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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
April 8, 2010

Very few on the political scene have the courage that I have. That may seem arrogant, but as my friend Mark told me, “Saying the truth ain’t braggin’.”

I call ‘em as I see ‘em…not a politically correct bone in my body…but sometimes I wonder why I don’t just lay low. That is how most people get elected. Most of politicians never take a bold stance on anything out of fear of alienating potential voters. I’m just the opposite. I am looking for Gideon’s Army…those who are not ashamed of what they believe and not afraid to speak it.

I campaign with my Cross Hat on. I know it is a little out of the norm because the Cross is an offense to many. Last week at our recent debate I had a “Republican official” approach me at the half-time break and suggest I take off my hat.

“I really like what you have to say and you say it like no one else I have heard in awhile, but you are gonna have to take that hat off. It turns off some people who might otherwise vote for you.”

“Really?” My brown eyes flashed. “I don’t want anyone who is offended by the Cross to vote for me. They are not who I am after. I am looking for God-fearing Americans who are tired of hiding their faith in their back pocket. My Christianity is who I am and not just a hat I wear. Love me or hate me, this is who I am. And by the way, sir, if I were a Muslim running for office would you have the gall to ask me to take off my headscarf? I am sick and tired of having folks tell me my opinion doesn’t count because I am a Christian.”

We have a radical Marxist in the White House. We need a radical Christian in “The People’s House.” I don’t want to just “go to Congress.” I want to lead a movement. Polls show that as many as seventy new representatives will be elected in November. They need a leader…someone who will grab a flag and run up the hill… "Come on boys; let’s go take our country back." I’ll build a team, lead a charge, and build their courage. I can win. Please give me a chance. Donate today. Help me get to Washington where I’ll have a larger platform to say what many of you are thinking.

It is getting to be crunch time boys and girls and I don’t know what the Tea Party folks are waiting on. Why won’t they pick a horse?

In my race for Congress there are three legitimate “citizen candidates” and four “Republicans.” Two of the “establishment candidates” have held political office; another spent a lifetime as the appointed State Director of Agriculture, and the fourth is a lawyer who ran unsuccessfully for the job in 2008. Interestingly enough, they are the four leaders in the money-raising category as well.

The Tea-Party leaders are wonderful, self-less people. They have spent countless hours and plenty of their own money in the fight to get our nation back. Their grass-roots efforts have been phenomenal, but I am afraid that all of that is about to come to naught. The Republican Party is not trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement; they are trying to buy it.

Here in Ohio’s 18th the National Republican Party is dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaign coffers of their anointed candidate. (Why have a primary if the Republican Party picks the winner before the contest starts?) My home mailbox is filled twice a week with fliers touting his “conservative values.” They have spent thousands of dollars on radio ads on Limbaugh and Hannity trying to raise the name recognition of this political hack. Unfortunately, name recognition is the key and if you don’t have it the Republican Party can buy it for you. The Republican Party has more money than the Tea Party has bags.

I am sure that our race is no different from others around the nation.

I believe in the two-party system, but only to the point that the citizens really are in control of picking their candidates. In a spirit of “co-operation” the Tea Party leaders are remaining “non partisan” for fear of “splintering” the movement. I understand their position.


But they are wrong.

The true Tea-Party candidates are fighting NOW, in the primaries, for a chance to win in November. Most are running in Republican primaries…races where the Republican bosses have already picked their horses. If the Tea Party folks don’t jump on a horse and ride NOW we will all be faced with the dismal prospect of choosing between a party-picked Republican and a repentant Obamican in the fall.

Isn’t that how we got in this mess? Is trading a Democrat horse for a Republican horse really the answer to our problem? Is this what all of the Tea Party energy has brought us to?

Perhaps the Tea Party folks couldn’t care less what I think but I am going to give them my two-cent’s worth anyway. It is time to get off of the proverbial fence and back a Tea-Party candidate in each race. That is the only way to take our government back. Without it, the two-party stranglehold on the political process will continue.

I have spoken at Tea Parties across the nation. I have felt the energy and the passion that they exude. There isn’t time to build a new party…we must take over the one that already exists. Without strong direction from the leadership in each Tea Party group how will the “Tea-Baggers” know who to vote for? If the best Tea Party candidate doesn’t get through the primary there will be no change in Washington next fall.

Riding an Elephant rather than a Donkey doesn’t get us out of the jungle. It is time to open the doors and empty the Zoo.

It is time for the Tea Party to endorse some candidates.

The Republican leadership doesn’t get it. They have no idea how angry the folks in the heartland are and they are assuming that disgruntled voters are going to turn to them. They are counting on November to turn things around, but the candidates are being selected NOW. What are the Tea Party leaders waiting on?

In our race in Ohio there are three citizen candidates. I say let’s pick one and get behind him. I don’t care if it is me, but won’t someone give us some direction? Who should the loyal patriots vote for? Make a pick, take a stand, and put all of that energy behind one candidate. This is war. Stop worrying about hurt feelings. Pick a horse and let the internet do its job.

Let’s start with these requirements for Tea Party endorsements….no attorneys…and no previously elected candidates. We must start from scratch…clean house…give true citizen candidates a chance.

Whenever I get the chance to speak at the rallies, I love to remind folks that the original Tea-Party patriots are famous for what they DID, not what they said. We trust the leadership to tell us who to vote against; why won’t they tell us who to vote for? Throwing the incumbent scoundrels overboard will be futile if we simply replace them with the same old brand.

I had three minutes to speak last week at another Republican Party Dinner and I gave them my best half-time locker-room speech. I delivered both barrels, much of it directed at political hacks in both parties.

When the meeting concluded five red-blooded Americans surrounded me. Leo, the apparent spokesman for the group, cleared his voice and said:

“Sir, during the meal my friends and I were discussing who we should vote for, and to be honest, none of us had ever heard of you. But one guy at our table commented that we needed someone who was pissed off. After hearing you speak, we all agree we have found our man. We will be telling everyone we know who they should vote for.”

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It is time to either fish or cut bait. The candidates in November are being selected today. What are the Tea Party leaders afraid of?

Get on a horse and ride. That’s what Paul Revere did and they still talk about him today. Good thing he wasn’t impartial.

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Janet Napolitano released a report informing her “officers” that those who were showing up at the Tea Parties were the folks who were most threatening to America.