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Coach Dave Daubenmire
December 24, 2006

I love the play-action pass. It is one of most effective ways to score during a football game. The premise is simple, fake like you are going to run the ball up the middle, suck all of the defensive players in, and then throw the ball over the heads of the unsuspecting opponent.

It is sort of like a magic trick. It really isn�t magic, it is more appropriately called sleight-of-hand, but it has the same premise as the play-action pass. The magician entices you to focus on one hand, while he is pulling the strings with the other.

The king-makers in American political circles are preparing to run a bootleg. While everyone is looking one way, they are preparing to sneak around the other end with the ball hidden adroitly on their hip. Never forget. They pick the teams, make the rules, and hire the referees. They choose who runs America.

The old adage �keep your eye on the ball� is important. When I was coaching we taught that to all of our players, but we took it one step further by teaching them to read their keys. Different positions had different keys, but knowing what to look for made it less likely that you could be tricked. For instance:

  • Linebackers were taught to watch the offensive guards. The guards almost always took you where the ball was going. Read the guard, and then find the ball.
  • Cornerbacks were taught to read the belly-button of the receiver. Head fakes were a sure way to get fooled. It is hard to fake with your hips. The belly-button always takes you to where the receiver is going.
  • We taught safeties to read the helmet of the offensive tackle. If the helmet rose up at the snap, it was a pass. If the helmet stayed down it was a run. Read the helmet, find the ball.
  • The lineman was taught to read the man over him. If the guy over the top of you didn�t block you then beware of the �trap,� You can rest assured; someone is going to block you. If the guard pulls, follow him�remember, the guard will take you to the ball. When in doubt, stay home and close the gap. Beware of false keys.

Seems pretty simple and basic doesn�t it? Invariably, however, someone will fail to read the keys and will instead take the fake. One play sets-up another play, each one a part in an overall plan for success. Eventually the defense will quit reading their keys. The end result is a blown assignment and a touchdown for the other team.

So, let me give you a warning. Barack Obama is a decoy, a fake if you will. The socialists want you to think he is going to score. In fact, they are right now giving him the ball a lot. That is the only way that play-action plays can work. You must first make the opponents fear the run up the middle. Without an effective running play the fake will never work. Remember�read your keys! Let me offer you some keys to watch.

  • Barack is the darling of the media. They are all fawning over him, setting him up as a �qualified minority,� softening the middle for the haymaker about to come.
  • Obama and the media are talking about Jesus. CNN is falling all over itself with religious specials this Christmas season. Obama speaks of his faith a lot, even mentions Jesus, running that dive up the middle, setting us up for a deep one over the top. �See, we socialists believe in Jesus too!�
  • Religious leaders� are embracing Obama�and his new form of Christianity. Getting us to focus on �social issues� rather than �moral issues.� They tell us �AIDS harms the innocent.� (By the way, so does homosexuality.)
  • The �You have stolen Christianity� mantra has begun. Rev. Jim Wallis is preaching a Christianity that is palpable to socialists. �We love Jesus, too� they say. Oh yeah? Which Jesus? The socialists cry, �Let�s take religion back.�

Read your keys. Keep your eye on the ball. They have �something up their sleeve.� Make no mistake, they eventually want to get the ball to Hillary, but they can�t hand it to her too early. If they give it to her now, she will have to carry it too long before the next election. The longer she has the ball, the more likely she is to fumble. They want her to score the touchdown. Obama is merely the decoy. He is the set-up man for Hillary.

Sometime in the future the bloom will begin to fade on Obama�s flower. After he has softened up the middle for the socialists, he will, �surprisingly,� at some point, �drop the ball.� They will paint him as �too inexperienced,� �too far to the left,� �too radical� for the mainstream. After months of the media having focused America on watching Obama carry the ball, he will suddenly be pressured to �pass the ball," and there will stand Hillary, in the end zone, waving her arms, ready to receive the pass. He will gladly pass her the ball and take his place as her running mate and future-president-in-training.

She will be painted as a �new Christian,� �more moderate� than Obama, �more-experienced,� better able to �reach-across-the aisle.� She will cross the goal, spike the ball, and do the latest version of the �Clinton-shuffle.� The sycophant-media will praise America�s tolerance and diversity as they extol our multi-culturalistic society and our two-minority ticket! Aren�t we Americans such good folks?! Sadly, many will take the fake.

As it is right now, Hillary cannot win, and the powers-that-be know it. Most men will never vote for her. She reminds them too much of (take your pick)

  • The 8th grade girl who always won the spelling bees.
  • Their former wife.
  • Their friend�s wife.
  • Nurse Ratchet.
  • The Wicked Witch of the West.
  • Their know-it-all, feminist college-English professor.
  • Any female boss they have ever had.

No matter what they say publicly, most men will never vote for her. She is too�.bossy. Deep inside no man wants to be led by a woman. Call me sexist, but I�m just being honest. How many plumbers are sitting in a bar after work hoping Hillary gets elected? There is something that you can�t get past. I see it all of the time on TV. The image of Hillary or Pelosi walking in front of a group of men just doesn�t go down very well with men. Alan Colmes may think it is sexy, but no man�s man does.

So here is the play they are setting up. (Remember, read your keys and find the ball). The media is your key.

  • Barack Obama is carrying the ball but setting up the pass. He is merely a decoy. Prepare for the bootleg.
  • When Obama�s pre-determined fumble occurs, Hillary will pick-up the ball. But she still can�t win without some blocking.
  • John McCain will fail to get the Republican nomination, so he will follow his maverick image, and with the help of the media, launch an independent campaign in the mold of his hero Teddy Roosevelt. He will paint the �religious right� as too radical and lead a revolt of �mainstream conservatives.� The press will eat it up.
  • The Republicans will nominate another phony conservative, cause division within the �conservative ranks,� block the will of the people, and allow Hillary to win with 38% of the vote. Just like her husband. (Remember Ross Perot?)

Right now the socialists have a lock on California, New York, The Northeast, and are reclaiming the Rust Belt. Hillary doesn�t need to win the Red states�just divide them into shades of pink. In the swing states, if the McCain-Party and the Republican Party fight over the same voters, 38% will be enough for Hillary to win. Remember, whoever gets the most votes wins the state. You don�t need fifty per cent, just the most. Sixty percent of voters will choose a conservative candidate, but Hillary will lead the pack with the thirty-eight per cent socialist voters that support her. With the state�s winner go the Electoral College. You don�t have to win a majority of the votes to be president, just a majority of the Electoral College.

Hillary can�t stand the scrutiny that carrying the ball requires. They must first soften-up the defense, distract your attention, and then sneak her behind the safeties. That is the plan and the only way Hillary can win.

The Wizard of Oz said it another way. �Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.� In other words, watch what I say, not what I do.

The Church is already taking the bait and is following the new shepherd. Isn�t it something? Sheep naturally have a herd mentality. No wonder they call us sheep. Let�s play Follow the Leader.

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There is lot�s of misdirection going on right now. Christianity is being re-invented, conservativism is being redefined, and socialists are claiming Jesus.

Read your keys. Keep your eye on the ball. They are setting us up for the old switcheroo.

You heard it here first.

Do you think like a Christian or a humanist? Did the Founders really separate Church and State? Is Judicial tyranny ruining America? Check out these great teachings by the Coach.

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Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

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It is sort of like a magic trick. It really isn�t magic, it is more appropriately called sleight-of-hand, but it has the same premise as the play-action pass. The magician entices you to focus on one hand, while he is pulling the strings with the other.