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Coach Dave Daubenmire
February 21, 2008

I bet there are some sore arms in Washington. It is a good thing that a three-day weekend was just around the corner. Those who sat in on Roger Clemens' hearing before Congress regarding steroid use in baseball could use some steroids themselves.

Wrestling makes one sore and I am not sure that there is enough Ben Gay ( I�m going to resist the urge to joke about Still Gay) for all of the soreness that wrestling for media attention during the Clemens' hearing has caused. I don�t know if you watched it or not but every seat on the committee was filled. I�m not talking about the audience; I�m talking about the committee members. If you ever have insomnia and you turn on C-SPAN you will notice that most committee meetings are very poorly attended by our elected officials.

Well, not the very important meeting on Roger Clemens and his alleged steroid-use. No, sirree, there was standing room only for Clemens� turn in the rotation against the Washington Nationals. He can fill seats in Congress as well as he does in Yankee Stadium. But the real purpose of the �hearing� was for those in the �halls of Congress� to get a chance to hit a home- run off of a �Hall of Famer.�

We would be better off if our elected officials got a job on the TV show �Law and Order� rather than being the ones assigned the job of maintaining law and order. Face-time, that�s what the hearing was about. A chance to be on the same field with America�s greatest pitcher and to make sure that each �official� was able to let us know what a �serious issue� steroid use was and how �America�s pastime� was in danger of collapsing. My goodness, America is almost past- time!

Let me point out right here that I think steroid use among high-school aged students is dangerous. Here is some very scary information on the dangers. But Congress has no business investigating the �medication-use� of a private citizen.

I couldn�t help but feel, as I watched it live on CNN, ESPN, FOX NEWS, that somehow the wrong people were asking the questions. I would much rather have seen the roles reversed -- and it would have sold more tickets if Roger Clemens had been asking the questions. I was much more interested in whether drug use was affecting Congress than I was in whether or not Clemens had used steroids when facing Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, or Sammy Sosa. (I remember hearing something from those officials about making sure the �playing field was level.�) That�s all Clemens was doing. When facing Bonds, do as Bonds does.

I almost had a conniption fit when I heard one of the inquisitors remind Clemens that �lying to Congress was a crime.� Hmm, I thought. Is lying while IN Congress a crime?

Don�t you have to wonder if any members of Congress had been abusing �performance debilitating� drugs and alcohol while doing the nation�s business?

I say it is time to drug- test Congress.

Shortly after the hearings had concluded in Washington D. C., a young man who had recently �gone off of his meds� went hunting for humans at Northern Illinois University. The media is very careful to focus on the number of guns that he carried, the number of shots that were fired, and questioned how it was possible that a �mentally-ill� man could legally get a gun, but failed to make the connection between psychotropic drugs and the killing of young humans by those using such �legal� concoctions. Here is one example.

Instead, Congress holds hearings on drug-abuse by a private citizen in baseball. How about hearings on psychotropic drug-abuse, the fraud being perpetrated by the psychiatrists in America, and the billions of dollars the drug companies make off of made-up illnesses.

Instead of focusing on the �Hall of Famer� we should turn our sights to the �hall of shamers.� Legalized prescription drug-use is killing our kids as Congress investigates baseball.

Do you think Congress knows the answer to this question? What factor links-together nearly all of the recent school shootings in America?

The answer is not �Steroids in Baseball� or Natalee Holloway�s �date-rape drug.� No, my dear, it is use of psychotropic drugs. Use of these �medications" are more dangerous than steroids. � (Funny, isn�t it, steroids are drugs; Ritalin is �medication.�) Look at this partial list of those who have killed others while �under the influence� of their �medication.�

And now, Northern Illinois University is in mourning, not because of a juiced-up Clemens fastball, but because Steven Kazmierczak threw a high-hard one. Hey Congress! How many innocent people are dead as a result of steroids in baseball?

I think our elected officials need to submit to random drug testing. How many shady deals do you think have been negotiated after some �public official� had a few too many �mood altering medications?� Instead of outlawing steroids in professional sports how about outlawing the use of alcohol and drugs when discussing legislative business? If we could keep them from agreeing to �cocktail conspiracies� maybe their minds would clear enough to �clean up� Congress the way they want to �clean up� baseball.

Drug-use in government is a far bigger threat than drug-use in baseball. Rather than sticking their ruby-red noses into baseball, how about they have public hearings on:

That is just for starters, sort of a �spring training� for restoring this nation. Please watch this 7 minute video (Some foul language) and then ask yourself why Congress is spending so much time on trivial pursuits. How did �We the People� lose such control?

Our Congressional leaders are either traitors, ignorant, or on drugs. I think it is time we found out which one it is.

I say it is time to drug-test Congress.

I know that most readers don�t open the links when they read, mainly because of time constraints. So I am including the video-links at the bottom of this commentary so that you can return to them when you have time. PLEASE WATCH THEM.

�My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.�

Here are the video links.

You shall KNOW the Truth and the Truth (only if you know it) will set you free!

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I think our elected officials need to submit to random drug testing. How many shady deals do you think have been negotiated after some �public official� had a few too many �mood altering medications?