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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 27, 2009

I am a political atheist. I have come to realize that neither party represents the people, they only represent the Party.

It is like a football game. The Democrats are on one side of the field and the Republicans are on the other side. “We the people” have been relegated to the role of cheerleader. Our lives are the football that they kick around. It doesn’t matter to either side what happens to the people, it only matters whether or not their team wins.

The Republicans don’t really care about “conservative values”; they are only interested in beating Obama and his boys. Pelousy and her sissy boys don’t care about healthcare for the American people, they only want to use their power to stick it to the Republicans. Winning politically is the goal, not good government, and the welfare of the American Republic is only a chip that they play in the Texas Hold ‘Em masquerading as legislation.

Well I am sick of it, and I am not just going to run my chops about it. I think it is time “we the people” elbowed our way back to the poker table. After all, it is our money they are gambling with.

Look, Tea Parties are a great thing and I am happy that Joe Six Pack is finally beginning to wake up, but if you don’t mind me saying so most of the Tea Parties are nothing more than talk. The boys at the original one didn’t do a lot of talking…they put action to their passion. They called it a “Tea Party” because of what they did …not what they said. It is time to throw a little tea into the harbor.

The tea parties remind me of high school football. Most schools have a Friday afternoon pep-rally to charge the team up for the big game. The girls dance, the band plays, and the football captain talks tough about what they are going to do to the opponent. Everyone is brave in the middle of a friendly crowd.

But a few hours later, far removed from the smell of perfumed co-eds, the guys on the team are going to have to strap up their chin straps and go knock somebody down. The thrill of the pep rally only lasts until the first slobber-knocker from the opponent’s middle linebacker. It is at that point that the men get separated from the boys.

Please understand, I am not making fun of those who are attending the Tea Parties…I have been to a few myself. But at some point we are going to have to move from the pep rally to the playing field, and they way I see it the clock is about to strike zero. It is time for the kickoff.

Please understand this is not a political thing with me. This is a liberty thing…a duty I have as an American. The future of my children and grandchildren is at stake. I’m talking now…right now…this may be our last chance to reclaim our government from our “elected officials.”

I am moving from the pep rally and heading for the kickoff. Is anyone willing to join me?

Zack Space is my Congressional representative. He is what they call a “blue-dog Democrat” (Which I guess is different from a yellow-dog Republican.) and he was elected to represent us in the conservative 18th Ohio District, a seat once held by Republican Bob Ney who served time for his behavior in the Jack Abramoff “bailout.”

He has, for the most part, been a pretty good boy, Republican enough to get re-elected to a second 2 year term. But something has happened to him since BO and Pelousy have seized control of Washington. Mr. Space, a former football player at Kenyon College has turned yellow in the face of the blitz by the “princess of darkness” Pelousy, and the candidate of Hope and Change.

Space has gone soft. He has left the football field and has returned to the locker room where the cheerleaders are rubbing his back and telling him what a hero he is for spitting in the face of those whom he serves.


Now let me be clear. I couldn’t care less what party Space is a part of. I think all of Washington deserves a house cleaning…get rid of ‘em all. But in the meantime, he has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. In my humble opinion, Zack Space is fumbling the ball, and has forgotten who he works for. He works for me. Not the Democrat Party, not for Pelousy, and not for Obama. Congressman Space works for me.

But there is one small problem with this former linebacker. He does not want to “huddle” with the team. He wants to run the plays that Pelousy has called, rather than construct a game plan based on the will of the folks he has sworn to represent.

Last week it came to a head with me. Since the congressional recess began I have called Congressman Space’s office numerous times requesting information on where he will be holding his “Town Hall” meetings. His staff has given me the run around, refusing to tell me where I might be able to find him. His website lists every pork barrel project he has brought to the district, but does not provide one iota of information on where one could meet the Congressman face-to-face.

Last Wednesday I was part of a Tea Party/Town Hall meeting at his local office. He was not there. It seems that he had scheduled a “private invitation only” meeting at a residence 50 miles from where we were. My wife and I, along with a handful of hearty folks, drove to the private residence to request a meeting with Mr. Space. A Deputy Sheriff (picture) was there to inform us that we were not welcome at the meeting. It seems that Space was busy with some of his “constituents.” We sent word that we would like a few minutes with him to schedule our own meeting. Sadly, he didn’t have time.

After waiting patiently for three hours to speak with him (or one of his staff) a call came through the Deputy that Congressman Space would now meet “privately” with me…no cameras, no press…in secret. I refused the offer. I don’t want to talk to Congressman Space…I want him to talk to US. I want to look in his eyes, and have him look into ours, and let us know where he stands on the issues. Perhaps I would be a supporter of his…but I don’t know what he believes and he refuses to come clean in public. Whatever happened to open, honest, transparent government? He snuck out under the cover of darkness…refusing to give us two minutes on the public record.

What does he have to hide? What is he ashamed of? Why won’t he face those he has sworn to represent? I’m sick of it…all of them in Washington…and I am not just going to go to a Tea Party and complain about the way I have been treated. I am taking it to the field. Kick off is Thursday.

I have committed to a round-the-clock vigil outside the office of Congressman Zack Space. Beginning Thursday morning at 7:00 am EST I will take up my position outside his office in Zanesville, Ohio and I will remain there until he agrees to a PUBLIC TOWNHALL MEETING with his serfs. I will sleep there, eat there, and speak there until Mr. Space agrees to the meeting. Leaving only for my high school coaching duties in the afternoon I feel compelled to demand what the Constitution provides, a “redress of grievances” by the citizens through their representatives.

The future of my children and grandchildren is at stake. The Super Bowl is now…the pep rallies are over.

Here is the statement I am releasing to the media Thursday morning.

"‘We the people’ are the first three words to the Preamble of the US Constitution. At no time in American history have the citizens felt more removed from their government than they do today. We are currently faced with legislation that may alter the direction of this nation forever. It is imperative that Congressman Space not hide behind his supporters. He was elected to represent all the citizens of the 18th District and not to be a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. As a former football player at Kenyon College I would hope that Congressman Space understands the importance of a huddle and the need for everyone to know the play that is being called. I will remain outside his office until he agrees to a ‘Huddle’ with those he represents, or until it becomes obvious that Congressman Space has decided to ‘run his own play’ without any input from those who will be footing the bill."

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The time for talk is over. It is time to run a play. Why don’t you join me at your Representative’s office and demand accountability. I say enough is enough.

What are they hiding from?

“Can Congressman Space come out to play?” I’ll be waiting outside his office until he can.

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I am a political atheist. I have come to realize that neither party represents the people, they only represent the Party.