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Coach Dave Daubenmire
November 13, 2006

I warned you in March that �Conservatism� is counterfeit salt. It made a lot of people mad�.especially church leaders. They thought Jesus was arriving aboard Air -Force One with all the Republicans.

As Rush would say, �See, I Told You So��.except he didn�t.

We have reached a day in the American Church where to criticize the president or the Republican Party borders on blasphemy. Believe me, I have felt their wrath. Now after the election, look at our �Christian leadership� abandon ship. Sadly, this is where pragmatism over principle has taken us.

I�m glad they lost.

Let me make it clear. I am a Christian, and an unashamed one. I�m not sinless, nor guiltless, but I am forgiven and work every day on the �ministry of reconciliation.� Christ is my president, and the Bible is His platform. I agree with him and His positions. His Word called me to �Be Holy, as I am Holy.� (I Peter 1:16) Seems impossible, but it is a worthy goal.

Turn your radio to any �conservative� talk radio show. With the exception of Michael Savage, all of them are nothing more than Republican shills. Something is seriously wrong.

In the Columbus, Ohio area, where I live, Clear Channel dominates the market. Three of the top four rated stations are owned by them (type in Columbus).

Glenn Beck at 9:00, Rush at noon, Hannity--tape delayed at 9:00 PM is the local industry talk-leaders' lineup. O�Reilly can be heard on another station, Mike Gallagher, Laura Ingraham, Michael Reagan, are all within earshot�.all telling us how great the Republicans are.

At night, on our local TV, if I still have not heard enough Republican bilge, I can pick up Beck, O�Reilly, and Hannity, who somehow have gotten their own TV shows. As an added bonus, Gallagher often subs for Hannity on Fox News, Reagan and Ingraham are regular guests on Fox News Shows, and I�m sure that the networks would do anything they could to land Rush�but he won�t sell to the stations the talent that God has loaned him.

What is going on? Is it just me, or do some voices seem to have a monopoly on the market, and who is it that determines what voices will be heard? Why is Newt all over the airwaves? Aren�t you tired of Dick Morris telling you what to think? Is it just me, or are we served a steady diet of the same hand-picked �experts?�

Wouldn�t you think that just one of these talkers would interview alternative voices? I�d like to hear from Ron Paul, or Judge Roy Moore. I�d love to hear what Rev. Flip Benham, Pastor Bob Enyart, Mike Heath, Peter LaBarbera, Devvy Kidd have to say. Here�s why you don�t hear them. They don�t toe the party line. They aren�t good Republicans. They might rock the boat. Unfortunately, even the Christian-media is looking for �company men.�

I do a weekly program in the Columbus area. I used to be on a station in Columbus with the most powerful Christian-signal in the state. The theme of the show was �a look at today�s issues from a Christian perspective.� During the first four years of the Bush administration I began to point out inconsistencies in what they said and what they did. This made everyone, especially pastors, very nervous, as I challenged the �church of the status quo� and their incestuous affair with the Republican Party. The station, with a signal that reaches the entire state, rates dead last in Columbus. They serve up sleepy Christian program designed to keep Christians sleepy. I was rocking the boat and making pastors seasick. Out of mutual frustration we agreed, amicably to part ways. I now broadcast from a much smaller station that isn�t quite as Republican, and doesn�t mind that I am an equal opportunity offender.

I won�t go into details, but suffice it to say, as all of the talk-leaders are constantly reminding us, that their audiences think for themselves. That is why �conservatives� were so unenthusiastic on Election Day. We listen, but we spend a lot of time shaking our heads. Our conservative voices have sold us down the river and we are smart enough to recognize it.

When the Foley incident hit, did you notice what happened on talk-radio? Denny Hastert appeared as guest on almost all of their shows. What a convenient opportunity for Hastert to practice his softball swing and move anyone who might be straying away from the Republican herd back into the corral. He�s on his way out and I hope the gate hits him in the butt.

Their cheerleading for the Republican Party should make any clear-thinking Christian leery. I used to feel sorry for Hannity�s side kick, Alan Colmes. It seemed like he always had to defend some outrageous leftist position, because that was his job. Everyone watching knew how ridiculous his arguments were. Heck, he knew they were ridiculous. Now, Colmes sits smugly in his chair as Hannity continually rails against �liberals� and lamely tries to convince us that liberal-Republican positions are actually �conservative.� It appears as empty as Rosie selling us �homosexual family-values.� What goes around comes around.

But I don�t feel sorry for �conservatives.� They did it to themselves. Instead of standing up for the values they once championed, they now stand up for liberal �Republicans� who have wrapped themselves in �conservative clothes.� But we can see. The emperor has no clothes, but the talkers want to convince us that the clothes are merely �see-through.� Well we see through them, all right.

I can�t seem to break the mindset, but I will continue to try. Republicans and Democrats are two arms of the same body. The �tattoos� on the arms make them appear different, but they are both controlled by the same �head.� The head wants more government, more control, less freedom. The separate arms are what keep the �people� from working together. Listen closely Republicans. Democrats are not your enemy. It is all a big shell game. The �head� just wants you to think the arms are different. They must divide God-fearing Americans. God help them if the Christians ever woke up to the election shell-game and discovered that most Democrats hold conservative values. The leadership in neither party is conservative�and finally Rush has come clean and told us so.

There are three hundred million Americans. Only forty-three men have ever had the honor of being president. What are the odds, out of three-hundred million people, that our last four presidents could be a father-son combo and a husband-wife combo? Free elections, eh? Democrats and Republicans, huh? You are a fool if you think the �leadership� of America is elected by the people.

Make no mistake about it; there is a king-maker somewhere. While we think we are choosing the cards, someone is stacking the deck. Why can�t we see it? We�ve been Hannitized, educated by the �truth detector,� led to defeat while the talkers orchestrated the cheers.

�Democrats, and liberals are sleazy, sleazy, Vote for Republicans, pleasie, pleasie!�

Our founders gave us a free press. The press was supposed to be the guardian of liberty. Instead, they have become cheerleaders for political parties.

Listen to this , just 5 minutes, from a recent radio show of mine. Imagine if we had talk-radio that held our leaders accountable? What if radio hosts were watchdogs instead of lapdogs?

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I don�t mean to blow my own horn, but can you imagine an America where the airwaves were filled with this kind of conservative talk?

Talk radio has let us down. They've served us �compassionate political correct conservatism� and told us it was salt. Is it any wonder the culture is rotting?

Throw the bums out�and I don�t mean the politicians!

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Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

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Turn your radio to any �conservative� talk radio show. With the exception of Michael Savage, all of them are nothing more than Republican shills. Something is seriously wrong.