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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
April 19, 2012

At the risk of hurting your feelings I want to point out to you another reason why we are losing the battle for the culture.

There is a part of me that seems to always come off as “being critical.” In fact, that is one of the leading criticisms that I get when readers refer to things that I have written.

“Can’t you ever tell us anything good, Coach?” I had a responder write to me last week.

Or, I get a lot of these “You sure have a knack for pointing out everything that is wrong in the world, but I rarely hear you offer any solutions.”

I think those comments are somewhat valid.

But please understand that my training is as a Coach. For years I spent my time popping a film into the machine and studying it to see mistakes. That is the way my mind was trained. After a game we reviewed every play and although I noticed the great effort and the great plays that the players were making, it was always the MISTAKES that jumped off of the screen at me.

You see, every play was designed to be successful. If it didn’t work it was likely that someone had a blown assignment. The mistakes jumped off of the screen like popcorn in a pan. Only until I discovered the mistakes could I figure out why the play had flopped.

I used to tell our guys this simple statement. “We will lose a lot more games than our opponents will ever win.”

Defeat usually comes, not because your opponents did something great, but because we did something wrong. We lose the game, they didn’t win it. We beat ourselves…

So, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “Here I go again.”

We are losing all of the major battles in the culture because we do not understand the power of words. To be more specific, we always “pull our punches.” That is what they claim made Muhammed Ali such a great boxer. His opponents never knew which punch was a hard one. Sometimes he flicked his hands like a snake, other times he slapped with the back of the glove, only to set up a ton of bricks straight to the snout.

He kept the opponents off balance. But we “Values Voters” are so predictable. We use Sonny Liston’s lumbering style, while our opponents are Ali’s “float like a butterfly sting like a bee.”

“What do you mean, Coach?” I hear you thinking. OK. I’ll try to explain.

Take the term “Values Voters.” Can you please explain to me what that means? What is a Values Voter? Or more specifically, who isn’t one? Words mean different things to different folks.

Values are defined as the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of a person or social group. Everyone votes his/her values. The problem is we don’t all share the same values.

Hillary Clinton votes her values. So does Obama. Hugh Hefner has values he votes and they usually line up with Larry Flynt’s. Homosexual’s have values. So do abortionists, pornographers, and communists. And they vote them. They too, are “Values Voters.”

So why do we use such weak, nebulous terms? Why do we so often “pull our punches” when we enter into the fight? I think we would be far more effective if we landed a haymaker right between the chops. We should call ourselves Biblical Voters…but that would not be inclusive, would it? And of course, we Christians must be inclusive. (I thought God told us to “come out from among them and be ye separate.)

Pro-life is another one of those weak terms. Who isn’t pro-life for goodness sake? Some people are so pro-THEIR-life that they are willing to kill a baby so as not to interfere with the enjoyment of life. Jeffrey Dahmer was pro-life; He just wasn’t pro-someone-else’s-life.


We play right into our opponent’s hands. They don’t win, we lose. Our inclusive approach has not helped us get much traction in the sinking sand of the American culture.

Why do we use the term “Gay?” Where did that come from? I went to high school in the 60’s with a guy named Gaylen Queen, but we called him Gay Queen. (I swear…google his name). We didn’t call him that to tease him. We called him that because it was his name. Can you imagine a parent naming a child Gay Queen in today’s culture? Can you image a classmate calling a friend that today?

But who changed the meaning of the word? If someone inquired about how your day was going would you dare to answer “I’m gay!” Read this. Change the words, change the world.

But we join in the chorus. They are no longer “homos” or homosexuals they are “gay.” We lost the battle because we began to use the language that they dictated. God called them ‘sodomites.” When was the last time you heard a “Values Voter” publicly call them what God called them? Their behavior is not an “alternative lifestyle” it is deviant, perverted behavior, at least according to the Bible.

We pull our punches.

Or, I love this one. Sodomites are now permitted to “marry.” I promise you my buddy Gay Queen would never have imagined something so vile 40 years ago. “Marriage” implies the nautical term To join (two ropes) end to end by interweaving their strands.” Only through a sexual union can the “two become one.” Homosexuals can not consummate a union of their genitals. They must have “sex” by using some alternative method or utensil.

Marriage springs from the Latin term Matrimony. Matri(mother) mony(to determine) was the term given whereby a woman was given the right to be a “mother.” There is no such thing as “same-sex marriage…or “gay marriage.” No my friends, no matter what they tell you “gay marriage” should be called “sodomite fornication.”

But that wouldn’t be very Christian, now would it? We pulled our punches, adopted their language, and are endanger of losing the family.

Not “traditional family.” See that is another distinction they have created. There is only one type of family and if you shake your head hard enough the correct answer will come to you.

I’m about done although I am not nearly finished.

Let the fake words roll off of your tongue. We think we are tricky with our “sloganeering”, when all we are really doing is watering down the “Word of God.” God’s Words are our weapons in this fight. Why are we so willing to dilute what He has so clearly spoken?

Taxation is theft. Shacking up is fornication. Interest is usury. Political spin is lying. Two “dads” does not make a family. A child raised by a village is intrusion. Unemployment is not a job. Free education is coveting. Invading countries is not peacekeeping. Abortion is murder. Truth-telling is not hate speech.

“Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the Truth.”

We have neglected to face the fact that the cultural war really was a war. We have tried to play “nice” with those who want to win. Do you remember the term made famous by Malcom X…BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY?

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We didn’t realize that they meant it. They wanted to win; we wanted to look “polished” in losing.

It is time to take the gloves off. It is time to speak harsh words. It is time to call sodomy, sodomy, to call fornication, fornication; it is time to call the liars, liars.

We are at war. Our children and grandchildren’s future are the poker chips. It is not about looking good, it is about winning.

“There are no rules in love and war.”

Let’s stop pulling our punches. Fight with honor. Fight with truth. Either fight to win or get the hell out of the way.

It is time to stop jabbing and start throwing some left hooks!

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Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

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But please understand that my training is as a Coach. For years I spent my time popping a film into the machine and studying it to see mistakes. That is the way my mind was trained. After a game we reviewed every play and although I noticed the great effort and the great plays that the players were making, it was always the MISTAKES that jumped off of the screen at me.