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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 14, 2008

We had a couple more school levies fail recently. I don’t know how it is in other states but here in Ohio the schools are funded primarily by a combination of state taxes, federal dollars, and local property taxes on the citizens. Of the three taxes, only the local one provides the citizens with the opportunity to vote up or down in regards to self-levying more of a tax burden to support the local government indoctrination centers.

It is one of the few times that the voters get to directly say yes or no to new taxes. When was the last time you got a chance to vote “no” on AIDS money for Africa or free medical care for “undocumented” residents?

It is part of the sham, you see. Our elected officials know that if we were given the opportunity to vote on the pet-projects that our “representatives” earmark into the budget, or a voice in the continued escalation of the amount of hard-earned dollars that our “government” garnishes from the pocketbook of hard-working Americans, Washington would soon become a ghost town.

But the slave masters know exactly what they are doing. By allowing us to vote on “local” property taxes for our “local” government indoctrination center they give us the false sense of “local control” of the education of our children. Even though we have an elected “local” school board the dirty little secret is that those sitting on the board really have no power. Oh they may fire a football coach, or hire an English teacher, but for the most part all of the policies are made higher up the food chain.

The real decisions in America are not being made by the folks that you have elected. In issues of public policy there is always “a man behind the curtain” controlling the Leviathan that has become our American government.

As I love to remind folks, the party in Boston Harbor a couple hundred years ago was over tax on tea. I wonder what those boys would say about the beast we have in America today.

But my blood began to boil the other day when I read a yard sign in support of the local school levy. “Yes! Our kids are worth it!” as if a vote against the levy was a vote against kids. Only an ogre could be against poor innocent children was the underlying message trying to shame us into digging into our pockets for more.

I’m not against children. I am against the un-godly “educational” system that is destroying America.

But as fate would have it, after I got home I flipped on the TV and there was one of our “elected officials” in Washington explaining why several million dollars had just been “granted” for yet another attempt to “help the poor.”

“It’s for the children,” the egg-headed expert spoke sympathetically into the camera. “We must do what is right for the children. They are our future!”

At times, my mind is like a rotisserie and on this occasion my thoughts resembled a veritable cornucopia of inconsistencies. For the children, huh? These guys must go to a school that teaches politicians the language of deceit. But my brain still works. I graduated back in the day when they taught us HOW to think….not WHAT to think. Here are some of the entrée’s that were served up on my brain buffet.

If our country was really concerned about the children America would look a lot different. If it was really “for the children:”
Our American dollar wouldn’t be made out of paper.
We would teach real economic principles in school.
The US Constitution would not be called a “living document.”
Credit cards would be illegal.
Womb to tomb welfare would be eliminated


If we really loved our children:
No fault divorce would be illegal.
Abstinence would be taught and expected.
Television would have decency standards.
Abortion would be illegal. (It’s for the children?)
Pornography would not be considered “free speech.”

If our children were really our future we would teach them:
That all religions are not equal.
That there is a God and He is in charge.
That Christian values built this nation.
That Sin is not just a “mistake” but a condition of the heart.
That it takes more than love to make a family.

If we really wanted a safe future for our children we would teach them that:
AIDS is overwhelmingly a homosexual disease.
Condoms don’t work.
There is no condom for the soul.
At no time is a baby merely a “blob of tissue.”
Homosexual behavior leads to early death.

That’s what we’d do if we really loved our kids. If all we did was really “for the children.” Dare I go on?

If we really wanted to leave our children a better future we would:
Stop shackling them with OUR debt.
Close our borders and close them now.
Eliminate the Department of Education.
Close down the ACLU for restricting religious freedom.
Shut down the National Education Association for Communist indoctrination.

If we truly wanted to pass our liberty to our posterity we would:
Make Congress an un-paid position.
Make every reporter declare his political affiliation.
Train Americans on the real duties of a jury.
Require all elected officials pass a test on the Constitution.
Term-limit Supreme Court justices.

If it is really “for the children” we would:
Teach our children the true Faith of our Fathers.
Require the 10 Commandments be taught as America’s moral foundation.
Teach the reality of heaven and hell.
Punish the bad behavior and reward the good.
Re-introduce the concept of shame and modesty.

If our thoughts were on what was best for our children:
Bill Clinton would have resigned.
Jesse Jackson would have been defrocked.
Sodomy would still be a crime.
More judges would be impeached.
The Catholic Church would have come clean on homosexual pedophile priests.

If we want a better life for our kids:
Criminals would re-pay the victim.
Perjury would bring mandatory punishment.
We would drill for oil….now.
Creation and evolution would both be taught.
Legal aid would be free and lawyers would be on a salary scale.

You can add some of your own.

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Here’s the Truth. No one really cares about the children. They all care about is money. They merely see the children as money machines.

We’re sacrificing their future on the altars of self and greed. That’s what the children are for.

We have spent their inheritance.

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It is one of the few times that the voters get to directly say yes or no to new taxes. When was the last time you got a chance to vote “no” on AIDS money for Africa or free medical care for “undocumented” residents?