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Coach Dave Daubenmire
February 1, 2007

I don�t know about you, but I think that most of the problems in America are caused by lawyers. I�m not sure that they do it on purpose; in fact I have several friends who are lawyers. They want to help people. But the truth remains. Lawyers are a parasitic drain on this nation.

As I look around America I see all kinds of problems, and, unfortunately, most of them are linked to money. Our schools are constantly begging for more money, our health-care system is on the verge of collapse, most public entities are so afraid of lawyers that they fall all over themselves to create policies designed to protect them from lawsuits. The ACLU and their ilk have changed the face of America by their continuous threat of litigation.

Our legal system is out of control. We are being held hostage by a �nobility� that mostly resembles a Mafia. They make the laws, interpret the laws, litigate the laws, circumvent the laws, and change the laws.

I think it is time for Congress to propose free legal care for all Americans. Nothing would make America a better country than that, more quickly, short of everyone once again fearing God!

Somewhere along the line, legal representation has moved out of the reach of the average American. We find ourselves regularly standing on the opposite side of justice. Maybe we haven�t broken the law, but we are directly affected by those who have. When Joe Six-Pack is in a jam, to whom can he turn? The average lawyer will demand $200 an hour for his service, from a man who probably doesn�t make that in a day.

See, if I am in an automobile accident and the medics rush me to the hospital, the hospital will treat me, whether I have insurance or not. They are obligated to do all they can to save my life. In fact, most times it is not very expensive to repair a broken body. Much of what we are charged at the hospital is the add-on fees for treatment of those who do not have insurance and for liability protection for those who serve us. In all of the screaming in this land about free-medical care, when will we stop long enough to realize that the real problem is not medical care...but lawyers?

A friend of mine is an OB/GYN. He still delivers babies. He became an MD because he enjoyed the work, but also realized the lifestyle that the medical profession would provide for his family. After 20-years in the business, he is ready to quit. Oh, he still loves his work, but he is sick and tired of looking over his shoulder for the next lawsuit heading his way. His medical liability insurance is $15,000 a month! Who do you think pays for that?

I spent 28-years as a public school teacher. I saw that profession begin to decline in the early 80�s. Administrators make every decision with one eye on the lawyers. You can�t discipline children, you can�t fail children, you can�t offend anyone, and every school policy must meet the scrutiny of the school�s legal team.

I don�t know your field, but I can promise you this, lawyers are messing it up somewhere.

Imagine you work in an office where both men and women hold equal standing. One of your female workers, with whom you are in competition as you climb the corporate ladder, makes a sexual harassment allegation against you. As we all know, the idea of �innocent until proven guilty� has become a thing of the past. You are now locked into the fight of your life. You may be able to prove your innocence, but not until you have dropped thousands of dollars into the pocket of an attorney to clear your name. Because of that expense many Average Joes don�t bother to fight. If you are innocent and you don�t have any money, where do you turn? Wouldn�t it be great if you could clear your name for free?

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is what everyone is looking for. Stub your toe, trip on a step, spill coffee on yourself and then look for someone to blame. Sadly, you can always find an attorney that will go to bat for your "pain and suffering� for one third of the pot of gold. Maybe if we took that incentive away, fewer sharks would be willing to circle in public water.

Why don�t we put attorneys on a salary schedule�you know, sort of like teachers? Let�s pay them for each year of experience that they have, reward them whether they are successful or not, and allow them to serve the citizens of America for $50,000 a year. No retainer fee and no 1/3 of the judgments. Pay them a yearly teacher�s wage. Our litigation problems would go away overnight.

I was sued by the ACLU in 1998 for praying with our football teams. We went through a two-year battle with those vultures. Forty-eight hours before we were due in Federal Court, the ACLU offered us an out-of-court settlement. Our school�s insurance company-lawyers handled all of the negotiations. They weren�t worried about the truth, or my rights, or the will of the people. Their focus was only on the bank account. So when the ACLU offered them a way out of an expensive trial they were on it like a dog on a bone. Truth be damned!

The ACLU sued to stop prayer. For that two-year period of litigation prayer continued on our football team. Two days before we were due in court, the ACLU packed their bags and went home. After wreaking havoc in our small, God-fearing town, they didn�t have the decency to give us our day in court. They knew they would lose. But our insurance company didn�t care about truth. They cared about money. As the ACLU slinked out the back door, the school�s insurance company slipped the ACLU about $17,000 for �legal expenses� just to go away. All of the lawyers got paid, the ACLU got paid, but many lives were destroyed. Prayer never stopped, the ACLU lost, but they collected the money and claimed victory. Vultures�sucking blood from people over problems other lawyers created.

If we are to save America, we must get profit out of justice!

At the risk of making my lawyer friends mad I must speak my mind. Good men do good things as lawyers, but the majority of lawyers are parasites. They produce nothing; they merely suck resources from the American economy.

Now it is tax time. If you ever have trouble with the IRS guess who you have to call? That�s right, a lawyer. There are so many tax laws that the IRS workers can�t even give you a straight answer. Who makes those laws? Why, lawyers of course. They know that the more confusing they make the law the more you will need their help. It is sort of like a fireman who loves to set fires. He creates the problems that he gets paid to fix.

America would be a better place if teachers got rewarded only if they did a good job, and lawyers became public-servants locked into a salary scale with no incentive to wreak havoc on this nation.

Tell me one thing lawyers have made better, one thing they produce? They are blood suckers�.legal arsonists�.putting out the fires that their profession has set.

Once again we are being sold a bill of goods. With all of the cries for �universal healthcare� how many people do you know of that are not able to get medical care when they need it? It is against the law for most hospitals to turn people away because of lack of insurance.

Imagine how much cheaper it would be if the Dr. who treated you didn�t have to payoff the bloodsuckers before he paid himself?

Stop and think. Do you know of a situation where you needed a lawyer where the situation didn�t come about as a result of a law some lawyer wrote?

There is no justice in America anymore. Lady Liberty has been bought off. A trip to the court room is a crap-shoot. Want the truth? You�re chances are better in court if you lie.

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Pornography-production is protected speech. Prayer makes you a pariah. For that we have lawyers to thank.

We wouldn�t need universal health care if it wasn�t for lawyers. I don�t know about you, but the lawyers are the ones that make me sick.

Free universal legal-care would make all of us a lot healthier.

Do you think like a Christian or a humanist? Did the Founders really separate Church and State? Is Judicial tyranny ruining America? Check out these great teachings by the Coach.

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Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

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Imagine how much cheaper it would be if the Dr. who treated you didn�t have to pay-off the blood-suckers before he paid himself?