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Coach Dave Daubenmire
December 20, 2007

�Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.� I John 4:4

We can still win, you know? In this battle for America, we Christians can win. I know that flies in the face of most folks� theology, but we would fight harder if we weren�t so committed to living out pre-written history.

�Well, Coach, you see I have read the end of the Book and WE WIN!� I hear Christians mimic that line all of the time. It gets me looking for the duct tape.

�Oh, yeah?� I usually respond. �Well, you better read it again. HE wins, not us. We just get to be part of the team.�

American Christianity is a different duck than what we see around the world. American-believers are obsessed with self-help Christianity. Our bookstores are filled with volumes on how to be more prosperous, how to live a better life, and how to seek everything the pagans seek. The only difference between many Christians and the pagans is the way they try to manipulate their God to deliver the goodies.

I wonder how many Purpose Driven Life�s or Your Best Life Now�s have been sold in the Sudan? Christians there are praying for survival. Americans are praying for stuff.

For some strange reason American-Christians have become convinced that God�s timetable is set upon the events happening in America. If things are worse in America, then obviously the end is near. I actually heard a pastor make the argument that �worse is better� in regards to the state of America. A more degenerative culture means the return of Jesus is near. To fight against evil is to fight God. What a bunch of poppycock.

Scripture is clear. Jesus is coming back for a victorious Church�.not the one currently trapped inside their "stained-glass fortress" hiding from the Devil. Most Christians are convinced that things are going to get so bad that Jesus will eventually return, beat up on the bully who has been picking on His kids, take His ball and go home. Chicken Christianity, when the bully punches you, run to Daddy.

How have we made God seemingly so impotent? Christian defeatism has rendered the Church �good for nothing.�

Can you imagine playing for a football team where the coach doesn�t exhort you to fight? Where in his pre-game pep-talk the Coach tells his players that they are going to enter into a battle where they will get their faces rubbed in the mud the whole time, and that their job was to sit on the sidelines and watch the opposing team destroy everything in the stadium. In fact, the coach tells the team to just hang in there because at the end he will swoop in and run all of the bad guys off of the field, and then he would build a more beautiful stadium than the one we had before. No wonder so many real men don�t want to be on God�s team. God hard-wired men to fight, not to roll over.

Just this past weekend at our �Gathering of Eagles� I was able to flock with a group of men who have decided that the Christian Faith demands that we occupy until He comes, that it is our job to reprove the works of darkness, and to be the Church that the gates of hell will not prevail against. Men who have taken to heart the Philippians 4:13 and Matthew 19:26.

These are the eagles who believe the God of the Bible.

James Hartline is a former homosexual in San Diego. He lives with AIDS. After being radically born again, he continues to live in the heart of the homosexual community where he diligently works to expose the radical gay agenda. He works to close down gay-bathhouses, porn shops, and he is running for San Diego City Council. He knows the sodomites need rebuked more than they need to be understood. Don�t tell him God is powerless.

Dr. Patrick Johnston is a family practitioner in Ohio. He has a thriving medical practice and six beautiful children. He actively opposes abortion, fights public school levies, and is running for Ohio State Representative. He is one of the most committed Christian men I have ever met. The Republican Party is afraid of him�.too Christian.

Peter LaBarbera is a warrior. He is not afraid to speak the Truth. While others want to �love homosexuals to death,� Peter would rather save them from death by speaking the Truth regarding their behavior. Recently he produced a video that landed him on Hannity and Colmes. The video exposes the debauchery of radical homosexual behavior. Peter is a hated man. That happens when you speak the Truth.

E. Ray Moore is a retired Army chaplain who has dedicated his life to trying to save children from the indoctrination in America�s government schools. Exodus Mandate is leading the challenge of alerting parents to the damaging impact of non-Christian education. �Let my children go�..� is his cry. The public school system is the golden calf. Stay away from that issue if you want to find an open pulpit. E. Ray has a lot of openings on his schedule.

Mark Harrington has given his life to the defense of the pre-born. On his website you can view a video of an actual abortion. It is very graphic. As the Midwest director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Mark uses graphic pictures to rattle the conscience of America to the real face of �choice.� Most churches and Christians shun him and his pictures as too harsh. Mark says abortion IS harsh.


Rev. Flip Benham gained fame as the man who baptized Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v Wade. He fights for Truth on America�s streets. His prophetic voice to the nation is not welcome in most religious circles. He has seen the inside of more jails than churches. He declares �Truth is hate to those who hate the Truth.� He is the bravest man I know as he defends his Lord.

Pastor Bill Dunfee is not a famous man. You won�t see him on Larry King nor does he get invited to The Whitehouse. But he faithfully leads his group of men to the streets to battle for Truth. They have faced attempts on their lives for trying to shut down a local strip club. Today he is being sued for �hurting the business� of the strip-joint by exercising his right to freedom of speech. Freedom isn�t free.

Gregory Thompson is a former public school superintendent who lost his job for refusing to bow his, and the school's, knee to the god of Secular Humanism. He travels the nation alerting Christians to the wolf at the door. It has cost him everything but his integrity.

Pastor Ernie Sanders the radio �voice of Christian Resistance� has been crying in the wilderness for 35 years about the religion of Communism and it�s destruction of the American way of life. He fights to stay on the air. Through his ministry over 20,000 babies have been saved from death.

Dr. Alan Keyes is a running for president. His cry to the Church to awaken and realize that our rights are a �gift from God� rather than granted by a man-made Constitution is a cry every Christian needs to hear. He exhorts us to realize that the Constitution is meaningless unless underwritten by the God from whom our rights have been endowed. Without God the Constitution has no authority. It�s precepts emanate from Jesus.

Mike Heath is the most hated man in Maine. Why? Because he stands up for Christian values. Sadly, some of his greatest opposition comes from church-leaders who say he is "not being nice enough.� Mike refuses to apologize to the Devil. Imagine that. A Christian standing for Christian values�.go figure.

All of these men have two things in common. They have an unabashed, un-ashamed love for Jesus. And, almost without exception, they and their messages are not welcome in the American Christian Church.

Can we turn the tide of evil that is sweeping the nation? To be honest, I don�t know. But the coach in me tells me that the worst thing a football player can say at the end of the game is not that he lost, but that he didn�t try.

Most Church leaders aren�t even trying to fight evil.

National ministries are swimming in cash. You know that I speak the Truth. Meanwhile, the front-line �soldiers of the Cross� are living off of the scraps. They are all functioning outside of the Church. Not because they want to, but because they have been banished from today�s �nicer than Jesus� Church to engage for the souls of men.

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When this whole experiment in self-government screeches to a close it will have happened because the �salt of the earth� was stuck inside the salt-shakers! A faith built on defeat is no faith at all.

Thanks God for His eagles and their belief in His ability to work miracles through them.

Perhaps His eagles can still save the chickens as they roost comfortably in their coops.

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In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

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