration file and reviewing it!

Here is something else to consider: According to reports I have read, in September, 2001 there were an estimated 300,000 plus aliens in our country who had failed to show up for deportation hearings or had failed to turn themselves in following their being ordered deported from the United States. Today there are an estimated 600,000 plus such so-called "absconders" or fugitive aliens.

Why has the number of so-called absconders roughly doubled in 6 years? The answer is to be found in the utter lack of resources to enforce our nation's immigration laws. All that we have gotten from our government is an illusion of an effort to enforce our nation's immigration laws and illusions, just like blue smoke and mirrors is incapable of getting the job done. For years we heard about the so-called "catch and release" program along the border where the Border Patrol would arrest an illegal alien only to have to release him because of a lack of jail space. Today we read about ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) claiming to not have the resources to train all of the police departments under the provision of 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to enable them to properly identify illegal aliens and notify ICE. The problem is that ICE is more than just a little short-handed! I have made this point before and I think it is appropriate to make the same point again. On March 10, 2005 I testified at a hearing conducted by the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims on the subject of "Interior Immigration Enforcement Resources." I was stunned to find out that while Congress had appropriate sufficient funds to hire an additional 800 new special agents for ICE, a number I thought was woefully inadequate, the President slashed that number to just 143 new special agents! He similarly cut the 2,000 additional Border Patrol agents that had been funded by Congress to just 210 new agents!

You can read the transcript of that hearing.

This was not the only time that the administration failed to hire an adequate number of enforcement personnel, but represented "business as usual" for an administration that clearly had no desire to see to it that our borders were secured or our immigration laws enforced from within the interior of the United States as well. This situation, in fact, exists right now!

The administration is now claiming that they are going crack down on employers of illegal aliens when Social Security Numbers don't match. This is a great idea, one, in fact that should have been done for the past 20 years, since the implementation of the Immigration Reform and Control Act which included the disastrous amnesty program for nearly 4 million illegal aliens. The problem is that the laws currently on the books would be essentially fine to deal with the immigration crisis, it is the lack of leadership, resources and political will to address the immigration disaster that his impacted so many aspects of our nation today. Everything from the economy, health care, education, the environment and quality of life to criminal justice and national security are getting absolutely hammered. Yet there are those like Senator Kennedy and Senator Specter along with all too many of the "usual suspects" who could apparently care less that American's are paying one hell of a price so that corporations can have cheap compliant labor, immigration lawyers can have an abundance of clients and politicians can therefore reap the campaign contributions and promises of votes by the special interest groups.

The murders are indeed an outrage, but unfortunately, they are not that rare an occurrence. It has been estimated that 25% of the criminal population sitting in jails across the United States are illegal aliens. I have read that there are about 16,000 homicides committed each year in the United States. If the illegal aliens are responsible for 25% of the homicides since that is the percentage of inmates that they represent, then it can be said that each year more people in the United States are killed by illegal aliens then were slaughtered on September 11, 2001. Dead is dead! If the Border Patrol and ICE had been able to the job that We the People should expect them to do, then many of these criminal aliens would never have entered the United States and fugitive aliens would not be allowed to roam our nation's streets. The game of "Hide and Seek" that the illegal aliens and the criminal aliens among them play is nearly one-sided. They hide (in plain sight) and ICE is often unable to seek because of an extreme lack of resources.

Additionally, as our jails fill up with criminals including illegal aliens who should not have been able to enter our country in the first place, there is increased pressure to release criminals back onto the streets to alleviate the overcrowding. How many more crimes are committed by criminal aliens and United States citizen criminals as well because of this constant pressure to try to alleviate this overcrowding?

Meanwhile these criminal aliens, in this case, were not content to simply carry out this outrageous crime, they also seemingly needed to corrupt teenage boys including a relative, to destroy their lives as well! Those young murderers must be treated as adults considering the heinous nature of the crime. Their lives are now, for all intents and purposes, over. As the investigation continues, how many more teenagers may be found to have been drawn into this murderous gang? How many additional crimes might these reprobates be responsible for? I would imagine that there are detectives now going through their case files to see if these bums may have had a hand in additional crimes currently under investigation.

An illusion of enforcement will not protect our nation or our people. The only thing is that the deaths of these exemplary students is no illusion. It is all too real for them and for their families and friends. Those who were close to these young students will find that their lives have been forever altered. The death of a loved one is not the flu but rather an amputation.

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When politicians fail to live up to their oaths of office, there are often real-world consequences. We the People need to do a far better job of supervising our employees! When 80% of Americans state that they want our borders secured, then the politicians have been handed their orders. If they fail to deliver, they must be removed just as an employer would fire an insubordinate employee! That is precisely what the electoral process is all about!

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Michael W. Cutler graduated from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York in 1971 with a B.A. in Communications Arts and Sciences. Mr. Cutler began working for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in October 1971 when he entered on duty as an Immigration Inspector assigned to John F. Kennedy International Airport. In August 1975 he became a Criminal Investigator (Special Agent) for the INS at NYC.

He rotated through virtually every squad in the Investigations Branch. From 1988 until 1991 he was assigned as the INS representative to the Unified Intelligence Division (UID) of the DEA in New York. In 1991 he was promoted to the position of Senior Special Agent and was assigned to the Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) which required that he work with members of other law enforcement agencies including the FBI, DEA, ATF, U.S. Customs and local and state police as well as law enforcement organizations of other countries including Israel, Canada, Great Britain and Japan, to conduct investigations of aliens involved in major drug trafficking organizations. He retired from the INS in February 2002, after a career that spanned some 30 years.

Finally, Michael Cutler has appeared on numerous television and radio programs including Lou Dobbs, Fox News, MSNBC and many other television and radio news-oriented programs to discuss the enforcement of immigration laws.











When politicians fail to live up to their oaths of office, there are often real-world consequences. We the People need to do a far better job of supervising our employees!