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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 11, 2011

I think it is time to stop pulling our punches. Because we have been bull-whipped with political correctness, most people are afraid to state what is obvious.

I don’t care how much the media covers for him, or how much his communist cabal yells “racist” every time someone questions one of his policies, or how many years he spent hiding in Jeremiah Wright’s “church,” I will no longer be bullied by fear of ridicule into denying what is plainly obvious to anyone with the courage to look with un-biased eyes.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.

I don’t care what names they call me. I don’t care what evidence they try to present to the contrary, I refuse to deny the evidence before my eyes. If presented with the honest evidence even the Casey Anthony jury would not be fooled by this imposter in the White House.

There is more evidence that Obama is a Muslim than there is evidence that Casey killed little Caylee.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. Why would he deny it?

Consider this:

In the religion of Islam the bloodline is passed through the father. Any child who is fathered by a Muslim is born a Muslim. By his own admission, Barack Obama’s father was a Muslim. It makes no difference what country he was born in. According to Islamic Law, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. passed his Muslim faith on to his son, Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

His mother’s faith or upbringing does not abrogate the birth right of her son. In Islam, if a Muslim man rapes a Christian woman the child is considered Muslim. That is one of the techniques of Jihad. It helps increase the Muslim population. Read your history.

Barack Obama’s mother, by his own admission, later married Muslim Lolo Soetoro. Because his records are sealed we cannot determine if Lolo adopted little Barry, but we do know that Barry was enrolled in school in Indonesia as a Muslim. Here are the records. Barry’s religion is listed as “Islam.”

Remember, a child is born Muslim. Islam does not permit “freedom of religion.”

But President Obama says he became a “Christian” when he felt the call at the “church” of Jeremiah Wright. According to Obama, at some point, he converted to Christianity.

In Islam, it is a death penalty for a Muslim to convert to Christianity. Anyone who leaves the Muslim faith will soon have a fatwah against him. A fatwah is a “legal document” issued by a Muslim leader calling for, among other things, the death of a violator of Islamic Law.

Do you remember Salmon Rushdie and his book The Satanic Verses? A fatwah was ordered against him by Ayatollah Khomeini. Fatwah’s are common in Islam. It is the Islamic way of dealing with those who dishonor Islam.

Leaving Islam is a great dishonor.

Have you heard of any fatwah’s against the President of the United States? Wouldn’t you think that somewhere in the Islamic world some radical Islamisist would order a fatwah against the President for leaving Islam? Could there possibly be a more visible former-Muslim that Barack Obama? Certainly a fatwah against Obama would bring glory to Allah and give some Muslim-celebrant a free pass to paradise.


Yet, no fatwah? Not from any of the 300 million or so “radical” followers of the “religion of peace?” They hate America. Why do they love Obama?

Being a Muslim and president is no crime. But do you think that Obama could have been elected president if he had run on “his Muslim faith?

In Islam it is legal to lie to advance the cause of Islam. In fact, it is legal to pretend to convert to Christianity as long as you do not “convert in your heart.” In other words, if you have to “convert” to advance the cause of Allah no one will issue a fatwah against you because they understand that you have not “turned in your heart.”

Barack Obama has not “turned in his heart” and the Muslim world knows it. Farrakhan call him “our brother.” So did Gadhafi. Jeremiah Wright and Farrakhan are good buddies. They share a common hatred of the American way of life…especially white America. They share the religion of “black liberation theology.” Birds of a feather flock together.

Obama bows to Saudi Kings. Do you think he doesn’t know what he was doing?

Open your eyes.

Obama has flooded his administration with appointees who are Muslims. Can you name even one appointment that the President has made that would be considered an evangelical Christian? Even one? Where are his appointees from the Moral Majority?

Obama loves the Muslim Brotherhood. We are too stupid to understand that the Muslim Brotherhood are nothing more than Jihadists that wear suit and ties rather than head coverings. They are the Chamber of Commerce of radical Islam.

Have you ever heard Obama speak with reverence in regards to the Bible? When he does makes reference to the Bible it is in the form of ridicule. Yet over and over he speaks of the “Holy Koran.”

Do you know of any true Christian who would call the Koran “holy?”

Don’t call me names. It won’t impact the Truth. What are you going to believe? Your own eyes, or what the media, the president, and his henchmen tell you?

Shake your head, your eyes are stuck.

The last two weeks I have spent some time with Egyptian Christian Usama Dakdok. He travels the nation trying to awaken America to the Islamic threat. Take the time to watch this free video on his website. It is long but informative.

Did you know that 87% of the world’s Muslims are cannot even read the Koran? It is written in Arabic and most Muslims cannot read Arabic. Many in the 57 Muslim countries are illiterate. They rely on the “Clerics” to tell them what the Koran teaches.

Most English translations of the Koran have been done by these Clerics. They have white-washed what the Koran actually teaches. Can you read Arabic? Can you prove that the Koran actually says what the Clerics have told us it does? Should we trust them?

Usama Dakdok has spent 4 years translating the Koran into English. Arabic is his native language. His word-for-word translation of the Koran shows us what it really says. It reveals what is being taught behind closed doors in the Mosques. You can order it here. Have you ever read the Koran? How do you know what it teaches?

The Muslim world knows Obama is a Muslim. We are too politically correct to even question it.

Obama is not stupid. I wish he were. He is doing exactly what he has planned to do. He wants to weaken America so that we will no longer be the world’s super power.

Islam means “submission.” Submit or die.

There is plenty of evidence that Obama is friendly toward Islam and Islamic nations. Do you see any evidence of his Christianity?

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America may not be at war with Islam…but Islam is at war with America. Denying the obvious will not make it go away. Our silence is deadly. Would you feel comfortable if Obama confessed his Islamic faith to the nation?

Open your eyes. Quit worrying what people think. Watch the video and educate yourself. Your grandkids are counting on you.

There is a Muslim in the White House. It is not a crime…just the truth. Christians put him there.

It is time to start saying so. There is a Muslim in the White House.

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In the religion of Islam the bloodline is passed through the father. Any child who is fathered by a Muslim is born a Muslim. By his own admission, Barack Obama’s father was a Muslim.