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By Lee Duigon
June 18, 2015

America has always been famous for brewing up these little breakaway sects that nobody ever heard of and that come and go before we can take note of them.

But we are even more famous for Christians and their churches butting out of public affairs, a hundred years ago, and resigning that whole arena to persons and groups hostile to Christianity. We did that because somebody told us there was going to be a Rapture any day now, so why bother?

With antichrists firmly in charge of our schools and universities, our nooze and “entertainment” media, our courts, our businesses, and even some of our churches, we have allowed our country to be subjected to a radical cultural makeover whose pace has accelerated furiously over the past fifty or sixty years. When we woke up, with our brains still fogged and sleepers in our eyes, we lined up behind the Christian Right and won a few elections—only to discover that, no matter how many elections we won, the antichrists were still in charge of virtually everything.

Now we stand poised, among other tribulations, to be told by the Supreme Court that marriage isn’t marriage anymore, while the noozies tell us Bruce Jenner is a woman and the Red Pope yammers that we’d better give vast new powers to the liars, fools, and thieves of government so they can save our poor butts from Global Warming.

A few of us have endeavored to generate some opposition, small and negligible as it might be. We must at least protest. We must at least proclaim the truth, even when lies reign supreme in a desperately fallen world.

So along comes some guy from a “missional church” I never heard of and says Jesus wants us to stop our “meddling” —just shut up and let the antichrists get on with what they’re doing. He does this by cherry-picking some verses from 1 Peter while totally ignoring the church’s prophetic function under the sovereignty of God.

For instance, he’s upset with Franklin Graham for calling on Christians to boycott Wells Fargo after the bank ran a commercial showing a little girl being adopted by a pair of lesbians. Handing over children to same-sex “couples” doesn’t bother Mr. Missional at all; but if Christians voice any opposition to it, that bothers him a lot. That’s “meddling”—a sin he says is on a par with theft or murder.

Now you know why some of these sects don’t stick around for very long.

Peter wrote his epistle to Christians who were a tiny, physically powerless minority living in a pagan world under rulers who didn’t think twice about killing off whole nations if those nations dared oppose them. So of course he advised them to be nice! And to keep a low profile. “Don’t get the Romans mad” was good advice for anyone who wanted to keep on living.

But Christians finally did get around to meddling, you know. In the 5th century, Christian monks protested the gladiatorial games and got them stopped for good—because by then the Roman Empire was at least nominally Christian.

Christians meddled with the slave trade for hundreds of years until finally, under the leadership of Wilberforce, Parliament in 1833 abolished slavery throughout the British Empire. Would Mr. Missional object to that? Should Christians have just kept their lips zipped about slavery?

How about abortion, Mr. Missional? Should we shut up about that, too? If the ungodly want to murder babies in the womb, oh, well, ain’t that too bad, but we mustn’t say anything that might offend them…

The burning issue today is sexual slavery—a slavery so deep, so pervasive, that it has driven some of its sufferers to reject their own bodies. Those who push it, excuse it, promote it, and demand respect for it are herding souls into Hell.

But Mr. Missional doesn’t want us to meddle with it.

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We are not yet a tiny religious minority hiding under our pews in a land ruled by wicked and ungodly persons who hate us and would kill us if they could. Not yet. We supposedly live in a country in which the great majority of the people are Christians, and whose government is kept on the straight and narrow not only by Christian principles and morality, but also by a Constitution that is the law of the land. Ha, ha.

But that’s precisely what we’re losing, Mr. Missional: and unless we get down to some very heavy-duty meddling, we will lose it. And sooner than you think.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on





The burning issue today is sexual slavery—a slavery so deep, so pervasive, that it has driven some of its sufferers to reject their own bodies. Those who push it, excuse it, promote it, and demand respect for it are herding souls into Hell.