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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
October 9, 2014

I guess you could say that I’m “coming out of the closet” a bit with this one. I don’t know how long I can hide what I’ve discovered.

We’ve only been given a small piece of the Truth; we Christians, that is. We’ve been put in a box by the men standing in the pulpits and it’s time to expose the Truth that they’ve been hiding from us.

I sure hope that you and I can remain friends when this whole thing is over.

Truth is liberating, but it can also be very scary. My goal is not to scare you, but to liberate you. Jesus told us that “you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.”

So much of what I’ve learned in my Christian walk has seemed so shallow. Not that it wasn’t empowering or life-changing, but it still seemed superficial and incomplete. There’s so much more to learn and so little we have been exposed to.

That’s the journey I’ve been on over the past decade. As Rush so often says, a relentless pursuit of the Truth. If it is true, then I want to know it. If it isn’t true, well, I wanna know that too. Truth does not scare me, even if it does shake me out of my comfort zone.

So I began by asking myself a few very simple questions: How do I know if what my pastor is teaching me is the Truth? Who taught him? Has he put all the pieces of the puzzle together? If the Truth is the Truth, why are there so many variations on it?

I think these are some questions that serious Christians need to ask, but most of us cling to our doctrine rather than the Truth. Baptists believe one way, Methodists another. The Pentecostals focus on “the gifts”, while other denominations don’t even believe in them. I’ll bet, if you’re like me, that you were shocked when you found out that not everyone believes in the rapture. That “theory” is one of the main things that launched me on my journey.

I hope you’re getting a bit nervous right now. It would be good for you if you are. It would prove that you are a seeker of Truth. When we think we know it all, Truth is a dangerous place to live.

I say all of this to invite you to a conference that we’re having in Columbus next month. As a buddy of mine said to me when he first heard about it, “Coach, do I have to wear my tinfoil hat to come to it?” He thinks I’m crazy. I know he’s blind.

You probably think I’m nuts too, but that’s OK. At least I’m a nut screwed onto the right bolt.

In a nut-shell, here’s what I want to share with you. As usual, I want to start by asking you a couple of questions. They sometimes serve as a filter for those who are willing to learn.

When was the last time you heard your pastor, or any pastor for that matter, give a sermon on the giants mentioned in Genesis 6? Have you ever read or heard a talk on demons and disembodied spirits? What did Jesus mean when He warned us that “as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man”? What about the recent Blood Moons, and the pestilence that seems to be sweeping the globe? What was going on in the days of Noah? What REALLY was God’s reason for instructing Noah to build an ark?

Is it possible that much of what we see happening around us is the result of demonic, Luciferian activity? Could those in “high places” be possessed and influenced by the demonic realm? Is much of what we are seeing in the political sphere actually the result demonic activity?

As it was in the days of Noah…

Have you ever visited the websites of Steve Quayle, Russ Dizdar, Douglas Woodward, Stan Deyo, Greg Evensen, or Paul McGuire? Have you ever listened to the hottest thing in internet radio, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report hosted by father and son sleuths Doug and Joe Hagmann? Do you really want to know what’s going on in the world, or are you content to just sit around coddling your denominational theology?

Something BIG is going on, and most folks have no idea what it is. They are oblivious to the fact that what happens in the natural world is often a result of what is happening in the spiritual world. Hannity and Limbaugh tell us that it’s a battle between political ideologies. But it is really a battle between two seeds; the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman. It’s the DNA. They’re messing with the seed, and you’ll never see it if you remain safely tucked away in your box.

As it was in the days of Noah…

My Truth pursuit has led to me to discover that there is another world of believers that I never knew existed. Literally millions of Christians have begun to awaken to the fact that they have been receiving only a small sliver of Truth from their churches. Most pastors either don’t know, or don’t want to talk about the powerful evil forces working to overthrow God.

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This upcoming conference is not “rapture” focused; it is about preparing and declaring. It is about becoming like the Men of Issachar who “understood the times” and knew what needed to be done.

Check out the websites I linked above. May your eyes begin to open.

Some of you have already poked your head outside the box. You know what I’m talking about. Please consider joining us at the “World Turned Upside Down” Conference in Columbus, Ohio Conference on Nov. 14-15.

You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free. Come join us as these Bible researchers begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together for you.

Click here to register. Use promo code coachdave5 to receive a discounted rate.

Seating is limited. Don’t miss it. This will sell out fast. And, oh, be sure to bring your tinfoil hat!

Check us out today:

WARNING. may be change the way you think.

� 2014 Dave Daubenmire - All Rights Reserved

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Dave Daubenmire is a veteran 35 year high school football coach who was spurred to action when attacked and sued by the ACLU in the late 1990’s for praying with his high school football team. After a two year battle for his 1st amendment rights, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement.

Challenging the "church of the Status Quo", Pass The Salt Ministries is calling Christians to wake up and engage the culture. By taking the fight to the enemy, Coach Daubenmire has become a recognizable voice in the media as he is an unashamed, articulate, apologist for the Christian worldview. A popular, high-energy speaker, Coach Daubenmire's motivational lectures, laced with powerful and relevant Scripture, is challenging Americans all across the country.


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We’ve only been given a small piece of the Truth; we Christians, that is. We’ve been put in a box by the men standing in the pulpits and it’s time to expose the Truth that they’ve been hiding from us.