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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
April 9, 2009

You never know what the Lord will do.

Much of what I do is frustrating. I'm not complaining nor looking for sympathy, but the fact remains that sometimes I feel like I am beating my head against the proverbial wall.

I host a radio show, write a weekly commentary, travel the nation trying to encourage Christians to live out their faith, teach Biblical worldview to high school kids, coach a high school football team, minister on the streets, and fulfill my most important duties as a husband and a father.

It is not often that I get the opportunity to see the fruits of my labors. Dealing with people does not produce immediate results. It is usually years before anyone realizes the impact that one's life has had.

I pray that my life has impact. That sometime, somewhere, something that I did produced fruit that abides for my Lord and Savior.

But it doesn't really bother me, the discouragement. I just try to be faithful to plough my row, no matter how often others criticize the way I furrow the field.

If I could indulge you for a moment, I would like to share with you what keeps my pulling the plough.

Last week we posted on our website the Red Envelope Campaign which really was nothing more than an opportunity for people to DO SOMETHING to make their voices heard on the issue of abortion.

I heard from many who told me how our efforts were a waste of time...that the president would never change his mind, how it was nothing more than a “feel good” project and how I would be better off directing my "followers" to more productive work.

But I kept ploughing anyway because I feel the frustration of so many Christians who have a sense of hopelessness in their desire to make a difference. So we posted it on our site and encouraged folks to send an envelope to the president. At least it was something that would help them feel like they had done something.

On Tuesday night I received an email that I would like to share with you. Before I do I want to ask you a few simple questions.

Mom and Dad, why do you allow your children to be poisoned by the government schools? Why do you yield to a stranger the responsibility to teach your children values? As I read this email I wondered what a parent would be willing to trade to have the opportunity to have been part of this "teachable moment."

To those of you who are grandparents I would ask what is more valuable than the heritage that you leave to your children's children? Why don't more grandparents make the sacrifice that Linda made in order to give to her grandchildren something that can never be taken away? When will we wake up and turn our eyes away from the material blessings of retirement and rescue the little one's who are being led astray? What good is a full bank account when you have spiritually empty grandchildren?

Here is the email. As the old saying goes, "read it and weep." I corrected some typos. The first part of the email was from Dustin.

Coach. Please read the article below. It was written by my mother-in-law Linda, about her experience with my daughters while they prepared "Red Envelopes" to send to President Obama. This was a very serious and touching e-mail to me, so I'm sharing it with you. I love your radio show and articles. My mother-in-law has given up her career as a Public School Educator to devote all her time to homeschooling me and my wife's 4 daughters. She is a great teacher and the girls are progressing amazingly academically, but most important is this fact: Linda loves Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit has used her to teach my children to know and love Jesus also, I thank the Lord everyday for this gift He's blessed my family with, the gift of knowing Him. Linda's also the one who introduced me to your articles and radio show, thanks for your time Coach, and thanks for continually proclaiming the Truth. Maranatha.

What follows is an email from the home-schooling grandma to her son-in-law.


March 31st was "Red Envelope" Day. We participated by preparing our red envelopes to send to President Obama. Xena knows the tragedy of abortion, but JLee did is very difficult to explain to a 6 year old about legalized abortion, everyone who "sits on the fence" should try it sometime, I believe it would radically alter their viewpoint. I wanted to keep the explanation as mild as possible; any attempt to gloss could confuse JLee, and Xena would not let any dishonesty for delicacy sake to occur. As I was pondering my approach, the thought kept popping up, "If I can't explain to a 6 year old then what unbelievable excuse are we telling ourselves?" Abortion is what it abort means to this case, it means the existence of the baby. I know I am "preaching to the choir," however the recent reports show the staggering numbers of abortions in my lifetime have totally flattened me...and these numbers are only for the United States!

Could I have made a difference in all those years? Could I have sought the Lord more? Of course, I could have...there can be no other answer; the shame hits me with such a horrid force. But, I do not despair, for I have a Redeemer who forgives the tragedy of my Laodecia sin. Moreover, my renewed hope is this, as long as He tarries...I can be His sword, awake and able to will His will.

There are many things in this world that a 6 year old child need not know about; many things that are considered inappropriate or gruesome and for me abortion is one of them. I was not prepared to tell JLee the "reasons" given for abortion, I was simply going to tell her what it was and why we were sending the envelopes...but this seemed to be so cold. I toyed with the idea of NOT telling her, but I knew Xena would have not liked this idea. I knew there would not be a barrage of questions after my explanation; JLee is simply not like that. Knowing this it made it worst for me; questions clear the air and set the feet on a straight path…

Here is what I told this little girl and her remarkable reply:

"Doodle, we are mailing these envelopes to President Obama. We are mailing them because he is signing into law that our tax dollars be used for women who do not want to carry their babies anymore. It is called abortion. Some people believe they have a right to keep their babies from growing inside of them and so they abort them. They believe they have good reasons..." I hesitated for a question, but none came...I continued, "Right now, there are laws that restrict abortions and keep our tax dollars from paying for this, President Obama wants to change this and make abortion possible for everyone at anytime, even in other countries. There are people mailing these envelopes from all over the country and we hope that President Obama will listen and understand how many people do not want him to promote abortion."

JLee was quiet for a long moment, as she pondered, I watched a very sad realization come upon her face, very quietly she asked me, "Grammie, why would a Mommy want to kill her baby?"

My heart sank, I had been careful not to use the word kill, although this is what happens to the child; to deny it would be insane and “culturally accepted” explanations absurd given the astute clarity of her question. Truth was what she wanted, “JLee, I just don’t know...except for the fact that we are all sinners...can you see my little Doobug, why we so desperately need a Savior?” Her little lip trembled, and I hugged her, "The babies that have been aborted are safe in the arms of worries there...but the Mommies' need our prayers. They have to live with a very bad choice and they need to know about the saving Grace and Forgiveness of our Lord."

We prayed and I could tell she took a great comfort in knowing the babies were now safe with the Lord and their mothers given to Jesus.

I wish President Obama could have looked into the face of JLee as she asked that feel the crush of its weight... Talk later Linda Psalm 139

"If anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a large millstone was hung around his neck and he was drowned at the bottom of the sea. Matthew 18:6.

I wonder what little JLee's first grade government school teacher would have told her. Would she have taught her to “know and love Jesus?”

For the love of God Mom and Dad, rescue your children from the godless government schools.

For the sake of your grandchildren Grammie and Grampie sell everything if you have to and protect the precious little souls from being poisoned. Sell the stinking RV, and the vacation home and invest in the lives of your grandkids.

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What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his grandkids? Rescue them Grandpa!

It seems as if some fruit is coming from all the ploughing.

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Mom and Dad, why do you allow your children to be poisoned by the government schools? Why do you yield to a stranger the responsibility to teach your children values?