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Coach Dave Daubenmire
December 27, 2007

I�ve got no horse in this political race. I�ve made that very clear. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I am a Christo-crat. I vote the Bible, so please don�t think this is an attack on or support for one candidate or another.

I will say this, as I have believed for at least 12 years, that again the most Bible believing candidate of all is Alan Keyes. But as I have previously tried to warn readers conservatism is "pretend salt." Dr. Keyes is a constitutionalist with a Biblical perspective and the last thing that the �men behind the curtain� want is a mix of a Bible-believing, constitutional-defending candidate. They want to give us Rudy�.or Huckabee.

Now I don�t have anything against Huckabee, other than he appears to me to be a Republican-Jimmy Carter. He is big on the �social-Gospel� and wants the government to assume the role of the church in regards to the poor. Sadly, if most churches put as much money into social-aid and Christian-education as they do into fancy buildings and reparative-programs we would be able to put government out of business.

The last thing that America needs is a pastor, even a former one, as President. Perhaps I am from the old school, but I believe that one is �called� to be a pastor. The Scriptures tell us that �the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable.� We find ourselves in a Spiritual mess today because too many of those standing in the pulpit are �hirelings,� committed not to the cross but to the job. It is a sad state of affairs when we have pastors looking for promotions within the body. That flies in the face of everything the Lord taught us. No part of the body is more important than another.

But there is a hierarchy in Christendom and many of those who reach the zenith of power are those who have built the largest ministries, or are the most visible on TV, or the ones who get invited to The Whitehouse for dinner. Many of them are hirelings, who are more faithful to �their ministry� than they are to their Lord.

You know what I�m talking about Willis.

Jesus only had a following of twelve and even they began to scatter at the end. The Gospel message of today is �sugar coated.� That is why; once again, Faux News gave us Joel Osteen on �Faux News Sunday with Chris Wallace.� Do people really believe this phony feel-good Gospel that Osteen and his buds in the media want to feed us? Maybe they should take a trip to North Korea and see how Christians there are celebrating Christmas. Maybe we should run Osteen for President. All America would be happy!

Boy I wish I didn�t have to say some of things I am going to say.

For the most part, those who are �senior pastors,� (find that term in the Bible) in modern evangellyfish churches are nothing more than corporate CEO�s. What do CEO�s worry about? Why, the bottom line, of course. Their job is butts and bucks. Keep the pews and the coffers full and cruise into retirement. (By the way, where do you find that retirement plan in the Gospel?) No man can serve two masters.

(Sorry, I don�t know where this commentary is coming from but I might as well ride this horse while I�m on it. Send donations here. �Will speak for food��.I doubt I�ll find many open pulpits after this zinger.)

Let me stop right here. I know many faithful men of God who are anonymously laboring over small flocks of folks. They are the true shepherds who care about the sheep, many working a full-time job to provide for their families. They are the ones who are called to be watchmen on the walls. The slick haired, silver-tongued TV preachers are not worthy to carry the bag of most of these men. I salute them. I thank God for them. I want to encourage you to encourage them. They are the �salt of the earth.�

But there is a huge difference between a shepherd and a hireling. Most pastors in big ministries are hirelings. Building the �church� is their job. They are managers, not leaders. Today, more than ever, our pulpits need prophets.

Here are two similarities I have noticed between CEO/Pastors and politicians.

  • They are great at spending other people�s money. They call that �tithes and offerings� and they make a great living off of those they serve. Our elected officials do the same. They are great at demanding a �tithe� to the government and then spend it on what they feel is most �charitable� as they live �high on the hog� off of the labors of those they serve. That is what President Huckabee would like to do with your government tithe.
  • They refuse to take a stand on controversial positions. This directly affects the butts and bucks. Like a politician, a CEO/Pastor will say whatever he has to say in order to keep the peace, and the cash flow. A politician trades his conscience for votes.

Maybe it is just me, but Mike Huckabee appears to be like so many of the �Christian CEO�s� I have seen. The media gives him the title �former minister� like they would �former banker,� or �former salesman.� You can never be a former minister, not if you are called. Remember, a call is irrevocable. A profession is not. I think �former minister� Huckabee is a hireling. The America-Christian Church needs another John the Baptist, not another Robert Schuler. Would John the Baptist win the Iowa caucus?


A wise man once said that politics was the �art of compromise.� Well, if that is true, then how is it possible to be both an un-compromising defender of God�s Word and a politician? I think they call that an oxymoron. (Oxy means �combined with� and moron means �a stupid person�) Sounds like most political candidates, eh?

Mike Huckabee might be a good man. I am confident that he knows Jesus. But knowing Jesus does not qualify one for leadership. Bill Clinton knew Jesus, Jimmy Carter knew Jesus, GW Bush knew Jesus�.would you vote for any of them again? The Devil knows Jesus.

How has �Pastor� Mike Huckabee made the climb from the pulpit to the peak of political power? The path from Pastor to President is filled with compromise. There is no other way it can be done. �A little leaven leavens the whole lump.�

�But Coach�, you say. �We are not electing a pastor, we are elected a President.�

I know. That�s what scares me. The last thing we need is a �Pastor� as president. I�ve seen what a mess the compromising CEO/Pastors have made of the Christianity. If they won�t defend the Bible what makes us think the will defend the Constitution?

Some of you are squirming. That is a good thing. In a recent debate �former pastor� Huckabee made a joke about Jesus being too smart to run for office. Everyone laughed. I didn�t. You don�t run for the position of God. �Former minister� Huckabee doesn�t realize Jesus is already in charge. But if Jesus was running for office would He hide who He really was? Would He speak what He really believed or would He join the PC crowd, afraid to offend? Would a real �man of God� hide Jesus under a bushel?

There is a saying that America gets the leaders we deserve. Funny, isn�t it? Mike Huckabee is a reflection of the Church, a mirror if you will of the face of Christianity. He is so much a representation of the slick haired, full toothed, wide-smiling �Pastor� that floods our TV airwaves. �Former pastor� Mike Huckabee looks like modern TV-Christianity. That�s why he is so popular. That�s why the media loves him. He is �nice Christianity.�

Will Mike Huckabee fight for God�s principles when elected? Will he issue an executive order protecting God�s precious unborn children? Will he declare that homosexuality is a sin and stop the indoctrination of our children? Will he declare that God is God and government is not? Watch this video. See if this reminds you of �former pastor� Huckabee.

I�m skeptical. Standing for Jesus will cost butts, bucks and votes. He�s not wired that way. He is a �trained pastor.� That scares me.

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America needs a statesman as president. Not a pastor. We need a President who will stand-up for Jesus, not one who is merely �a Christian.� A real �pastor� would tell America that Jesus is the answer to all of our problems, and not some government program.

America needs a prophet.

Please, no pastors for president.

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But there is a huge difference between a shepherd and a hireling. Most pastors in big ministries are hirelings. Building the �church� is their job. They are managers, not leaders. Today, more than ever, our pulpits need prophets.