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By Michael Cutler
May 9, 2009

An article below that appears in Thursday's edition of the Washington Times and should be filed under “Stories you shouldn't read before bedtime!”

How many times have we heard a number of our nation's leaders make the point that “We have to get it 'right' 100% of the time to protect our nation and our citizens but the terrorists only need to get it right once, in order to succeed in carrying out a terrorist attack?”

The FBI's “Terrorist Watch List” is a key tool that is used by our nation's CBP (Customs and Border Protection) inspectors who decide on whether or not to admit aliens seeking admission into the United States.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 much was made about the need for various federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to share information with one another. Apparently while the CIA knew about some of the terrorists, by failing to notify the former INS, the agency for which I worked for some 30 years, the inspectors were unaware of the terrorists that they unwittingly admitted into the United States who participated in the attacks.

The news report I have posted below shows that this time the inspectors were denied critical information once again. This time it was not because someone made a conscious decision to not share information, but that the system by which names are posted on that critical watch list failed. The potential for irreparable damage, however, was the same.

The implications of this failure, however, go way beyond the inspections process at ports of entry. Here is something else for you to consider.

The administration and a bunch of members of both houses of Congress are, once again, gearing up to foist a veritable nightmare on our nation and on our citizens. Last week, in fact, Senator Charles Schumer, the senior senator from New York States held a hearing before the Senate Immigration Subcommittee that he chairs. The title of the hearing was:

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2009, Can We Do It and How?”

The link to that hearing including the prepared testimony of the witnesses and a portion of the video of that hearing can be found here.

Much of what politicians do should be seen as the creation of illusions. (In fact, I sometimes wonder why real illusionists such as David Copperfield don't run for elected office!)

In order to attempt to assuage the fears of the citizens of our nation and to minimize concerns about the extreme national security risks that such a massive amnesty program would create tout the fact that each application would undergo a “security check.”

In fact, this is the process that is currently used to adjudicate applications for various immigration benefits.


I have testified at numerous Congressional hearings about the extreme dangers that cannot be eliminated by implementing such a program that would require USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to process 100,000 such applications each and every day, filed for aliens whose true identities are unknown and unknowable, by an agency that is utterly unable to do its job now. I have, in fact, noted that there is a world of difference between performing a “security check” on each application performing a field investigation of each alien for whom such applications would be filed.

As an INS senior special agent, I had a “Top Secret” clearance. This clearance required that investigators go out and conduct full field investigations. They were supposed to take my photo with them, knock on my neighbor's doors and interview them as well as family members, friends and professional associates. They would seek to determine if I was using false identities and verify information I provided them on a veritable stack of forms. They repeated this arduous process every 5 years.

A “security check,” on the other hand, simply requires that the name on an applicant's file be run through a database to determine if it is on any watch list or relates to anyone with a criminal history. The applicant alien's fingerprints would also be run through a database to check to see that it does not match someone who has a criminal history or that it does not relate to someone whose name is on a terrorist watch list.

According to the news report, by failing to include names of terror suspects on the watch list, the potential existed that not only might a terrorist have been able to enter the United States, but that he (she) might have been granted an immigration benefit such as lawful immigrant (resident alien) status or even United States citizenship.

When you add this latest screwup with the fact that USCIS has been investigated by the GAO (General Accountability Office) and the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) on numerous occasions and that each and every report points to huge evidence of incompetence you have anything but a “bedtime story!”

I would suggest that you consider a Washington Post article that was published on November 29, 2006 that was entitled, “Citizenship Agency Lost 111,000 Files”

That new report can be found here.

Here is the first paragraph from that article, it is short but succinct and paints a clear and terrifying picture:

“U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has lost track of 111,000 files in 14 of the agency's busiest district offices and processed as many as 30,000 citizenship applications last year without the necessary files, congressional investigators reported yesterday.”

The GAO issued a report about the issue of immigration fraud in December 2008 (just 5 months ago).

The report was entitled:

“IMMIGRATION BENEFITS; Actions Needed to Address Vulnerabilities in Process for Granting Permanent Residency”

This report noted deficiencies in the terrorist watch list and the way that “security checks” are being conducted. The point that is not being considered is the need to conduct field investigations.

It is my understanding that there are fewer than 700 employees at USCIS for the entire country to conduct field investigations and that more than 6 million applications are adjudicated each and every year for a variety of immigration benefits including the conferring of resident aliens status and even United States citizenship upon alien applicants.

What is absolutely incomprehensible is that with all of the talk by the administration about the need to secure our borders, especially the border that is supposed to separate the United States from Mexico, I have yet to hear the administration speak about the need to address the vulnerabilities of the immigration bureaucracy to address the massive fraud crisis that makes a mockery of the adjudications process.


