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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
April 18, 2013

The images are still vivid in my brain.

The photos of skulls iced away inside a refrigerator in a small apartment in Milwaukee during the summer of 1991. I t was long before the emergence of the 24 hour continuous news channels that now inhabit our video remote controls.

Jeffrey Dahmer was eating men.

We know that he killed at least 17, although we are still unsure how many ended up on his dinner plate.

Who can forget when the life of Michael Vick went to the dogs? We witnessed through our TV screens the arrest and conviction of a rising NFL star who spent his spare time engaging in the sport of dog fighting.

I remember the images that flashed into our living rooms of the canines with torn ears, ripped lips, and helpless faces. Michael Vick, the storyline went, was lower than an animal for the way he treated those innocent puppies.

And who can forget two summers ago when “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman crossed paths with tiny Trayvon Martin and the photos of the young man who was slaughtered by Zimmerman for merely going to the store for Skittles and Mountain Dew. The “injustice” of this “hate crime” was puked through the TV tubes 24-7 for weeks on end.

But suddenly, justice has become blind. The repeat button has been broken in most of our nations newsrooms. One of the greatest mass-murderers in the history of America is on trial in Philadelphia and barely a peep from the peeps in the media.

“If it bleeds it leads” is the mantra of America’s newsrooms…unless it has to do with abortion. Justice is blind, until it shines the light on “choice.”

Only recently, even though the trial begin March 18, has the story of the Gosnell trial begun to receive even a casual glance from a media obsessed with the Kardashians, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, and assault rifles. Even Kermit the Frog has received more attention than mass-murderer Kermit Gosnell.

Just for the record, in case you haven’t followed the story, Dr. Kermit Gosnell is on trial for the abortion/murder of eight human beings in his “women’s clinic” which can more appropriately be called the “Little Shop of Horrors.”

I’m just asking…have you seen any reporters from any of the major media outlets doing on-the-scene-reports from this death pit? Of course you haven’t. Abortion is the “eucharist” of the pro-death movement.

For those of you who may be in the dark regarding the happenings in Philadelphia permit me to shine some light on the activities that have been found to be taking place inside this “women’s health clinic.” Glenn Beck has done a masterful job of explaining it here. For those who will not take the time to watch Beck’s GRAPHIC show, witnesses, primarily “clinic workers,” have testified that:

For 30 years Gosnell has operated his “clinic” making millions killing minority children.
He regularly permitted late term babies to be born and then snipped their spinal cords.
He kept a collection of dead-baby parts in jars in his “clinic.”
Born babies regularly screeched, squirmed, and wriggled after the “abortion.”
Gosnell convinced his “health-workers” to complete the abortion on born babies.
He regularly “aborted” babies as viable as 71/2 months gestation…mostly minorities.
He killed the biggest babies on Sundays…when he and his wife could do it secretly.
Gosnell kept the remains of 47 babies in cat-food containers.
He stored baby remains throughout the clinic. “it was a charnel house.”
He killed more babies in a month than all the school shootings combined…15 per day.

No coverage. Do you remember the Casey Anthony trial and the recent Jodi Arias round-the-clock coverage? Kermit Gosnell was a high priest to the death-loving American Left. He is the largest mass-murderer in the history of America…thousands of “after-birth aborted” babies butchered by his scissors. Yet, his murders were not worthy of attention.

Proverbs warned us how to recognize these folks. “…all those who hate me love death.” These people, for whom Gosnell is a hit man, are making all of the rules in America.

I wonder if the media would have covered it if he had used an AR-15…

Let’s make this issue very clear. “Choice” is murder. We all know that…Kermit the Killer knows it…the media knows it…Planned Parenthood knows it…the Republican Party knows it…America’s pastors know it…our churches know it. Change the words, change the world.

The American Media is the public relations arm of the American Left. Abortion is good, they have convinced us. Kermit Gosnell merely killed the babies later than he should have…or he picked the wrong location…outside the secrecy of the womb. That’s why they won’t show it.

We often hear the chant “abortion is a private decision between a woman and her Doctor?” Now you can begin to understand why.

Nothing the “God haters” do surprises me. They are of their father the devil and the work of their father they will do.

Pardon the pun, but my bone to pick is with the American Right.

Have we ever been given a better reason to end abortion in America than a peek inside the “Shop of Horrors” in Philadelphia? I am more convinced than ever that “conservatives” in America do not want to end abortion…they only want to regulate it. Ending abortion would stop the flow of the dollars from “pro-life” Americans into the coffers of the American Right. Fighting abortion can be lucrative.

So…where is the Republican Party…and where is the American Right? Why haven’t they swooped in and downloaded this gruesome story into the minds of Americans? What better chance to show all of America that abortion is murder?

Where are the cries from elected Republican officials to stop all funding of abortion as a result of Kermit’s Slaughterhouse? Where are the calls for the Congressional investigation into the use of abortion as a means of controlling the minority population? Where are the calls for a moratorium on abortion until a scientific study can be done on when life begins? Where are the TV commercials from “conservative” organizations showing the “video evidence” from Kermit the Butcher?

Where are Rush Limbaugh…and Sean Hannity…and “conservative” Fox News? What if they were to all join forces to bring about an end to abortion in America? What if they were to do to abortion what the Left is trying to do with guns? What if they played this 30-sec commercial?

Where are our pastors? Why aren’t Christians in the streets? Never let a crisis go to waste.

Let me ask you this…WWLD…What Would Leftists Do? They would use this event to change the heart of Americans in regards to abortion. Look what they have done with Sandy Hook and guns. How many times this week have you seen gruesome pictures from the Boston Marathon?

What if the Right showed the gruesome pictures of dismembered pre-borns? What if they showed the pictures of dead babies, dirty scissors, and babies’ body parts stored in mason jars…

The Right doesn’t want to win. They don’t really believe abortion kills a baby. They don’t really believe it has to stop. They are comfortable with merely voting pro-life.

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The Sandy Hook murders lead to an attempt to ban guns. The Boston Marathon murders will lead to searching back-packs. Abortion murders should lead to banning “choice.”

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take the pictures to the people. Abortion is more dangerous to Americans than guns or back-packs.

Leftists will say that Gosnell was the exception, that most clinics are safe. Wasn’t Sandy Hook an exception to the norm? Aren’t most schools safe? Wasn’t the latest Boston Massacre the exception?

Murder isn’t safe, legal, or rare if it is renamed “choice.” We could stop it. Why won’t we?

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In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

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For those of you who may be in the dark regarding the happenings in Philadelphia permit me to shine some light on the activities that have been found to be taking place inside this “women’s health clinic.” Glenn Beck has done a masterful job of explaining it here.