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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
March 1, 2012

Have you looked around lately? I mean really looked around.

Most Americans are walking dead men…dead on the inside. But they don’t know it.

They spend their time chasing after stuff…or things. Every thing that drives them is a result of some motivation from the outside.

Music, NASCAR, the Academy Awards, NFL, Fox News, i-phones, iPods, TV, fantasy football, porn…

Everyone is yearning for some outside stimulus from which they can charge their batteries.

It is because the average person is dead inside. Everything that keeps them going is based on an external jolt. Life is just something they live through…endure…just walking dead men.

Entertainment is the battery-charger that makes them feel alive. But the “charge” is short-lived. Just like the Chevy Volt, at the end of the day, most Americans need to be connected to an auxiliary power source.

“I just had to get my battery re-charged” I overheard a man say the other day regarding his recent trip to the casino.

What is charging your batteries? What are you plugged into? From where do you draw your inner strength? What makes you feel alive?

Let’s face it. Most American’s are dead on the inside.

When the hard times hit America and everything that folks use to charge their batteries is either suspended or gone, there will be great despair. Without a power source, they will shrivel up and die.

Dead batteries. Zombies. The night of the living dead is soon to be the norm in America.

Three kids are physically dead in Ohio. The media wants to blame it on the usual…bullying…but T J Lane was powered by the wrong source.

I spent 25-years working with “troubled” kids in government schools. I don’t know T J, but I knew many like him.

I believe as the story unfolds we will see a picture of a directionless child from a broken family, void of any real connection to anyone or anything. Like thousands of others, he overdosed on amusement…video games, movies, social media…struggling to find something to connect to… something to give him life.

But it was all empty, and worse yet, temporary. His power-source was no longer sufficient to fully charge the batteries.

T J wasn’t a “bad kid”, he was just dead inside. Just like his parents…and most of his friends…plugged into worldly system striving for “self-fulfillment.” Walking dead people.

Yep. There are many more T J Lanes out there. They don’t all kill and they are not bullied. But they are dead on the inside.

Sometimes I even wonder if we love our children.

Turn on your TV for five minutes and make a note of the commercials. All of them are geared to improvement of the body, or the mind. Paint it up, puff it up, shrink the size, eat this, don’t eat this, study that, try this method, fifty ways to fifty dollars…this celebrity uses this, this celebrity uses that, you can be a celebrity to if you will try it…

Rarely will you find any mention of feeding the soul. The culture caters to the flesh and the mind. Spiritual things are classified as “religious” and given their own TV channels.

Meanwhile, most of America has Spiritual-anorexia. We are a Spirit-starved nation. Americans are dead inside, charged up on counterfeit energy.


I hate religion. Nothing has destroyed the Gospel more than religion. Ponder this quote:

“Religion is the dead faith of those now living. Christ is the living faith of those now dead.”

Americans are religious and dead. They follow a set of guidelines spelled out by their church. Ask the average church-goer what “religion” he/she is and you will find a startling answer.

“Baptist” or “Lutheran,” “Pentecostalm,” “Methodist,” “Catholic,” “Assemblies of God,” “non-Denominational”…38,000 different Christian- denominations in the world. Not two in ten will give the correct response…”Christian.”

Most people follow religion. They have never connected with Christ.

That’s why most Americans are spiritually dead.

I used to be a walking dead man. I know what that is like. I remember how it feels…going to “Church” and leaving the same as when I walked in. Playing the game. Doing all of the “religious stuff” that all of the “religious leaders” instructed me to do.

But they weren’t plugged in to the source either. They preached about money and “blessings” and “healings”, and their “religion” became nothing more than another battery source; something to plug into that would make their “journey” on earth a little more bearable. The Scriptures call it “the blind leading the blind.”

But then I found Jesus.

Oh, some of you reading this will laugh because you think I’m foolish. But that’s ok. I used to think like you as well…a walking dead man. But then I found Jesus.

Jesus is life!! He doesn’t make life better. He IS life! He is the life-source of all creation.

Most “Christians” are not connected to Jesus. They are religious. They cling to their “stuff” just as frantically as the average Joe. It is their “stuff” that charges their batteries. Jesus is merely the one who dispenses the goodies.

They don’t love Jesus for Who He is, but for what He provides.

That’s why multi-cultural education is all the rage. The blind are leading the blind. Those who don’t know Jesus don’t want Jesus to be spoken of. They are dead. They are connected to “things in the culture” from which they get their power. “Whatever turns you on” they say.

For many, Christ is just another wall-outlet into which they insert their plug. Walking dead men.

But Jesus is not a battery charger; he is a “transformer.”

An electrical transformer is a device that changes electrical energy from one circuit to another. The natural world cannot power a spiritual being. Trusting the “things of this world” to charge your batteries is like trusting in milk to produce cows.

Jesus transformed me.

It’s funny, you know. Jesus told us that in order to live we must die. Only when I died to myself, did I discover real life. Jesus is life.

Christ is THE power source. Everything flows out of Him. Jesus changes a person from the inside out. You can’t flow out what has never flowed in. If Jesus is powering you out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

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It’s too bad so few understand it.

Living my life for me was empty. Living my life for Him empowers others.

“Religion is the dead faith of those now living. Christ is the living faith of those now dead.”

I died to myself and am no longer a walking dead man. I traded my life for His. Jesus is life!

Now I am a dead-man walking.

I wonder if anyone every told T J Lane?

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Everyone is yearning for some outside stimulus from which they can charge their batteries.