It is also interesting to note that it is commonly stated that until the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, immigration was not seen as a national security issue.

On May 20, 1997 I was invited to appear before the first of what would be many congressional hearings to which I would be invited to testify at. The topic of that oversight hearing was:


The transcript of that hearing can be found here

An incentive for that hearing were the terrorist attacks of 1993 at the CIA and the first bombing of the World Trade Center.

I sometimes wonder if anyone is paying attention!

It has been said that nothing focuses a person's attention more than contemplating the hangman's noose at dawn! Yet with the potential for terrorist attacks and the violence of the various ethnic gangs from the four corners of the globe including the nation that shares our nation's southern border, little more than token efforts are made to secure the immigration system.

This coming September will mark the 8th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11. To put this in proper perspective, on December 7, 1941 our nation, which at the time was not a “super power,” was attacked at Pearl Harbor. In less than four years our nation, in close cooperation with our allies, fought and won the Second World War.

This means that it is now about twice as long since the attacks of 9/11 as it took our nation to win the Second World War and our borders remain unsecured, millions of illegal aliens whose true identities (even their nationalities) are unknown and unknowable. Consequently, their potential criminal histories in other countries is unknown and unknowable. Their possible affiliation with criminal or terrorist organizations is unknown and unknowable. Their intentions are also unknown and unknowable and all too many of our nation's “leaders” are jumping over each other in a frenzy as they plan and scheme to create a “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” program that would, of necessity, provide unknown millions of illegal aliens with identity documents that would serve as the ideal “breeder document.” (Breeder documents are identity documents that can be used to secure other identity documents such as Social Security Cards, driver's licenses and even library cards. This would enable these illegal aliens to open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, own property and travel freely around our country and gain access to government and privately owned office buildings. These documents would enable these aliens to gain access to airports and other such facilities and even secure employment at a wide variety of locations, even, potentially those with serious national security and public safety implications.

This is a clear example of “What you don't know can hurt you!”

Nearly two years ago I wrote an Op-Ed piece for the Washington Times about the then-pending “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act”

I have attached that article beneath the news report about the ineptitude demonstrated by the FBI in keepings its critically important terrorist watch list. I urge you to read my Op-Ed article today. Clearly I was correct back then by saying that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill should be named the “Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act.” Indeed, that same title would be appropriate today, as well.

I was certainly gratified when Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama quoted my Op-Ed piece from the floor of the United States Senate during the floor debate on Comprehensive Immigration Reform on three separate occasions nearly two years ago as he battled for the security of our nation. Two years ago, Senator Sessions and other true leaders in the United States Senate prevailed.

We the People must make our voices heard on this and other critically important issues today!

Right now the administration and members of Congress are moving forward with their plans to create an amnesty program for millions of illegal aliens currently living in our country in violation of law and we know absolutely nothing about them.

The open border advocates are providing hefty campaign contributions for the politicians and making their voices heard. They are determined to foist Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) on this country and our citizens. If they succeed, there will be no way to undo the damage or reverse the process.

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Many people complain that the politicians don't listen to us. The point is that few Americans are even trying to be heard. The apathy and silence of the vast majority of Americans must end!

As members of a democracy We the People have more than the right to speak out, we have the obligation of speaking out!

Please, I implore you to get involved!

2009 - Michael Cutler - All Rights Reserved

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Michael W. Cutler graduated from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York in 1971 with a B.A. in Communications Arts and Sciences. Mr. Cutler began working for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in October 1971 when he entered on duty as an Immigration Inspector assigned to John F. Kennedy International Airport. In August 1975 he became a Criminal Investigator (Special Agent) for the INS at NYC.

He rotated through virtually every squad in the Investigations Branch. From 1988 until 1991 he was assigned as the INS representative to the Unified Intelligence Division (UID) of the DEA in New York. In 1991 he was promoted to the position of Senior Special Agent and was assigned to the Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) which required that he work with members of other law enforcement agencies including the FBI, DEA, ATF, U.S. Customs and local and state police as well as law enforcement organizations of other countries including Israel, Canada, Great Britain and Japan, to conduct investigations of aliens involved in major drug trafficking organizations. He retired from the INS in February 2002, after a career that spanned some 30 years.

Finally, Michael Cutler has appeared on numerous television and radio programs including Lou Dobbs, Fox News, MSNBC and many other television and radio news-oriented programs to discuss the enforcement of immigration laws.












Much of what politicians do should be seen as the creation of illusions. (In fact, I sometimes wonder why real illusionists such as David Copperfield don't run for elected office!)