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By Lee Duigon
November 29, 2013

Rush Limbaugh had a fascinating report last week about a highly-regarded, long-time sportswriter who has turned against football, calling it a sport “that appeals to borderline psychopaths,” and its popularity a terrible reflection on the American people. He says this after spending several decades praising football, the players, and the fans, and earning a nice living by it.

Then we learn he’s not alone: other sportswriters are following his lead and coming down on football. Considering these guys make their living on football, it seems strange they should be calling for its abolition—as Limbaugh says, “a huge 180.”

Haven’t you noticed, in recent years, how quickly and easily people abandon core beliefs? Things they were brought up to believe, and which they have believed all their lives—whoosh! Out the window! To be replaced by new beliefs and attitudes diametrically opposed to the ones they’ve cast away.

I got to thinking about this when an unmarried couple in my neighborhood—the woman, in fact, had not yet gotten a divorce from her lawful husband—held a baby shower for their out-of-wedlock “love” child. It was a big party, complete with a DJ and horrible music, and everyone turned out for it—including people my age, many of them church-goers, who’d been brought up to believe that adultery is a sin and that you really, truly ought to get married before you have a baby. It doesn’t look like they believe that anymore.

When was this morality repealed? When did it become a cause for jubilation, instead of shame, to leave your husband, shack up with some guy, and make a baby? But this is only one of many examples.

Do people’s core beliefs get shed so easily because the people don’t really have a core? Suddenly homosexuality, overspending, waste, and idleness are virtues to be celebrated, and chastity, thrift, faithfulness, and work are the stuff of comedy, or even targets for abuse.

What we’re seeing is the result of a kind of Great Awakening in reverse, the product of a tireless campaign of evangelization waged by schools and colleges, the media, “progressive” politicians, and Hollywood. These are the preachers of perversion. They preach their message day and night, from their pulpits in the classrooms, lecture halls, Capitol Hill, movie theaters, and television. They never shut up. They never take a day off.

And it works. They’ve changed the world. Goodness is laughed at.

Not that football is a virtue. But having turned so many people against marriage, against truthfulness, against the work ethic, they may as well try to see if they can turn them against football, too—if only because it’s so popular. Besides, football has some aspects that the ruling class doesn’t like. As in anything else, success in football requires hard work, sacrifice, and, worst of all, there’s usually a winner in a football game. Our rulers don’t like the plebs to think they can succeed at anything: “You didn’t build that!” The winning team is better than the losers, and we can’t have that. No—we must always have “equality.”

You can change people’s core beliefs. All you have to do is keep on battering away at them. Convince them that the change is for the better—they’ll have more fun, more sex, more of someone else’s money. You have to candy-coat it, so it goes down easily. You don’t force them to change. You play a catchy tune until they dance to it. By and by, you’ve got them partying and handing out gifts to someone who’s having an out-of-wedlock baby. They won’t even realize that they’ve changed.

Imagine what would happen if all those resources of counter-evangelism were put to the service of good instead of evil. You’d have to overcome the obstacle of good seeming to be much less fun than evil, but it can be done. That was what the real Great Awakening achieved, back in the 18th century.

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But who would do it, nowadays? Video game designers? Rap musicians? Mega-churches? There are no more Wesley brothers traveling around to preach God’s word in every town and city. Anyhow, a lot of churchmen now preach against the values proclaimed in the Bible—no sense asking them to preach righteousness.

Nevertheless, someone’s got to do it; and by the providence of God, someone will. Be assured that someone will. The earth is still the Lord’s, and He will see to it.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on










Haven’t you noticed, in recent years, how quickly and easily people abandon core beliefs?