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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
December 27, 2012

NOTE: Thanks to all of you who gave an offering to Pass The Salt last week. We will use it to pound knots on the Devil’s head.

I hate to admit it but I used to overdose on talk radio. I actually thought that they had their fingers on the pulse of America and that they were fighting for the values that made this nation great.

You know who I am talking about. As my favorite, Michael Savage of The Savage Nation so aptly calls them, The Leprechaun (O’Reilly), The Wall Banger (Hannity), and The Golfer (Limbaugh).

I used to think that they were making a difference with their daily programs, but I have come to the conclusion that they are nothing more than pressure values. They daily get behind their microphones and point out what is wrong with America and what it is that we need to do to save her. At the end of the day the listeners feel better knowing the “talkers” are in control.

For Hannity and Limbaugh, the answer is always conservatives…or Republicans…which we all used to think was one in the same. Republicans are good and Democrats are bad. Liberals are bad and Conservatives are good. It is so simple.

O’Reilly wraps himself in the “independent” blanket and offers up a confusing view of America based on what he thinks “The Deity” (God) would “opine” if He were able to speak…or if The Deity ever got lucky enough to land a program on Fox News. Until He does, you can rest assured that the Leprechaun will continue “looking out for you.”

Hannity and Limbaugh dominate conservative radio while The O’Reilly Factor sits atop all cable news/opinion broadcasts.

All three have some things in common. They all treat symptoms. They are all in the opinion-shaping business. All three are leading their mind-numbed robots to political solutions and by doing so, they ignore the real problems. They all are big talkers but little doers.

And they are all filthy rich.

Hannity makes an estimated $40 per year. O’Reilly rings the register at about $45 million helped by his book sales which he uses his show to hock. (YOU’D have a NY Times bestseller if you had his show to promote it nightly). El Rushbo weighs in around the same $50 million range using the talent that God has loaned him to line his pockets.

Do you really think any of them are going to do anything to bite the hand that feeds them?

Quick now…tell me one thing that any of them has DONE? OK…The Leprechaun does travel around and put on his “Bold and Fresh Tours” for which he is paid handsomely. Rush plays a lot of golf. And the Wall Banger seems to spend a lot of time with his family…

I’ve appeared on Hannity’s show a couple of times and I remember his heroic efforts to try and rescue Terri Schiavo in Florida in 2005, but for the most part, all he does is talk.

The ability to talk is important for leadership, but merely talking is not leading. The Big Talkers only talk. They do not lead. They gave us McCain and Romney. America needs leaders.

They promoted Newt, or Santorum, or Herman Cain, but they tried to destroy Ron Paul. They spoke like they were for the Tea Party yet they would not support the original Tea Party guy…Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is looking pretty good right now, isn’t he?

Let me drop a few names right here. Glenn Beck is at least trying to DO something. Although he is making a lot of money he does appear to be investing his fortune into actually finding solutions to the mess we are in. He is not afraid to talk about morality, and God, and Jesus as a solution to our problems. But he too has lines that he will not cross. He trumpets a return to Biblical values as the only solution to our problems, even though, as a Mormon, he does not believe that Jesus is the ONLY way.

Michael Savage is the most independent of them all. He has been warning his listeners for the past 3 years that the Republican Party was way off base and that Romney would not be able to win the election. He takes on Republicans as well as Democrats. He is not a company man. That is why he has been blackballed by the rest of the conservative media. He is not a Republican hack and he actually has a show that makes you think…rather than telling you WHAT to think. He is the best in the business and, I predict, will soon have the Number 1 show in America.

But the original three talkers I referenced are making me nauseous. The relentless attacks on Obama, the constant chirping about tax-cuts and the promotion of the politically-incestuous Republican Party as a solution to our problems is becoming increasingly vapid.

Please join me in turning them off. There is much more important news to be found by following talkers and writers on the internet. In fact, if you are reading this then you probably already know that.

The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.” It is dangerous to trust men who have so much to lose.

I’ll begin to listen to them again when I hear them begin to talk about issues that really matter. To wit:

None of them would take a serious look at the Birth Certificate issue. In fact, they ridiculed those who pointed out the inconsistencies in the Presidents records. None of them…NONE…led a movement to demand full disclosure of the President in regards to all of his past history including, birth, travel, and college records. How did he get a Social Security number that was registered in Connecticut? If anyone of them focused on it for a week the President would cave.

They claim he is bad for America but did nothing to expose his cloudy past from which he would never have been able to recover. Today, telling us how dangerous he is to America rings hollow, when they could have done more to expose him. They could have prevented his Presidency.

Why won’t they push for an investigation into what really happened during 911? There are so many unanswered questions about how the towers were able to collapse in such a free-fall manner, and how 21 Muslims with box-cutters were able to pull off such a feat. The events of 911 have led directly to over a decade of wars from which we have been unable to extricate ourselves, and the surrender of our liberties in the name of safety. Perhaps it would be wise to see if there had been any monkey business involved. None of them will touch it.

I could go one…but won’t. If you are alert enough to read this then you already know something stinks in our government while The Big Three focus on the trivial. They constantly throw stones at the “mainstream media” while they serve us carefully selected stories.

Why don’t they ever talk about FEMA camps, pharmaceutical companies, the privately owned FED, Muslim ownership of Fox News, Muslim influence in the White House, the politically-correct approach to our military that is permitting greater and greater influence on the way the “war on terror” is wagged, the suicidal rules of engagement, Chemtrails, the industrial-media complex, dismantling of the government educational system.

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Why don’t they point out that there is not one protestant on the Supreme Court, that a man is a Muslim by birth not by church attendance, that many in the pro-life movement do not want to end abortion, but rather, regulate it, that rampant cheating is taking place in our election process, that the solution to all of our problems are moral, not political, that doing more of the same will give us more of the same.

Why won’t they demand that Americans be told the Truth about everything? We are big boys. We can take it. Knowing the Truth will make us free. The mind-numbed robots are receiving mind-numbing information.

I can think for myself. I’m turning Hannity, O’Reilly, and Limbaugh off. They hide the Truth for $40 million. They sold us out.

I’d rather listen to someone who asks the tough questions for free.

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I hate to admit it but I used to overdose on talk radio. I actually thought that they had their fingers on the pulse of America and that they were fighting for the values that made this nation great.