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By Lee Duigon
September 29, 2011

Picture this.

You’re a 14-year-old honor student, a Christian, sitting in a German class in a Fort Worth, Texas, high school. On the classroom wall, the “teacher” has hung a poster of two men kissing.

It’s already getting hard to picture this, isn’t it?

The teacher initiates a discussion of “homosexuality and religion in Germany,” and you turn to the kid at the desk behind you and remark that “being a homosexual is wrong.”

Crash! The roof falls in on you. The teacher goes ballistic, yelling at you that men kissing men, etc., is now “the way it is” and “you’d better learn to accept it.” You are a “bully” for believing homosexuality is wrong; but the teacher is allowed to say that Christianity is wrong. Go figure! Next thing you know, you’re in an in-school suspension for the rest of the day, and kicked out of school for the next two days. (Source: “Texas School Punishes Boy for Opposing Homosexuality,” by Todd Starnes,, Sept. 22)

Officials of the Fort Worth school district have declined to comment on the incident. After the boy’s mother got a lawyer from Liberty Counsel and threatened to sue the district, they rescinded the suspension and erased the “possible bullying” charge—who, exactly, was being bullied here?—from the student’s record. So, all’s well that ends well—right?

Not so fast there, folks.

The Big Media didn’t bother to do this, so I discussed the case with someone at the Texas Education Agency, the state’s board of education. In the course of our chat, a TEA spokeswoman imparted some interesting information.

One, decorating a classroom with posters of same-sex makeout sessions, and demanding that all students learn to “accept” homosexuality, even if it means denying their religion, is to be found “nowhere in the curriculum” of Texas public schools.

Two, the parent of any child subjected to this kind of indoctrination in a classroom has the right to file a formal complaint with the Texas Education Agency.

Three, once a complaint is filed, the TEA will investigate the incident. In this case, Fox News has reported that this particular teacher “has a history” of pushing his pro-sodomy agenda on the captive classroom audience.

Depending on the findings of the investigation, the TEA has the power to punish the teacher with either a formal reprimand or the revocation of his teachers’ license, or something in between.

Organized Sodomy has seized on the “bullying” issue to give cover for its plan to dominate public education—a project which so far has gone off without a hitch. “Gay” activists count on parents being determined to put up with virtually anything as long as their kids can go to school “for free.” (Public education is anything but “free;” but that’s another issue.) All they have to do is murmur platitudes about “safe schools” and “no more bullying,” and the parents will be more than happy to believe their children are in good hands. Oh, how they want to believe!

Is it too much to ask that some parent in Fort Worth file an official complaint against this teacher? In the interests of justice, he should be charged with…“bullying”! Yes—let them get a dose of their own medicine. Besides which, if what the so-called teacher in this case did was not bullying, then what is? Then again, we are always encouraged to believe that bullying in a good, solid, off-the-wall leftist cause is not bullying. It seems “gay” militants are always allowed to bully Christians.

If the school administrators had thought the teacher acted correctly, they would not have dropped the boy’s suspension the moment a lawyer showed up. But Fox News reported that the school principal told the boy’s lawyer that the teacher “won’t be pushing his agenda” anymore.

Hello! Why did this guy have an agenda in the first place? For how long did his bizarre teaching techniques remain a secret from the school principal? If the principal and his staff were completely unaware of this alleged teacher’s activities, what else is going on in their school that they don’t know about? But if they were aware, then why did they allow it? And for how long?

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The TEA does not have the power to start an investigation on its own. It must wait until a parent asks for one. The situation in Fort Worth cries out for an investigation. The lid must be torn off this can of worms. Surely there is one Christian father or mother in the Fort Worth school district who will file a complaint.

If not… well, silence means consent.

But don’t be too surprised if no complaint is filed. American parents devoutly desire not to know what goes on in the schools their taxes pay for.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on











The TEA does not have the power to start an investigation on its own. It must wait until a parent asks for one. The situation in Fort Worth cries out for an investigation.